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Search Results for: fart

Madison Luna 3

Madison back for more farting gives us a nice show of her beautiful booty busting farts in a white unibody outfit. Very sexy. She lets off some real stinkers! 3832 views

Madison Luna 4

Madison is here to fart in your face while she's on a barstool. Lots of close ups of her nice luscious booty hanging over the side and busting some nasty ass! Lots of stinky farts in this one. P.U. 3348 views

Madison Luna 5

Madison farting on the stool once again, this time in a sexy little outfit. She's got on a thong, miniskirt and a bikini top. She hangs her beautiful bottom over the side of the stool and blast off some nasty gas, very hot! Close ups of her booty and... 3457 views

Madison Luna 6

Madison farting in her tight black dress on the stool. Very sexy, very stinky farts with close ups on her tight fart hole and beautiful round booty! 3573 views

Madison Luna 7

Madison back again for another fart fantasy session! She's in a thong bikini shaking her booty and looking hot and sexy while she blasts some nasty ass gas! Lots of close ups and hot booty shaking. 5006 views

Madison Luna 8

Madison returns for another fart fantasy ;) She's in a full bottom bikini and she's showing off her hot behind. She busts some nasty ass and you get lots of close ups of her full bottom bikini getting stinky. 3834 views

Madison Luna 9

Madison farts on the couch in this clip. She's bending over giving you some good shots of her booty as it blasts ass gas! Her sexy full bottom bikini hugs her crack and allows you to see the top of her ass cleavage. Very sexy! 3508 views

Madison Luna 10

Madison finally does a totally nude clip! So hot! Lots and lots of her naked asshole close up and farting some sick stinky gas! Get a good close up of her hot, round beautiful butt blasting some of the stinkiest farts you've ever smelt. 6308 views

Madison Luna 11

Madison happens to notice that there is someone sitting her fart box! She must oblige and sit down to fart on his face! Watch as her tight little stink box pushes and tries to fart out the grossest gas around! 3597 views

Madison 12

Madison decided that it would be a good idea to try to fart some flour off her tight little stink maker. Want to watch? She has no panties on, only a tight shirt and she puts her naked booty hole up in the air to try to fart some flour! 4448 views

Madison Leigh

Madison Leigh stars in her very first farting video ever! She has never done this type of thing on camera before, but she gives it a terrific effort! She's got on a pair of tight jean pants that give a great farting reverberation. Watch as she wrestl... 6611 views

Madison Leigh 2

Madison returns, this time she's in a black corset and booty panties. Come join Madison as she gets the gas out in bed. Enjoy the aroma of her ass gas! Listen as she tells you how her belly feels as she talks to you about farting. 4726 views

Madison Leigh 3

Madison is on the couch getting the gas out and sharing the details! This time she's in a tight sports shirt with a thin white thong accenting her plump round gaseous booty! You get to see her farting into the couch as well as pulling over that thin ... 7726 views

Mollie Green

Mollie Green stars in her very first fart fetish video! She does a very good job. She had just eaten a cheeseburger, french fries and a milkshake and was very gassy! Watch as she blasts off some nice stinkers right into the couch! She's in a pair of ... 6784 views

Mollie Green 2

Mollie is back for another round of farting! She's just had a whole pizza to herself and she's got some bad gas! She's wearing a pair of spandex pants and a tight shirt. She bends over and gives you some awesome farts as well as sitting down on the c... 8037 views

Mollie Green 3

Mollie loves to talk about what she had before she came over. This time she had some articoke and garlic mashed potatoes at dinner and she's got some lovely gas ready for you to smell! This clip is definitely a must have for you Mollie fans, get it n... 5702 views

Mollie Green 4

Mollie is back and she's just eaten asparagus and she's got gas before she's supposed to go to yoga. So she decides to stay here and do some fart-yoga for you while she's in her tight little spandex shorty-shorts. This is another nut-buster, you gott... 6304 views

Mollie Green 5

Mollie Green has had a little too much cheese and vegetables today and she's got some nasty, rotten gas going on! She's on the bed and she's got a miniskirt and tanktop style top on. Watch her as she farts into the bed and bends over to fart in your ... 5868 views

Mollie Green 6

Mollie Green is a fart-fanatic! This time she's got lots of gas and she blasts it right into the bed with a gray skirt and green top on. This clip is loaded with fart blasts, another must have for you Mollie fans out there! 6228 views


Samantha is our newest fart girl here at Fart Fantasy. She's a cute little 22 year old brunette hottie! This petite pooter farts some of the best, nastiest gas you've seen in any of our clips! Her tight little hairy ass hole is so tight and sexy as i... 7724 views

Sinnamon Love

Sinnamon Love stars in her very first fart-fetish clip! She was so interested in doing this clip, you can tell. She farts like a pro and give you all the dirty talk fart huffers love. Check out her tight jeans adding to the sound of her stinky farts ... 8038 views

Sinnamon Love 2

Sinnamon Love returns for another farting feature. She is a real fetish freak and she loves to do the fart thing. She's in a tight little pink outfit with some with thong panties on that make for a lovely fart fantasy! Lots of close ups of her tight ... 5543 views

Sinnamon Love 3

Sinnamon Love loves to blast big farts! Back again in her sexy little purple booty shorts outfit. This one shows her booty in from some real nice angles, along with some close up butt hole farting shots. A real nut buster! 6367 views

Sinnamon Love 4

Sinnamon can't get enough of busting ass for our camera! This one is her in a cute little dress with some white thong panties on. She's farting on the stool and doing an excellent job at it. Close ups from under her ass as she hangs it over the edge ... 5478 views