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Search Results for: fart

Asia Zo 3

Asia returns today to entertain you with her ass! She's nude in the bathroom, and she sits on the toilet and lets some cute little airy farts hiss into the bowl! She says her stomach hurts, and stands up and pulls her ass apart and blasts a big fat f... 5338 views

Asia Zo 4

Asia is in the bathroom, and she's embarrassed because she's farting in the tub. The camera hangs under her ass as she lets the most delightful squeaker! Then she bends over and blasts some loud ones. She's rubbing her pussy and asking if it turns yo... 4781 views

Asia Zo 5

Panty-covered ass farting into the camera - that's how this clip starts. Asia is standing in front of the mirror wearing a bra and panties, talking about the steak she ate that gave her gas. She's got a lot of gas too - WOO-HOO! Asia stands there bla... 5114 views

Asia Zo 6

Oriental beauty Asia Zho returns to entertain you with her ass! She's wearing a bra and panties, and starts out with a fart! She rubs her body randomly, then as the camera gets under her ass, she really starts blasting some stinkers! Asia sure does l... 4767 views

Asia Zo 7

Asia is bouncing on the sofa, wearing a tank top and booty shorts. She slaps her ass a few times, then blasts a big stinker! The camera zooms in on her butt as she blasts another - WOW! Then she shows you her titties and plays with them, and strokes ... 4853 views

Asia Zo 8

Sexy Asia returns to fart for you some more! She's wearing a bra and no panties, and she sticks her ass into the camera, pulls her buttcheeks far apart, and blasts fart after fart after glorious fart right into the camera lens and your face - WOO-HOO... 5124 views

Asia Zo 9

Cute pooter Asia Zo returns, and she hopes you like smelling her farts! She gets up in the chair and lifts one leg and pulls her cheeks apart and says there's something up there, then blasts a whole bunch of sexy farts right into your face! She blame... 4847 views

Asia Zo 10

Asia is wearing a yellow bikini when she pulls the bottoms down, spreads her cheeks, and blasts ass gas into your face - WOW! She keeps on farting and asks if you like smelling cheese - SEXY! The camera zooms in nice and tight on Asia's bare asshole ... 4601 views

Asia Zo 11

Ornamental Asia Zo is here to let you sniff her farts again! She's wearing a cute pink bra and panties, and she sticks her ass into the camera and blasts big stinky farts into your face! Those stretchy pink panties sure do hold in the stench - YIKES!... 4503 views

Asia Zo 12

Asia runs into the bathroom and sits on the toilet and immediately farts! She says it stinks, but it feels good, and she thinks something else might come out! But here she sits, blasting fart after fart into the toilet bowl! She's pushing on her tumm... 5275 views

Asia Zo 13

Asia knows you want to smell her stinky farts, so she pulls her ass-cheeks wide apart and blasts reeking farts right into the camera lens! She loves the way it feels when she farts and you can tell! The camera stays under her ass, delivering great PO... 5360 views

Asia Zo 14

Sexy little Asia runs into the bathroom, pulls her panties down, and sits on the edge of the tub bent over and blasts massive farts! The camera is under her ass, catching it all and delivering it right to your face - OH YEAH! The whole screen is just... 5864 views

Asia Zo 15

Back by popular demand is veteran fartress Asia Zo! She sticks her thong-festooned ass in the camera and farts right into your face - NICE! She pulls her cheeks apart and you can see her bare asshole pushing up against her thong as she farts! But wai... 4878 views

Asia Zo 16

Guess what - Asia Zo has more gas today! She had a bad breakfast burrito so she came over for a video shoot to share them with you! She pulls her legs up and her thong down, and with the camera right there on her asshole, she lets all that gas blast ... 6766 views

Asia Zo 17

Sexy Asia is nude on the sofa, and she's going to fill a bag with farts today! She sticks the bag up to her asshole and starts farting away! She pulls the bag away to check, then puts it back and farts into it some more. As she farts, you can see the... 4695 views

Asia Zo 18

Asia is on the bed wearing a cute sexy little black dress, and she ate a lot so she's gonna fart it all out for you! She sticks her ass in the camera and immediately blasts fart after fart after adorable little fart! The camera zooms in so close, you... 4941 views

Asia Zo 19

Cute littleAsia is on the bed and she has a bad stomachache and thinks she may need to release some gas. She sticks her ass into the camera and blasts some loud farts right into the lens! You can see her asshole working to get the gas out, and that g... 4793 views

Asia Zo 20

Sexy Asia is on the bed wearing a red bra and panties, and her tummy doesn\'t feel good so she\'s gonna fart it all out before going to bed! She sticks her ass into the camera and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts the most wonderful stinky farts ... 4775 views


Today we introduce a sexy ebony girl named Baby. She went to the Burrito Shack and it did a number on her belly. She's wearing a short-short dress and no panties, so she leans over and blasts some nasty burrito farts, then waves the stench right into... 6672 views

Baby 2

Remember Baby, the hot sexy ebony number from last week? Well, she came back today with another bellyful of gas for you! She's nude on the bed, and the camera zooms in on her asshole as she blows sexy ass-kisses into your face! Then she lays on her b... 5549 views

Baby 3

Sexy Baby says you're in for another fart marathon, then she drops her shorts and starts blasting farts ! You can see that cute round booty struggling to get the gas out! Baby lays back in a rimming position and blasts farts up into the air, then she... 6006 views

Baby 4

Little ebony Baby is going to continue her fart marathon today! She lays on her tummy and the camera zooms right in on her asshole as she starts blasting farts! They're not even big nasty farts either; but rather, cute little Baby farts! She gets up ... 5407 views

Baby 5

Little ebony Baby is nude on a chair. She sticks her ass in the camera and it looks like her asshole is blowing kisses at you when she blasts her farts - NICE! She's got her legs spread and you can really see up there good! Baby's got a lot of gas to... 4816 views

Baby 6

Ebony Baby is in the fart chair today! She's perched atop the coffee table and the camera is up underneath! You can see her asshole open and close and open and close as she farts - AWESOME! Everything is all spread out under there, and you get the po... 6488 views