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Search Results for: blonde farting

Sinnamon Love 7

Sinnamon Love back again for more farting. She's got a bikini to and some tight fitting, hot as hell purple shorts on that allow her ass to fart freely and frequently! Smell her stinky round brown booty as it busts in your face! 3548 views

Sinnamon Love 8

Sinnamon is back for some leather farting. She's got a very tight gurtle thingy and some leather laced-up booty full bottoms on. These bottoms make for interesting farts. As usual Sinnamon has the nasty talk down and makes this another nut buster! 5336 views

Sinnamon Love 11

Sinnamon Love is back for more black booty farts! She liked farting so much before she asked if she could visit again and blow some ass gas for you! This time she's in a jean miniskirt and wife beater tank top! She has her trademarked Sinnamon attitu... 7039 views

Sinnamon Love 12

Sinnamon Loves to fart! This clip she's in a gray tank top and jean miniskirt with bright pink panties, very sexy indeed! This hot ebony honey gives you tons of close up ass farting, including lots of naked ass hole farting! Watch her spread her blac... 11961 views

Sinnamon Love 13

Sinnamon Love is one of our favorite girls and she knows how to talk so sexy and fart so nasty! This is a really good clip of her farting totally nude. Watch as she cuts some of the best, grossest farts and talks with her trademark sexy/nasty voice a... 7787 views

Sinnamon Love 14

Sinnamon Loves to fart and fart she does! In this clip she's farting on a coffee table! You get to hear her farting on a nice hard surface with her big round brown booty! She's in a sexy purple mesh top and panties outfit that allows the farts to jus... 5538 views

Sinnamon Love 15

Sinnamon Love does her very first toilet farting clip! She's done a POV toilet box, but this is the first on the actual toilet! This is a candid clip where you get to see what she looks like as she's on the toilet pushing out poots! Excellent clip th... 6393 views

Sinnamon Love 16

Sinnamon Love is back for another toilet farting clip! This time she does a POV style scene where she is talking to you in her nastily sexy voice. She lets off some real bowl blasters but the are stinky, too! When she gets done letting the gas out, s... 9595 views

Sinnamon Love & Berlin

Sinnamon Love and Berlin star in a very hot, very sexy farting contest! Watch as Sinnamon spanks farts out of Berlin's booty and fart as loud and hard as they can to see who is the real farting queen! Try not to cum before the clip ends, this is a ho... 6978 views

Sinnamon Love & Berlin 2

Sinnamon and Berlin are back for another black and white fart session! Both of these fantastic farters are topless with only thong panties on. Sinnamon starts out with some silent but deadlies, and Berlin blows her out of the water! But Sinnamon quic... 7069 views

Sinnamon Love & Berlin 3

Sinnamon and Berlin do a hot toilet farting competition! Berlin and Sinnamon are such good fart buddies that they take turns on the same toilet seeing who can fart nastiest and loudest! Of course with the ass queens you get a close up shot or 2 of th... 8855 views

Tanya 2

Tanya back again to fart for you some more! She's in a pair of tight black pants and a sexy tight long sleeve top, bending over on 2 chairs farting right in your face! Lots of smelly stinkers out of this hottie. 6385 views

Tanya 3

Tanya back to bust some more ass in your face! She's got a sexy little green top and skirt on that is perfect for farting in. She bends over and lets you get your nose nice and close to smell her nasty ass gas! 4591 views

Tanya 5

Tanya returns for another fart session, this time she's in a pair of black lacy booty shorts and a black bra. She's on the couch and she's farting like a champ! Another nutworthy clip from this hottie. 3445 views

Tanya 8

Tanya can't stop farting for you! She's on the stool again and this time she's in a tight pair of black pants and they really make her farts sound nice. Ass busting never looked so good! 4235 views

Tanya 10

Tanya is in a red lingerie outfit that is perfect for farting in. She bends over and farts in your face, as well as pulling her panties over to the side so you can get a good look at her naked ass hole as it blasts gas directly into your nose! Doesn'... 3310 views

Tanya 11

Tanya finally does her very first toilet farting clip! You couldn't wait, so here it is! In this clip she's in a pair of blue jeans, a tight shirt and full of farts! She bends over and gives you some nice naked ass hole farting angles as she blasts g... 4341 views

Tanya 12

Tanya does her second toilet farting clip ever! This time she's in a pair of panties and a bra. She talks to you while you watch and jerk off to her farting in the toilet bowl, she knows you are dirty and lets you enjoy her stink. She even bends over... 5476 views

Tanya 13

Tanya is back for another fart clip! This time she's on a coffee table to give herself a good hard surface for her farts to echo off of. Watch as this sexy ebony babe pulls her sexy red panties down and farts right on the table for your enjoyment! Lo... 3973 views

Tanya 15

Tanya has lots of gas today! She's not really feeling good after eating an egg salad sandwich for dinner, and she just can't stop farting! This clip is full of up-close shots and big blasting farts! Another must-see clip from Tanya! 5108 views

Alexa Bay 2

Remember the hot new girl from last week, Alexa Bay? Well, she came back to fart for you some more today! Alexa is tired, but she has to get ready for the club, and she has gas, so she's going to let it out in front of you! She lays back and blasts a... 27689 views

Alexa Bay 6

Sexy Alexa walks in wearing a dress, then she bends over and says her tummy hurts, and poots a couple times! She blames it on the Mexican food. Alexa pulls up her dress and sits on the coffee table and farts on it, then says that hurts and it stinks ... 6060 views

Alexis Monroe

Today you're in for an extra-special treat as we introduce Alexis Monroe, an 18-year-old girl who is farting on camera for the first time! She's wearing tight Daisy Dukes and she says her tummy hurts. Then she leans over and rips a huge fart through ... 5865 views

Alexis Monroe 3

Sexy 18-year-old Alexis walks into the bathroom with a bloated belly, pulls down her panties, and starts farting out that gas! She holds her buttcheeks apart and you can see her bare asshole struggling as she works her farts out - NICE! She's rubbing... 7737 views