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Search Results for: fart

Lucky Starr 10

Sexy little Lucky says you're going to be her little bitch today, and you're gonna do what she says, no matter what it is. She says she's gonna bend over and you're gonna stick your nose in her ass and smell her stinky farts! She bends over and stick... 10356 views

Lucky Starr 11

Little Lucky Starr is telling you about her filipino culture, and she says filipino food gives her nasty gas. She decides to let one out right there in the chair, and pulls her legs way up and her thong panties to the side and blasts some lovely bare... 4124 views

Lucky Starr 12

Little filipino Lucky is on the bed and she wants to show you how her asshole functions! she lays back and pulls her legs up in a rimming position, and farts into the camera, and asks if you can hear it! Then she gets on her side and blasts a fart! W... 4166 views

Lucky Starr 13

Flexible Lucky says her ass can tell your future, then she lays back and pulls her legs up and you can see her asshole open up as she translates what her ass is telling you. She lays on her side and farts into the camera some more, and continues tell... 3956 views

Lucky Starr 14

Freaky little Lucky says she's going to make you smell her stinky-ass farts, then she pulls one leg waaaay up in the air and starts blasting farts! Next, she pulls both legs up and you can see her asshole open wide as she blasts gas out - YOWZA! She ... 8079 views

Lucky Starr 15

Bendy little Lucky is telling you about a huge Thanksgiving type meal she ate over the weekend, then she pulls her legs way up and starts farting it out! She lays on her side as the camera zooms in on her asshole, and she blasts farts into your face ... 4371 views

Lynna Fox 12

Favorite fartress Lynna Fox is back to fart in your face! Today she's wearing the cutest little pink bra and thong panties, so she sticks her thong-festooned booty into the camera and farts through it! Then she pulls her thong to the side and treats ... 4022 views

Lynna Fox 13

Lynna is on the bed, wearing a black bra and ever-so-tight shiny silver shorts! She squats on her knees on the bed and the camera zooms in nice and tight as farts! Her shorts are so tight, you can see her butt working to get the farts out - SEXY! Tho... 4185 views

Lynna Fox 14

Hot sexy blonde Lynna Fox walks into the bathroom, pulls down her thong, and sits on the toilet. She says she has a lot of gas today, then lets a couple silent-but-deadlies as the camera swings around to catch them! She tells you to smell that, and y... 5515 views

Lynna Fox 15

Sexy Lynna is going to fart for you in the sex chair today! The camera swings underneath and you can see her pink asshole struggling to blow ass kisses right into your face - BOO-YAH! Her ass is spread out so wide in that sex chair, and the camera ge... 4918 views

Lynna Fox 16

Sexy blonde Lynna has some more farts for you, so she gets on her knees on the sofa facing ass-out, and lets an airy fart his right through her thong! Then she lets another one fly into your face, right when the camera is right up against her thong! ... 3688 views

Lynna Fox 17

Lynna is nude on a chair, facing ass-out, with the camera pointed at her sexy ample booty when she starts farting! You can see her pink asshole working to get the gas out, and the camera zooms in and you can even see in there - WOWIE KAZOWIE! There a... 5404 views

Lynna Fox 18

Sexy tall blonde Lynna is here today to fart for you in skin-tight shorts - WOO-HOO! She's bent over with that hot ass of hers stuck right into the camera, and it's amazing how those farts can get through those tight shorts. The denim certainly holds... 3854 views


Today we are happy to introduce Marlena, a HOT little brunette who is farting on camera for the first time! Marlena's wearing a sexy black lace dress, which she lifts to show she's wearing no panties! She pulls her butt-cheeks apart and lets an airy ... 5008 views

Marlena 2

Marlena is on the bed wearing a sexy thong outfit today. She leans over and lets an airy fart hiss! She excuses herself, then shows you her tit and asks if you want to put your tongue there. Then she licks her own tit! Then she strokes her pussy. Mar... 4119 views

Marlena 3

Sexy Marlena is speaking Spanish on the phone, wearing a bra and apron with thong panties. The camera zooms in on her ass as she farts - QUE BIEN! She leans over and shows you that sexy Latina ass of hers and then reaches into her panties and strokes... 4472 views

Marlena 4

Marlena is wearing a cute white nightie and asks if you like music. She then treats you to some ass music by grabbing a lampshade and farting into it! She likes to sit on a leather sofa, so she sits on her leather sofa and farts on it, making the mos... 4093 views

Marlena 5

Sexy Marlena is wondering why the place is a mess. She bends over to discover she's been robbed, and blasts a fart! Then she doubles up on the floor and can't stop farting - WOW! She's having a fit over losing her stuff and farting the whole time! Sh... 5019 views

Marlena 6

Marlena is headed out to a beach party when she blasts a fart! She's telling about what she's going to do at the beach. Marlena has a lot of gas today and she doesn't think it's a good idea to wear a thong because she cant' quit farting! She doesn't ... 4292 views

Marlena 7

Sexy latina Marlena runs into the bathroom and sits on the toilet and blasts a huge, long wet one into the bowl - BOO-YAH! Then she says it feels so good. She's nude and hot and thinks she's done farting and flushes the toilet, then leans over the tu... 6872 views

Marlena 8

Remember the sexy farting latina girl, Marlena? Well, she's back with more gas for you! She's wearing a sexy see-thru bra and thong panties, and she leans over and blasts a fart! She wants to show you her sexy outfit, but she keeps blasting farts! Sh... 3918 views

Marlena 9

Remember sexy latina Marlena? Well she came back, and she's wearing a cute little thong and matching bra! She starts farting, but says her panties are constricting, so she removes them and starts blasting farts in your face and telling you that you s... 4201 views

Marlena 10

Today sexy latina Marlena walks into the bathroom wearing a leopard-print negligee. She removes her panties and sits on the edge of the tub with her ass hanging off the edge. The camera is right under her ass and she's blasting big inky farts right i... 4548 views

Marlena 11

Hot latina Marlena is here to show you her gassy ass today and she wants you to smell it! She pulls her panties down and ts, then she leans against the sofa and blasts a big fart into your face! The camera zooms right in on her asshole for the next f... 6311 views