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Search Results for: blonde farting

Brittany Kendall 2

Brittany Kendall is in a bad way with all the farts she has stored in her fair-skinned backside! She is wearing a sexy, pink mesh top and has launched an anal assault on the leather bench in her living room. This alluring blonde in glasses is taking ... 7832 views

Savannah Fox 28

Talk about sphincter control! Savannah Fox is a pro. She uses her manicured nail to slightly spread her cheek to work out a series of small toots during this dynamic display of farting, diva style! Sure, she can be a bit bossy, but would we want this... 8771 views

Alice Frost 19

Way to go Alice Frost! One of our favorite blonde bombshells has returned home from a barbecue, excited to have taken top prize in a hot dog eating contest. Sadly, the win comes with repercussions, as sweet Alice is gassy and farting like mad. Her se... 6384 views

Alice Frost 20

Catching air means different things to different people, and for Alice Frost it means taking a break from massaging her shaved pussy to catch her fart smells on her pretty finger tips. She loves to smell butt and isn’t the least bit shy about her u... 6475 views

Alice Frost 21

Alice Frost’s finest asset is on full display when she walks into the room in astonishingly sexy black panties and pulls them down to get her mouthwatering booty right in your face while she passes gas. This stunning darling knows you love the soun... 6581 views

Alice Frost 22

Alice Frost is at it again! This big-booty babe spends a great deal of time on the pot; perhaps it is time to evaluate her diet! As she scurries into her bathroom, she barely gets her animal-print panties off her luscious backside before she is dropp... 7678 views

Alice Frost 23

Alice Frost, you are such a tease! Oh, man, this chick is red hot in her crimson vinyl dress and even hotter when she is sharing peeks of her ass hole while farting farts that would put most men to shame! She does not want you to cum until she allows... 6956 views

Alice Frost 25

You are in for a real treat in the form of curvy Alice Frost wanting to fart all over your dick! She is using her own flesh-colored phallus to show you exactly what she has planned for your stiffie. Alice is pushing it against her pink pantyhose and ... 4396 views

Amiee Davis 3

Ever wonder what pretty girls look like when they are all alone in the bathroom? Demure Amiee Davis doesn’t know anyone is watching, so she isn’t giving any thought to the obnoxious poots she is depositing in the pot. She is such a sweetheart and... 9705 views

Ashley Luvbug 2

Pretty Ashley Luvbug has gotta go! She has rushed into the bathroom with some hardcore business to take care of, and her bowl is going to need disinfecting when she is through! Whatever she ate did not settle well, and her tush is taking it hard! As ... 8584 views

Alice Frost 26

Feeling the burn at the gym has rendered Alice Frost’s ass on fire! She saved up most of her poots to release at home, to not embarrass herself at the gym, and her sweaty, stinky ass is making up for lost time! Yikes! Even though she is wearing her... 9036 views

Alice Frost 27

Big and beautiful Alice Frost has a lot going on! Stationed on the potty, voluptuous Miss Frost is making a massively smelly deposit. She is even peeing a lot, as her ass is busy honking and spewing nasty, dirty things, all while she is shrouded in s... 6132 views

Alice Frost 28

Alice Frost is a dirty little lady, and she loves indulging your kinky love for curvy girl farts! She is not exactly a fan of the smell, but she knows you like stinky ass holes, so she is more than happy to give you an uncensored view of her busy ass... 6524 views

Alice Frost 29

Alice Frost is in the mood to play a game. Since she has to go to the bathroom, she’d like for you to stroke your cock for her and see if you can reach orgasm before she shoots a stinky surprise your way. Doesn’t that sound like a delightful game... 7864 views

Alice Frost 30

Alice Frost is in a playful mood and is using whimsical pillows to play! Looking hot in matching panties and bra, curvy Alice is also feeling gassy and decides to embellish her emoji pillows with her gassers. Hitting the plush pillows with her poots ... 4464 views

Alice Frost 31

Alice Frost is a lot of woman to love, and when she shares her dynamic farts in slow-motion, the vista is perfection! Fair-skinned Miss Frost is a lady we love because she holds nothing back when introducing her brassy gassers to the world. The whirl... 11756 views

Alice Frost 32

Alice Frost thought the gas medicine was supposed to help her, but it’s made things worse, and she’s regretting buying a generic brand. This gassy girl is in a hot purple and black bra, and no bottoms, and is just gassing herself out of the room,... 5619 views

Kiki Daire 2

Kiki Daire’s bathroom has never smelled so foul! This curvy blonde beauty is extremely gassy and has plopped her booty on the pot to deposit more than gas. Just listen to her blasts - they are extreme and powerful. Kiki is struggling with the rumbl... 7744 views

Kiki Daire 3

In a club, strippers likely fart more than we realize, and wouldn’t it be fun to know for sure? Sultry Kiki Daire is a wannabe stripper with a pole in her home, and she is not shy about letting farts fly out of her ass in the peaceful quiet of her ... 5719 views

Kiki Daire 5

Kiki Daire wants to know what you like when watching a girl on cam. She shifts her body in some hot positions and gets so comfortable, a huge fart pushes out of her butthole. When she realizes you are into that sort of thing, she unleashes more gasse... 4809 views

Payton Leigh

Have you met Payton Leigh? This hot, blonde MILF is an amazing woman with an outgoing personality and a scrumptious ass! Hot yoga keeps her in great shape, but today, her class has left her pretty gassy. Payton’s sweaty ass is working overtime to k... 7676 views

Payton Leigh 3

Payton Leigh’s idea of fun is right up your alley! She would love nothing more than to share in some mutual masturbation with you, and this sexy MILF even offers up some surprises along the way! Horny Payton wants you stroking your cock while she r... 5868 views

Payton Leigh 5

Vivacious blonde Payton Leigh is a gassy MILF with no shame in her game! Even when she fingers her own delicious pussy and feels gassy, she is not holding it in. Her busy fingers create sexy clicking sounds as they thrum her glistening slit, and her ... 7924 views

Payton Leigh 6

Slow-motion farting is pulled off with such finesse when sexy MILF Peyton Leigh is on the scene! She’s a hot blonde babe with a profusion of gas escaping her hot, tight pucker, and she is sharing the view of her overworked bottom as it tosses out t... 6723 views