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Search Results for: fart

Coco Velvett 2

Remember the hot, sexy brunette from last week? Well, today she's back she's wearing super-tight shorts, and she's got a bellyful of gas to fart out in front of you! Coco bends over and blasts a cute little poot and giggles about it! Then she does it... 4777 views

Coco Velvett 3

Sexy brunette Coco says she is going to fart on a fart chair! She crawls up onto the coffee table and sits her ass in the fart chair while the camera zooms in on her asshole. Coco has a giggling fit, then she lets some airy farts hiss into the camera... 4396 views

Coco Velvett 4

Sexy brunette Coco walks into the bathroom and drops her cheerleader skirt and sits on the toilet. She leans over and the camera zooms around as she blasts a big fart right into the bowl! You can see her asshole struggle as she blasts another big far... 5004 views

Coco Velvett 5

Hot Coco is on the bed wearing a tiny thong bikini. She's got gas pains, so she sticks her ass in the air and pulls her thong to the side and farts loudly and giggles about it! She sticks her bare asshole right into the camera - NICE! then she blasts... 3316 views

Coco Velvett 6

Coco is singing a song about having farts in her tummy, then she sticks her bare booty into the camera and lets you have it! She blows some airy farts into your face, then bounces around on the bed to get all the farts out! She blasts some loud, juic... 4076 views

Cristi Minaj

Debuting for your viewing pleasure today is Cristi Minaj, a sexy brunette wearing tight shorts! The camera zooms up underneath and catches her first fart on camera, and it's a blasty one! Then she farts some more - BOO-YAH! Those shorts really hold i... 4156 views

Cristi Minaj 2

Cristi is standing there pulling her buttcheeks apart and farting into the camera! She asks if you're ready for another one and does it some more! She's having a lot of fun farting in your face, and you can see her bare asshole pooch out as she blast... 3845 views

Cristi Minaj 3

Cristi removes her shorts and hops up onto a fart chair on the coffee table and the camera swings up from underneath, giving you a spectacular view of her pooched-out asshole, and right away Cristi starts blasting farts! It looks like her asshole is ... 3558 views

Cristi Minaj 4

Sexy Cristi is back again for more, so she pulls her buttcheeks apart and you can see her bare asshole next to her thong as she farts! She stands there pulling her cheeks apart and farting, and the camera zooms in nice and tight so you can see her ba... 3736 views

Cristi Minaj 5

Cristi lifts her dress and pulls her thong panties to the side and sticks her farting asshole right into the camera lens - YIKES! She gets up on her knees in the chair and pulls her buttcheeks apart and keeps blasting farts right into your face! She ... 3627 views

Cristi Minaj 6

Cristi is bloated with gas today, and guess what? She's wearing leggings! The camera zooms in on her ass and she farts through those leggings right into the camera lens - OH YEAH! You can see how bloated with gas her belly is. She sticks her hands do... 4506 views

Cristi Minaj 7

Cristi walks into the bathroom and pulls her skirt up, her panties down, and her buttcheeks apart. She sits on the toilet and starts blasting farts into the bowl - STINKY! She's complaining about her stomach and farting up a storm today! The camera i... 4688 views

Daisy Dare

Today we introduce a sexy girl named Daisy Dare! She's got a bellyful of gas, so she bounces around to work some of it out, pulls her panties to the side, and farts bare-ass for you! She just keeps bouncing and blasting fart after fart - NICE! The ca... 3695 views

Daisy Dare 2

Remember the new girl from the other day, Daisy Dare? Well today she's back, and she walks in to the bathroom naked and gets into the tub. She sits on the edge, hanging her butt over, then stands up and bounces some gas around, then sits on the edge ... 3517 views

Daisy Dare 3

Crazy Daisy is back, and you can see how bloated her belly is with gas today! She drops her panties and gets up on the sofa facing ass-out, spreads her buttcheeks, and blasts big farts in your face - BOO-YAH! The camera zooms in on her struggling ass... 3246 views

Daisy Dare 4

Daisy has a tummy ache today, so she lays back on the sofa and takes off her panties, and the camera zooms up from underneath, giving you a great view! Daisy then lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and lets an airy fart hiss! She lays on... 3404 views

Daisy Dare 5

Sexy Daisy is in the fart chair today! She's up on the coffee table, bouncing in the fart chair, when she farts! She bounces around some more to work the gas down to her asshole, and she's all spread out underneath and you can see everything because ... 4573 views

Daisy Dare 6

Daring Daisy is bouncing on the bed, wearing a strapless bra and pink floral panties. She pulls her panties to the side and farts into the camera! Then she bouces around on the bed some more and lets some airy farts hiss into your face! She rolls aro... 3528 views

Dolly Dominatrix

Introducing Dolly Dominatrix, a sexy brunette in a fishnet outfit. She starts out blasting a fart through her panties. Then she removes her panties and farts bare-ass right into the camera - BOO-YAH! The camera zooms in tight as Dolly fingers her ass... 3990 views

Dolly Dominatrix 2

Dolly walks into the bathroom with a tummy ache and sits on the toilet and blasts a fart intuit he bowl! You can see how painful that gas is too, and Dolly keeps blasting and blasting it all out into the bowl - NICE! The camera zooms in nice and tigh... 3474 views

Dolly Dominatrix 3

Dolly is licking a gold colored dildo which she inserts into her ass, then farts it out! Wow! Then she reinserts the dildo and fucks herself in the ass with it until she farts it out again! Dolly continues with this while the camera zooms in close-up... 3152 views

Dolly Dominatrix 4

Returning to entertain you with her ass today is Dolly! She's wearing a bustier and mesh stockings and she spreads her butt-cheeks and blasts a fart! Then she grabs an orange bag and places it around her buttonhole and farts into it - YOWZA! Dolly ke... 3272 views

Dolly Dominatrix 5

Dolly is on the bed, wearing a pink skirt with no panties. She pulls her ass cheeks apart and farts - YIKES! Then she bends over and puts her bare asshole right in the camera and blasts big farts! After that, she starts fingering her asshole. Dolly s... 4103 views

Ebony Star

Today you're in for a special treat as Ebony Star makes her farting debut! Ebony is nude on the bed and she says her tummy hurts and asks if you want to hear her ass fart! She lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts some nasty stin... 4763 views