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Search Results for: blonde farting

Alexis Monroe 7

Alexis sits in the fart chair with her asshole hanging between the slats, and immediately starts farting! The camera zooms way up from underneath and you can see her pink asshole struggling, then she lets a little poot into your face - NICE! You can ... 12666 views

Allison Pierce 11

Allison blasts out three big farts before she's even done introducing herself. Today she's wearing a cyan bra and panties, and she is so full of gas! She rolls around on the bed, blasting fart after fart after glorious fart while the camera hangs in... 7022 views

Allison Pierce 12

Allison is wearing a black mini-skirt with a pink strapless bra, and today she wants to share her gas with you - oh boy! She is very bloated today from overeating. She lays back on the bed, loosens her skirt, and blasts a big fart right into the came... 7624 views

Allison Pierce 14

Allison is back to share her gas with you today! She's nude on the sofa, and she wants to use a vinyl ottoman to maximize the sound of her farts - nice! She's shy at first and only lets out a few squeakers, but after bouncing around and shaking some ... 7071 views

Allison Pierce and Amber Rayne 3

Fart-buddies Allison and Amber return to lick each other's bare farting asses today! Allison starts out blowing a huge stinker right onto Amber's tongue - BOO-YAH! Then she laughs about it. Amber then sits on Allison's tongue and farts on it until Al... 20770 views

Amber Rayne 2

Amber is wearing all black today - mesh blouse, bra, thong panties, and high heel shoes - sexy! With a bellyful of nasty gas, she pulls her thong to the side and lets a few airy farts hiss through her bare asshole, then bounces around on the bed to l... 6489 views

Amber Rayne 4

Amber is wearing a cyan and leopard-print matching bra and panties today. She starts out letting a few silent-but-deadlies hiss through her panties, then she blasts a big fart into your face! She lays on her back and pulls one leg into the air and bl... 7475 views

Amber Rayne 5

Cute little Amber Rayne is here to share her gas with you again! Today she is wearing nothing but thong panties, and she's bent over on the table. She wants to show you all the different kinds of farts she can muster up, and she even does the alphabe... 8300 views

Amber Rayne 6

Flexible little Amber returns today, totally nude on the couch, and she's got a helluva case of gas! She sticks her bare asshole into the camera and blows a little fart! She bounces some more gas down and the camera zooms in for some close-up shots o... 14337 views

Amber Star 2

Remember that hot ebony number from the other day? Well, today Amber is back to entertain you with her farting ass! She's curled up in a chair wearing a bikini, when she blows a stinky, airy fart through her bottoms! Then she pulls her legs up and he... 4044 views

Amber Star 4

Amber is on the bed, wearing a bikini, She has a bellyache because she ate Chinese food today, so she pulls her panties down and her legs up and her buttcheeks apart and struggles to get her gas out! She rolls onto her side and throws one leg up into... 3813 views

Amber Star 7

Amber walks into the room and says she is gonna do some farting for you. She's wearing jeans and she crawls onto the bed and blasts a bubbly one! Then another, and another! She lays back and the camera is right there at her ass when she blasts more f... 6125 views

Asia Zo 3

Asia returns today to entertain you with her ass! She's nude in the bathroom, and she sits on the toilet and lets some cute little airy farts hiss into the bowl! She says her stomach hurts, and stands up and pulls her ass apart and blasts a big fat f... 5296 views

Asia Zo 4

Asia is in the bathroom, and she's embarrassed because she's farting in the tub. The camera hangs under her ass as she lets the most delightful squeaker! Then she bends over and blasts some loud ones. She's rubbing her pussy and asking if it turns yo... 4756 views

Asia Zo 5

Panty-covered ass farting into the camera - that's how this clip starts. Asia is standing in front of the mirror wearing a bra and panties, talking about the steak she ate that gave her gas. She's got a lot of gas too - WOO-HOO! Asia stands there bla... 5076 views

Asia Zo 7

Asia is bouncing on the sofa, wearing a tank top and booty shorts. She slaps her ass a few times, then blasts a big stinker! The camera zooms in on her butt as she blasts another - WOW! Then she shows you her titties and plays with them, and strokes ... 4816 views

Asia Zo 10

Asia is wearing a yellow bikini when she pulls the bottoms down, spreads her cheeks, and blasts ass gas into your face - WOW! She keeps on farting and asks if you like smelling cheese - SEXY! The camera zooms in nice and tight on Asia's bare asshole ... 4571 views

Asia Zo 13

Asia knows you want to smell her stinky farts, so she pulls her ass-cheeks wide apart and blasts reeking farts right into the camera lens! She loves the way it feels when she farts and you can tell! The camera stays under her ass, delivering great PO... 5312 views

Asia Zo 17

Sexy Asia is nude on the sofa, and she's going to fill a bag with farts today! She sticks the bag up to her asshole and starts farting away! She pulls the bag away to check, then puts it back and farts into it some more. As she farts, you can see the... 4654 views

Brandy 5

Cute little Brandy is curled up on the sofa aft dinner in her bra and panties, with a horrible case of gas. She pulls her legs up and blasts a big fart right into the camera - NICE! She spreads her legs and farts through her panties as the camera zoo... 4937 views

Brandy 6

Brandy is on the sofa today, wearing jeans that are too tight because she's bloated with gas. The camera zooms in on her ass while she blasts a couple of juicy farts through her jeans - OH YEAH! Brandy's tummy really hurts today, so she pulls her jea... 7506 views

Brandy 7

Brandy is cooking nude in the kitchen today. Her boyfriend cheated on her, so she gets back at him by farting on his tortillas, and she also rubs the tortillas in her butt crack. Then she sticks her ass into the camera for some really great bare-assh... 5306 views

Brandy 8

Brandy is in the shower today, all wet. She blasts some farts because she gets gassy in the shower. Brandy keeps right on blasting farts while tech camera zooms up from underneath to deliver that spectacular view to your eyeballs. Brandy puts one leg... 6639 views

Brandy 10

Brandy is wearing a black bra and panties, and she's cleaning the room. She flits around the room with a duster, cleaning and farting on everything. Then she pulls her panties down, bends over, and treats you to some fantastic are-asshole farting ac... 4674 views