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Search Results for: blonde farting

Lynna Fox 2

Lynna came back to do a little more farting on the couch! This time she's got a little business-suit/bikini-thing going on that's pretty damn sexy! She's had a big cheeseburger before she came over today, and it makes her farts reek wonderfully - nas... 3786 views

Lynna Fox 3

Lynna has returned for another farting session. Today she's in bed wearing a pair of full-bottom, granny-style purple panties! Lovely! She cuts those silent-but-deadly airy style farts that smell like they've been bottled up for years - deliciously n... 4960 views

Rebecca Blue 2

Blonde hottie Rebecca returns with a bad case of gas, and she's wearing a pink top and short-short denim skirt with no panties. She lets you look up her skirt, and she even spreads her cheeks to give you a close-up look at her farting ass! Awesome! C... 18515 views

Rebecca Blue 5

Rebecca Blue is squatted in front of a mirror, applying her makeup. She's wearing a blue tank top and full-bottom panties - and she can't stop farting! How such loud, smelly farts can possibly come out of this cute little blonde simply defies the law... 6103 views

Rebecca Blue 7

Rebecca has a bad case of belly gas today, so she's decided to give herself a bubble-bath by farting in the bathtub just for you! She squats in the tub with her legs spread, and farts so the bubbles come up the front! Rebecca also gives you bubbles f... 8801 views

Rebecca Blue 11

OMG look who's back - favorite fartress Rebecca Blue! Farting for you! WOO-HOO! Hot little Rebecca's got a bellyful of gas today, which blasts out of her ass right from the get-go! Rebecca pulls her thong to the side, sticks her ass up in the air, an... 7474 views

Rebecca Blue 12

Hot blonde fartress Rebecca Blue is back, and today she's nude in front of a mirror! She bends over and immediately blasts a fart! Then she climbs up onto the chair and sticks her ass into the camera and blasts a whole lot of farts! How did all that ... 9466 views

Rebecca Blue and Melody Nakai

Well, here's something you don't see every day - a hot blonde and a sexy Blasian girl paired up for some hot, nasty, face-farting action - YOWZA! Rebecca starts off by pulling her pink thong to the side, and sitting on Melody's face to fart in her n... 20391 views

Rebecca Blue and Melody Nakai 3

Tiny blonde Rebecca Blue and Big Blasian beauty Melody Nakai have paired up yet again to lick each others farting asses - WOO-HOO! Rebecca gets on all fours on the chair, and farts into Melody's face, so Melody moves in and licks Rebecca's farting as... 15735 views

Stacey Lane

Stacey Lane has decided that she'd like to make a farting debut here at Fart Fantasy! How lucky are we, right? Well this blonde babe blasts some nasty butt bubbles and you are going to love them! In her first clip she's wearing a beige miniskirt dres... 3955 views

Tabitha James

Tabitha James makes her debut - farting on camera for the first time! Tabitha is one nasty, dirty blonde for sure - you'll see why when you watch this clip. Today, Tabitha is on the sofa, wearing an ultra-short denim mini-skirt and black tank top. Sh... 4360 views

Tabitha James 2

Nasty Tabitha starts out doggie-style on a chair, wearing a tiny, pink string bikini. As she pulls her bikini bottoms to the side, you can see smegma stuck to the crotch of her bikini bottoms - filthy! As if that weren't nasty enough for you, she blo... 3225 views

Tabitha James 3

Nasty Tabitha James the smegma queen is sitting at the computer - naked! You can see both of her pierced nipples, but not for long. Tabitha gets up and bends over right in front of you to show you her filthy pussy and stinky, farting ass. In this cli... 3330 views

Tabitha James 7

Nasty Tabitha is wearing her turquoise-and-black thong string bikini today, and she starts out farting on the coffee table! Then she crawls onto the sofa and rolls and squirms around, moaning and groaning and pulling her ass-cheeks apart and farting ... 3185 views

Tabitha James 10

Tabitha walks in wearing a denim skirt that doesn't even come close to covering her ass, and starts to make coffee. The camera hovers right underneath her skirt, giving you a great view of Tabitha's ass. She spreads her butt-cheeks apart and blasts a... 4440 views

Daisy Layne 12

I like this kind of girl, standing up for herself and knowing how to turn you on. Daisy Layne has some serious gas problems and she decided to share it with us, you know why? Just because she can! Now that ís what I call hot! Don't be fooled by her g... 5031 views

JR and Daisy Layne

JR and Daisy Layne meet our camera crew on their bed, ready for a fun romp smelling each others gas! The playful pair take turns putting their faces next to each others booties and sitting on each others faces as they fart again and again for your p... 4729 views

JR and Daisy Layne 4

Playful duo JR and Daisy Layne are back again, and this time it's JR's turn to eat Daisy's farts. Daisy spreads her ass for riot girl JR and her sexy tattoos and piercings and JR literally eats up every fart that comes her way! Daisy even engages in... 10742 views

Jessica Brandy 6

Jessica Brandy is our pretty little blonde bombshell, and she's completely nude, just waiting for you so she can cover your face in her horrible farts! She's got so much warm, smelly gas to give, and who better to enjoy it than a fart lover like you!... 7227 views

Jessica Mansfield 4

Jessica Mansfield says she feels weird farting around people, but it doesn't seem true to us! She has no problem spreading those cheeks and letting her smelly farts rip! This sexy farting bitch is filling the room with her ass stench. The sounds of h... 5042 views

Jessica Mansfield 7

Well looks who's back for more farting fun times! Are you ready for the gas explosion Jessica Mansfield has in store for you? We sure hope so, because this girl is full of farts, and she's going to free her tummy of the hot stench that's been buildin... 6330 views

Kelsey Obsession 10

Look out, because today Kelsey is going to treat you to some nasty toilet farts! She runs into the bathroom and sits on the toilet with her legs spread, and pees with the camera right there, and finishes it off with a fart! She says her tummy is bloa... 5852 views

Kelsey Obsession 12

Sexy little Kelsey is doubled over on the sofa, saying her belly hurts so much and she has to fart. The camera zooms in on her ass as she lets an airy fart through her panties, then announces it's a silent but deadly! That one is followed by a loud, ... 5337 views

Kelsey Obsession 14

Sexy little Kelsey sits in bikini and she's got a beach date with a guy who probably isn't into farting, so she's gonna let it all out for you before she leaves! She lifts one cheeks and blasts farts and talks about how embarrassing it would be if he... 7393 views