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Search Results for: fart

Imani Rose 22

Sexy ebony Imani Rose is back to fart for you some more! today she's in a sexy leather-and-spandex outfit, and she lifts one leg and blasts a fart through her thong! Then she does it again. Imani then rolls over and sticks her ass right into the cam... 4008 views

Imani Rose 23

Imani is wearing a cute little negligee, and she pulls the butt part up and farts through her thong into the camera! She starts out with a lovely thong-filtered machine-gunner before lying on her side and pulling her thong to the side and farting som... 4526 views

Imani Rose 24

Sexy veteran fartress Imani is in the fart chair today with her asshole hanging between the slats. She says she wants you to get under there, and while your face is between her buttcheeks, she blasts some big fat farts into your face - OH WOW! She te... 4734 views

Imani Rose 25

Imani runs into the bathroom and frantically lifts her skirt and sits on the toilet - it's an emergency today! She's trying to get those farts to hurry up and blast out, because she has a test and doesn't want to fail her test by farting through it. ... 4487 views

Imani Rose 26

Sexy Imani is posing for you nude today, and when the camera gets to her butt, she arts farting! Imani then gets up into a chair, facing ass-pout, and blows ass-kisses at you with her butthole! Seriously - you can see her ass hole ch out as she farts... 6898 views

Imani Rose 27

Sultry Imani is allowing you into her bedroom, her personal space. She's dressed in a cute black outfit and she fiddles with her pussy for a bit, then she rolls onto her side and pulls her thong to the side and shows you the money - her asshole - as ... 3796 views

Imani Rose 28

Imani is curled up on the bed, and she wakes up and asks you why you're in her room, then asks if you like what you see. She rolls around on the bed and says it's her personal space and she's trying to sleep. Her panties are so tight, she decides to ... 6281 views

Imani Rose 8

Sexy Imanie came back to fart for you some more today! She's in the bathtub, and the camera zooms in on her ass as she gives herself a fart-bubble bath! She farts into the water and you can see the bubbles - OH YEAH! She gets on all fours and farts b... 5282 views

Imani Rose 9

Imanie is on the toilet, blasting a huge juicy fart! She doesn't want you to look at her, but of course you do! She's got some bad, painful gas today and she can't quit blasting farts into the toilet! She's so embarrassed about all these bowl blaster... 3642 views

Imani Rose 10

Imanie is on the sofa, listening to her iPod. She lifts one leg and blasts a fart! She's wearing a cheerleader skirt and no panties! The camera hangs under her and catches her farts for you. Imanie takes off her headphones and sticks her bare asshole... 4549 views

Imani Rose 11

Imanie sits drinking coffee, wearing a black silk bathrobe and farting! She just got out of the shower, and she's farting so much she thinks she might need to take another shower! The camera hangs under her bare asshole as she farts and delivers it a... 4514 views

Imani Rose 12

Imani is sitting in a chair, shoveling potato chips into her mouth and complaining that she's starving, when she blasts a couple of farts! The camera hangs under Imani's ass as she keeps blasting fart after fart and loudly munching potato chips! Iman... 3226 views

Imani Rose 13

Imanie is on the sofa. wearing a cute little negligee with no panties, and she's asking if you know her name and showing you her entire body and of course is stroking her pussy like you figured she would, when she blasts a fart! She excuses herself a... 3567 views

Imani Rose 14

Red-mesh-covered ass - that's how this clip starts. Imani is wearing a T-shirt and see-thru red dress and no panties! She says she loves to make the boys cry by jiggling her ass and farting! The camera zooms in on her bare struggling asshole as she b... 10328 views

Imani Rose

Today we introduced a cute little ebony beauty - Imanie Rose. Imanie is wearing a bra, panties and fishnet thigh-highs. She lays back on the sofa to watch TV and starts blasting farts! She;s also eating and it's so sexy to see her eat and fart at the... 3626 views

Imani Rose 2

Ebony Imanie is on the sofa wearing a pink bra and panties, and she's hungry. She starts eating, and the camera zooms in on her ass and catches a huge fart! You can see her bare asshole pooch out to release its payload. Imanie then lays back and keep... 3642 views

Imani Rose 3

Returning for your viewing pleasure is sweet ebony Imanie Rose. She gets on all fours and sticks her bare asshole into the camera and blasts a fart! You can see her stink hole open wide as she releases her gas into your face - YIKES! The camera hangs... 3790 views

Imani Rose 4

Iamnie is on the bed, wearing only a cute pair of pink panties and gold heels. She pulls her legs far apart and lets an airy fart hiss through her panties! She lays there stroking her pussy, then gets on all fours and crawls around the bed farting - ... 3989 views

Imani Rose 5

Imanie stands with her bathrobe open, wearing thong panties underneath. She wants you to watch her. She's trying to be sexy, when she blasts a fart! She spreads her booty and blasts a fart right through her thong! She plays with her tits, then bounce... 4193 views

Imani Rose 6

manie is on the sofa, wearing a red mesh see-thru dress. She sticks her ass into the camera and lifts her dress and blasts a loud fart! She spreads her cheeks and you can see her bare asshole pooch way out as she farts - WOW! She strokes her pussy an... 3871 views

Imani Rose 7

Imanie walks into the bathroom and sits on the toilet with a tummy ache and blasts a fart into the bowl! Then she blasts another one. Imanie has a lot of gas today and she blasts fart after lovely fart into the bowl - NICE! She's worried everyone is ... 5257 views

Jackie Avalon

Farting on camera for the first time today is Jackie Avalon, a hot blonde in a red see-through bra and panties! She ate ice cream and she's lactose intolerant, so she's going to let out all that stinky gas in your face! She sticks her round booty int... 4147 views

Jackie Avalon 2

Remember Jackie, the hot new girl from the other day? Well, today she's back and she's bloated from a bean burrito! She pulls her panties down and her ass-cheeks apart and lets some stinky airy farts hiss right into your face - BOO-YAH! She says she ... 3495 views

Jackie Avalon 3

Sexy Jackie walks into the bathroom because a smoothie did not agree with her stomach, so she sits on the toilet and blasts some nasty stinky farts into the bowl! The camera hangs in there and gets it all and you can see her pink little asshole strug... 4213 views