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Search Results for: blonde farting

Taylor Starr 11

Favorite fartress Taylor Starr is back to fart for you some more! Today she's in the bathtub and she turns around and blasts a fart so big it leaves a wake in the water! The camera zooms in and you find out Taylor's got a lot more gas to blast out in... 5908 views

Taylor Starr 13

Sexy Taylor walks into the bathroom with a towel around her waist, saying her stomach hurts. She steps into the shower and closes the door, and lets a few farts rip! She turns on the shower and rinses off, then she smashes her ass against the glass a... 4514 views

Tristina Millz

Today we introduce Tristina Millz, an ebony beauty who ate a big lunch and now has a tummyache. She lays on her side and farts through her tight jeans! She then lays on her back and spreads her legs and farts some more! The camera hangs in there and ... 5038 views

Tristina Millz 3

Today Tristina is on the toilet. She spreads her legs and strokes her pussy and the camera zooms in from the front as Tristina squirts into the toilet! Then she starts fingering her asshole and farting at the same time - NASTY! The camera hangs under... 3392 views

Tristina Millz 4

Tristina is nude in a chair, talking on the phone. She has such a tummyache right now. She's sitting with her legs apart stroking her pussy when she blasts a fart! Then she blasts a couple more. Tristina just keeps stroking her pussy and farting, and... 3382 views

Torie Heart 9

Favorite fartress Torie Heart is naked on the sofa and full of gas! She lifts her legs high into the air while the camera points right at her asshole, and she rips the most delicious farts! She's holding her buttcheeks apart and giggling and farting ... 3685 views

Tricia Oaks 5

Sexy little Tricia Oaks is back again and she's got more gas for you! She says she saved all her farts for you, then she stands up and blasts some big ones right through her thong panties! Then she bounces around and shakes her ass and blasts more fa... 5210 views

Tricia Oaks 6

Tricia is burping, and she says she's full of bubbly. She starts farting and says she shouldn't have eaten all that cheese, then she bounces around and shakes her ass, then pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts huge stinky farts right into your face ... 6006 views

Tricia Oaks 8

Hot brunette Tricia is back with more gas to fart out in front of you today! She is wearing tight thong panties that are all wedged up against her asshole when she blasts huge farts through her thong! Then she pulls her thong to the side to let the s... 4124 views

Tristina Millz 10

Tall, cool Tristina is on the phone, talking about how she started farting in the store and embarrassed the hell out of herself. The camera is up under her ass, and she's still got gas, so she's blasting farts! Tristina keeps talking on the phone and... 3393 views

Tristina Millz 11

Ebony Tristina is asleep on the sofa with her ass hanging out from under a blanket, when she starts blasting huge farts, which wake her up! She tries to go back to sleep, and you can see her asshole struggling, and she blasts a big fart! She says she... 3780 views

Tristina Millz 14

Tristina walks into the bathroom wearing a cute white mini-dress, lifts the toilet lid, and sits down. The camera zooms up under her ass as she starts blasting the bowl full of farts! She's really farting up a storm today, and boy do those farts stin... 3786 views

Vanessa Naughty

Debuting for your viewing pleasure today is Vanessa Naughty, a sexy brunette wearing a zebra-stiped fucksuit. She lays on her side and blasts a whole lot of big farts, with some cute little squeakers interspersed. The camera zooms up from underneath,... 4295 views

Vanessa Naughty 2

Returning today is Vanessa, and she's gassy on the toilet today! She blasts loud farts into the bowl while the camera zooms in and delivers it all to your eyeballs! Vanessa sure does have a lot of gas today. It's amazing how so much gas can come out ... 3857 views

Vanessa Naughty 5

You wanted to see more of Vanessa in her cheerleader outfit, so here she is! Vanessa has some bad gas today, so she pulls her legs up and farts and farts and farts - WOW! She pulls her cheeks apart while the camera zooms in nice and tight on her bare... 4329 views

Vanessa Naughty 6

Vanessa is on the sofa today, wearing a bra and panties. She pulls her panties down and sticks her ass in the air and lets some juicy farts bubble out! Then she pulls her butt cheeks apart for some great bare-asshole farting views you don't want to m... 4226 views

Alana James 4

Alana is taking a bath to ease her stomach cramps. She's on her back in the bathtub, when she spreads her legs and farts bubbles for you! Watch as Alana rolls onto her side and back, while farting to make her stomach feel better!rn 4949 views

Alana James 8

Alana just got woke up from a nap, and she's got painful gas! Wearing only a filmy bra, Alana rolls around on the bed, trying to get comfortable. She lays on her stomach, and the camera zooms in on her asshole and catches a fart-blast! What do you th... 5209 views

Alana James 9

Alana is on the bed, wearing only tiny purple panties. She's hyper because she has gas, or she has gas because she's hyper - even Alana isn't sure, and it doesn't matter anyway. What's important is Alana gets on all fours and farts through those purp... 4776 views

Allison Pierce 10

Veteran fartress Allison Pierce is back today with a bad case of gas due to a tummy ache. She rolls over on her side to work some of her gas out, and blasts a big fat fart right through her denim shorts! Then she blasts a whole bunch more farts with ... 4623 views

Angel Marie 2

Angel Marie is wearing a pair of tight spandex pants and a gold-and-purple string bikini top. She runs out of the bathroom to pick up her ringing phone. Angel has eaten something at her grandmother's house that has her intestines going bonkers! The c... 5405 views

Angel Marie 3

Angel is sitting on a round coffee table, wearing a pink string bikini, and wondering how you want to see her fart. She starts off blasting a couple farts on the coffee table, then lifts one cheek and lets a silent-but-deadly hiss through her bikini ... 6192 views

Angel Marie 4

Angel Marie plays the Farting Giantess with a He-Man type of action figure today. She lifts her grey sweater dress and farts bare-ass right in his face! Then she does it again! Then, she sets the little guy on the bed and bends over and farts all ove... 5635 views

Angel Marie 6

Cute little Angel walks into the bathroom totally naked. She sits on the toilet backward (facing the wall) and starts blasting farts into the toilet! The camera gets right in there and catches her peeing and farting at the same time - YOWZA! Then she... 5078 views