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Search Results for: blonde farting

Miss Marie and Daisy Layne 3

Miss Marie and Daisy Layne are together once again, and they are hungry for some farts! The girls get into all different positions, filling each others' noses and mouths with sexy ass gas - WOWIE KAZOWIE! The girls are hot and nasty, and so are their... 4245 views

Miss Marie and Daisy Layne 4

Miss Marie wants to get the ball rolling, Daisy Layne wants to get the party started, they are both ready and they both want it so bad. If you watch this right now then you\'re in for a special treat! Miss Marieís going to be digging deep this time, ... 20799 views

Monroe Valentino 4

Monroe paces around the kitchen, wearing panties and a hoodie, saying she shouldn't have eaten all that cheese. She opens her hoodie and removes it, so she's only wearing panties and a bra, when she farts! To make herself fart some more, she squats o... 3536 views

Monroe Valentino 7

Sexy tatted Monroe is doubled over on the bed, wrapped around a pillow, with gas pains. The camera zooms in on her asshole as a tiny squeaker slips out! She says she hopes she can get all this gas out before her date. She could save up those farts if... 3616 views

Nora Skyy 14

Nora walks into the bathroom and sits on the toilet. She lifts one cheek and blasts a big fart into the bowl! She says that one felt good, then she blasts the bowl again! Nora's got a lot of gas today, and she sits on the toilet groaning and letting ... 3850 views

Nora Skyy 18

Veteran fartress Nora has a bellyful of gas today, and she's wearing no panties! She bends over and pulls her buttcheeks apart and you can see her asshole struggling as she farts! She's got her butthole right there in the camera and you can see every... 3909 views

Roxy Moore and Mari Possa 4

They are so cute and delicious, and you would never expect that these two hot chicks are as dirty as can be! Meet Roxy and Mari, whenever they are together, all they want to do is lick each other's hot asses and it seems like they can't get enough of... 10770 views

Roxy Moore and Michelle Malone 3

The fun-loving interracial duo returns for their third video together, and the chemistry between these two is obvious as they please each other with a series of farts! They meet us on the couch, in sexy lingerie. They take turns ass-spreading and far... 10770 views

Serena Marcus 9

A blonde blasting a big fat fart - that's how this clip starts out. Sexy Serena is nude on the bed with a bellyful of gas today. She plays with her pussy a bit, but she's blasting these massive farts so she just keeps farting! That must feel better a... 3640 views

Serena Marcus 18

Serena Marcus will divulge the wickedest of secrets today. She just loves farting, she really does, and she wants to fart in your face! It makes her feel good and light, and the louder the farts are, the better! And another thing, she gets really hot... 3607 views

Serena Marcus 20

Poor Serena is all chained up in the chain chair, and she wants out because she\'s got to go to the bathroom! Of course, no one lets her out, so she ends up having a total farting fit, right there in your face - BOOYAH!Does she end up developing a ta... 7501 views

Sofia Devine 2

Sexy Sofia has a bad case of the bedtime farts. She spreads her legs and you can see up her ample underside as she plays with her pussy and ass, then she removes her bra and unleashes her huge knockers! She lays back and fingers her pussy, and blasts... 4330 views

Sofia Devine 4

Sexy Sofia wants to try out the fart chair today! She's naked in the living room, and she plops her ample ass down in the chair with the camera underneath. You can see her ass hanging between the slats, and she blasts a fart into yur face! You can se... 4418 views

Sofia Devine 7

Sofia walks into the bathroom and removes her skirt and panties, and sits on the toilet with her legs spread, and starts blasting echoing farts into the bowl! She stands up and rubs her bloated belly, then sits on the toilet seat and does a one-cheek... 5046 views

Taylor Sky

Today you get to meet Taylor Sky, a girl who has never farted on camera before! She blasts a fart, then says she went out to breakfast and it gave her gas and she didn't want to fart in front of her girlfriends, so she held it all in and now she's go... 7622 views

Taylor Sky 2

Remember that hot new girl from last week, Taylor Sky? Well, she had such a blast farting for you last time, that she came back for more! She's so bloated and she wants to let it all out! Taylor pulls her thong to the side and starts blasting farts i... 5405 views

Taylor Sky 3

Ass in the air - that's how this clip starts out. Taylor says she has a lot of gas and doesn't want to fart in front of her boyfriend, so she came home to fart in front of you! She's blabbing about farting and while she's at it, she's blasting gas in... 7417 views

Taylor Sky 7

Daisy Dukes in the air - that's how this clip starts out. Taylor's wearing denim short-shorts, and she's farting all over in them! She rolls over and pulls her legs up to her chest and blasts big farts! She keeps on farting and stinking up those shor... 7789 views

Layla Price 4

Sexy blonde Layla enters the bathroom and sits down backwards on the toilet, saying it works better this way for her body. Farting a few times, Layla isn't sure if she ate something or if she's got post-anal-sex farts, but either way the bathroom ge... 9500 views

Brianna 2

Join Brianna in her private room and inhale deeply of her private reserve of gas! From the beginning she warns that she has lots of smelly farts saved up and she's not kidding. Clearly delighted to be on the bed for you, this naughty little mistress ... 6550 views

Brianna 3

Well just look at Brianna, all spread out on the bed and waiting for you, enchanting blue argyle socks up to her knees and her pussy all plump and ready. She's also got something else ready: the horrid flatulence you so shamefully crave! Bravely subm... 4228 views

Brianna 6

Gassy Brianna has been hoping someone would want to eat the farts from her pretty white ass. It's a good thing you showed up! This blonde beauty delightfully inverts herself while inviting you to taste her anal offerings. She giggles with delight as ... 17362 views

Jessica Taylor 2

Leggy and dominant, this blonde Amazon wants you on your knees to inhale her farts! Jessica isn't fooling around, and as her new fart slave you'd best get up there against her spandex shorts and start breathing in! Jessica doesn't want to smell any o... 7385 views

Nicki Blue

Nicki Blue is all pretty and curvy in her electric purple leopard print panties. This giggly blonde beauty is delighted to fart for you and describes the asparagus smell radiating from her ass in vivid detail! Her ass, so round and lovely, releases e... 7049 views