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Search Results for: fart

Nora Skyy 11

Nora walks into the bathroom and steps into the tub, sitting on the side with her ass hanging over the edge. The camera zooms in so her ass takes up the whole screen, and you can see her little pink asshole stick out as she blasts farts into your fac... 3996 views

Rachel O

Length: 2:46 Today we introduce Rachel O, a cute girl with honey-brown hair and a bad case of the farts! She\'s on the sofa and she spreads her ample booty and blasts a whole bunch of farts right into your face! Then she gets up on her knees an... 4272 views

Rachel O 2

Rachel is on the bed and she doesn't feel too good, so she blasts a couple of big nasty farts! Then she keeps right on farting! The camera is right under her ass catching it all for you - WOO-HOO! She's got her legs up in the air and her bare asshole... 5404 views

Rachel O 3

Rachel returns, and she starts out blasting a big fart in an office chair! She's wearing a black bra and panties today. She pulls her panties down a little bit, and blasts bare asshole farts right into the camera! As if that weren't enough, she gets ... 4717 views

Rachel O 4

Rachel is laying on her back with her legs spread, nude. She says she doesn't feel well, then blasts a bunch of big fat farts right into the camera! She lifts one leg and blasts farts and she rolls onto her side and blasts some more farts - NICE! Rac... 4233 views

Rachel O 5

Rachel is in a big bathtub, and you know what that means - farting bubblebath! The camera swings around behind Rachel's sexy behind and you get to see big fart bubbles! Then she spreads her legs and you get to see her farts bubbling up the front - WO... 7924 views

Rachel O 6

Rachel returns to fart for you some more, and today she's wearing tight spandex leggings! She's sitting in a chair and blasting hot stinky farts through those leggings, and the spandex holds in the stench! Rachel's face squinches up when she blasts a... 4419 views

Rachel O 7

Rachel is wrapped in a towel and she's not feeling well so she starts blasting massive farts - YOWZA! She gets into the shower and presses her ass against the glass and blasts some farts while the water is running! You can see her bare asshole strugg... 4738 views


Today you're in for a special treat - Risika makes her debut! She ate a bunch of asparagus at her mom's house, and now she's sitting in a chair in a pink negligee and she asks if you want to take a look, and lifts her negligee and farts in your face!... 4443 views

Risika 2

Remember the hot new girl from the other day? Well, today Risika returns to blast you with her farts! She\'s miserable from bad pizza on the sofa, so she lifts her ass and spreads her legs and blasts a huge stinky one through her lace panties! She ta... 3773 views

Risika 3

Pretty Risika has a bellyache from an office party and she's bloated with gas. She asks if you want to smell her farts, even though she knows it's dirty. Then she hops up onto the bed and blasts some farts, then tells you that for some reason dairy j... 3274 views

Risika 4

Risika is on the bed in a red teddy and she's telling you about the cheeseburger she ate with extra cheese and chili fries, but it's not working out so well because it gave her a big bad case of ass gas! She says you can watch her let them rip, then ... 3580 views

Risika 5

Returning today is Riska, and today she's on the bed wearing a bra and panties, talking about a burrito that kicked her butt! She says she has to let loose, and asks if you want to watch. Then she drops her panties and sticks her ass into the camera ... 3429 views

Risika 6

Risika is back with a bellyful of gas. She gets into the shower and closes the glass door. She sticks her ass against the glass and farts! Then she turns on the water and rinses off, and then bends over and with her wet ass against the glass, farts s... 3303 views

Risika 7

Risika returns today to fart on the toilet! She runs into the bathroom and blows a couple farts into the bowl, and she's hanging onto the toilet-paper dispenser for support. She stands up and bends over and farts, then she sits back down on the toile... 3484 views

Risika 8

Risika is laying on her side, pulling her cheeks apart and farting. Then she decides to give you a better view, so she sticks her asshole right into the camera and farts - OH YEAH! You can see everything when she does that! Risika then lays back and ... 3584 views

Risika 9

Risika returns to fart for you, and she says she's got some good ones cooking up for you! She throws her legs high into the air, and tells you to get close. When your face is right there at asshole level, she blasts some huge farts into your face - B... 3752 views

Risika 10

Risika is on the sofa in a negligee, and you can see how bloated her belly is with gas. She says she has to fart, then she sticks that spectacular ass into the camera and farts right into it! I mean, she really sticks that asshole up close in your fa... 3724 views

Risika 11

Risika takes her panties off and gets up on all fours facing ass-out in a chair, where she immediately starts ripping farts! You can see her pink asshole open up and blast out those farts, too - WHAT A VIEW! And what's that in her pussy - is that a t... 3658 views

Risika 12

Rauchy Risika returns to fart in a sex chair! She spreads her ass-cheeks wide, and sits in the chair and farts bare-ass into the camera - YIKES! You can see her asshole struggling and opening as she farts. Risika's got a lot of gas in her belly today... 4425 views

Risika 13

Risika says her stomach hurts, and she's glad you're here. She drops her pink shorts and sticks her bare bubblebutt into the camera and blasts farts right into your face! She pulls her buttcheeks apart so you can see her bare asshole as she farts - N... 3620 views

Risika 14

Veteran fartress Risika returns to entertain you with her ass some more! Today she's on the toilet, blasting huge farts into the bowl! Her farts really echo in that toilet, too. The camera swings around behind so you can see her ass as she farts - AW... 3811 views

Roxanne Bliss

Brace yourself, flatulophiles! Roxanne Bliss makes her farting debut today - lucky you! She's stroking her pussy and says she feels so sexy and nasty when she farts! Roxanne is one wild blonde, that's for sure. She pulls her thong to the side and you... 3634 views

Roxanne Bliss 2

Roxanne has to fart because she has a stomach ache from eating too much! She pulls her butt-cheeks apart and you can see her bare asshole pooch way out as she blasts gas - SEXY! You can see and almost smell those nasty farts, too. Roxanne then bounce... 3356 views