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Search Results for: blonde farting

Ashley Heart 4

Ashley has been catching you watching her farting because you like to smell and hear her gas. Since you like it so much, she's going to put you in the fart box! She's wearing a tight tank top and black miniskirt with no panties, she's got a bad belly... 6878 views

Bitten 4

Bitten is sitting on the black stool today after she's just got back from work. She's wearing a black bra and thong panties, very sexy body farting some very nasty farts! She bends over, leans back, lifts a leg and farts with her ass flat on the hard... 4206 views

Bitten 7

Bitten is back and she's got a belly full of farts she's got to get out before she heads to the pool to work on her tan. Today she's farting on the couch in a black, shiny metallic colored bikini. She has got some very loud, very stinky farts going o... 4247 views

Bitten 8

Bitten is back and today she's got a little specialty for you. She's farting on the coffee table, but she's farting little piles of powdered sugar off of it! You get to see the farts as they are released from her tight white booty! By the end of the ... 8319 views

Britney Blaze 2

Britney is laying on the bed after eating really bad Chinese food. She pulls her thong to the side and immediately starts blasting fried-rice-scented farts! Britney can't stop farting, and she's talking about all the Chinese food she ate, and how she... 3820 views

Britney Blaze 4

Britney is wearing a see-thru white mesh dress today. She ate some bad food, and it has her stomach hurting. She lays on the sofa and blasts a big, nasty fart! Then she blasts another one. She pulls her butt-cheeks apart and the camera zooms in and c... 4547 views

Britney Blaze 5

Britney is naked in the living room, and she has a stomach ache today! She gets on the sofa on all fours, and the camera zooms in on her big round booty. She lays on her side, and farts into your face! Then she does it again. Britney sure is full of ... 4115 views

Britney Blaze and Ariel X 3

Hot blondes Britney and Ariel pair up again to lick each other's farting asses - WOO-HOO! Ariel straddles Britney's face and the camera zooms in and you can see her asshole pooch out as it blasts farts onto Britney's tongue! Then, Britney sticks her ... 10782 views

Brooklyn Night

This is Brooklyn's very first time farting on cam for you! This blonde-haired, lactose-intolerant babe had a big glass of milk that she shouldn't have. She can not stop farting! Brooklyn's wearing a sexy white silk bikini that's hugging her ass. Very... 5100 views

Daejha Milan 8

Buxom blonde Daejha Milan has a bellyful of gas today, and she wants to fart it all out in front of you! She starts out by sticking her ass in the air and farting through her panties - nice! Then she bounces on the bed like a trampoline to work out h... 3803 views

Daisy Layne

This is Daisy Layne's first time farting on camera, and boy is it a good day for it! Daisy has eaten way too much and she's bloated from it. She's wearing a pink blouse and ultra-short denim skirt with pink panties - sexy! She stands up, and the came... 4496 views

Daisy Layne 3

Daisy Layne is wearing a red-lace-trimmed leopard-print bra and panties today, and she's playing The Farting Giantess with a wrestler action figure! That's right - Daisy sticks the little guy's head between her legs, and farts right on him - WOW! The... 3676 views

Daisy and LaRin

Blondes Daisy and La'Rin are playing on the bed in their bras and panties, when La'Rin farts right into Daisy's face! When Daisy decides to get back at La'Rin, she finds out how much La'Rin likes sniffing Daisy's decidedly un-floral farts - right thr... 4711 views

Daisy and LaRin 4

Girlfriends Daisy and La'Rin are playing on the sofa today in their bras and panties. La'Rin starts out by sitting on Daisy's face and farting right into her nose - and Daisy eagerly sniffs it up! Then La'Rin farts right into Daisy's mouth - YOWZA! D... 5386 views

Harley Valentine 4

Sexy blonde Harley walks into the room wearing a black leather jacket, sunglasses, thigh highs, stilettos and nothing else! She just got back from the porn convention, which made her totally hot! She lays on the bed and lifts a leg and blasts some na... 3529 views

Harley Valentine 5

Buxom Harley has a great new lube to play with today! She blasts a fart while reaching for the lube. Since she's so gassy, she goes ahead and spreads her ass-cheeks wide and farts into the camera! Then she plays with her pussy while farting - what a ... 3471 views

Harley Valentine 6

Blonde Harley just came from the airport, and the food on the airplane gave her gas. She is wearing jeans and a tank top today. Harley pulls her jeans down and spreads her cheeks and blasts a barrage of close-up bare-asshole farts right into the cam... 4445 views

Harley Valentine 7

Sexy Harley is on the sofa wearing a bra, booty shorts, and socks. She pulls her shorts down and blows a couple of squeakers! Then she removes her shorts, spreads her legs, and blasts some huge, stinky farts right into the camera - NICE! She pulls ou... 3857 views

Hayden Night

Introducing Hayden Night, who just ate off a taco truck, and it's given her horrible gas! Today, Hayden is wearing a green bra and panties with a denim skirt. She pulls her skirt up and tries to work out some of her gas by doing some yoga. She hikes... 3561 views

Hayden Night 6

Hayden is nude on the bed today, with a bad case of chocolate-cake farts! She lays on her back and pulls her legs into the air and farts into the camera - nice! She even pulls her cheeks apart and lets the camera zoom way in so you can see her fartin... 3767 views

Hayden Night 8

Hayden just ate some bad Chinese food in Korea Town, and she is dressed for the part, wearing only an oriental bathrobe! She gets on all fours, pulls her robe up to expose her bare ass, spreads her butt-cheeks, and lets an airy fart hiss! Hayden then... 3703 views

Janie Lynn 7

Janie the master-blaster has returned for more ass-gassing! This sexy thing blonde has got some of the loudest nastiest farts I've ever heard or smelled. In this clip she does some really good face-farting angles and all she's got on is a blue tank t... 3369 views

LaRin Lane

La'Rin Lane makes her debut wearing a tight turquoise dress and her long blonde hair hanging loose. She's eaten a lot of beans today, and La'Rin is filled with gas! Watch as the camera zooms up from underneath to give you a great view of her spread-o... 4884 views

LaRin Lane 5

Length: 3:58 br> Blonde hottie La\'Rin returns today completely nude! She walks into the bathroom with a stomachache, sits on the toilet, and starts farting! She spreads her butt-cheeks while the camera zooms up from underneath and treats you to so... 4189 views