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Search Results for: blonde farting

Kendall Foxxx 11

Sexy blonde Kendall is on the toilet, farting today. She's got her legs spread, and she treats you to a whole bunch of bowl blasters - WOO-HOO! You can hear her farts echoing in the toilet bowl and she knows you like that. Kendall lifts her ass up of... 5315 views

Kendall Foxxx 6

Sexy blonde Kendall is back to fart for you today! She immediately shows you her asshole by pulling her panties to the side, and farts right into your face! She rolls over onto her back and spreads her legs and blasts another good one! Then you get t... 4385 views

Lynna Fox 16

Sexy blonde Lynna has some more farts for you, so she gets on her knees on the sofa facing ass-out, and lets an airy fart his right through her thong! Then she lets another one fly into your face, right when the camera is right up against her thong! ... 3747 views

Lynna Fox 17

Lynna is nude on a chair, facing ass-out, with the camera pointed at her sexy ample booty when she starts farting! You can see her pink asshole working to get the gas out, and the camera zooms in and you can even see in there - WOWIE KAZOWIE! There a... 5463 views

Nora Skyy 3

Sexy Nora walks into the bathroom, wearing panties and holding her tummy and saying how she shouldn't have had that second burrito! She sits ont he toilet and the camera swings around behind her and catches her farting in the toilet - OH YEAH! She's ... 3749 views

Rachel O 2

Rachel is on the bed and she doesn't feel too good, so she blasts a couple of big nasty farts! Then she keeps right on farting! The camera is right under her ass catching it all for you - WOO-HOO! She's got her legs up in the air and her bare asshole... 5503 views

Risika 8

Risika is laying on her side, pulling her cheeks apart and farting. Then she decides to give you a better view, so she sticks her asshole right into the camera and farts - OH YEAH! You can see everything when she does that! Risika then lays back and ... 3636 views

Risika 14

Veteran fartress Risika returns to entertain you with her ass some more! Today she's on the toilet, blasting huge farts into the bowl! Her farts really echo in that toilet, too. The camera swings around behind so you can see her ass as she farts - AW... 3885 views

Roxanne Bliss

Brace yourself, flatulophiles! Roxanne Bliss makes her farting debut today - lucky you! She's stroking her pussy and says she feels so sexy and nasty when she farts! Roxanne is one wild blonde, that's for sure. She pulls her thong to the side and you... 3678 views

Roxanne Bliss 4

Roxanne is squatted over the coffee table, when she blasts a fart! She's wearing a sexy strapless top, boots, and no panties. Roxanne stands up and spreads her ass-cheeks wide and sticks her booty hole right into the camera while she fingers her ass ... 3973 views

Scarlett Sweets 3

Scarlett walks into the room wearing tight white booty shorts! She drops her shorts and gets up on top of the coffee table, where she spreads her ass and sits in a see-through sex chair, where she starts farting! The camera is zoomed in tight on her ... 4056 views

Scarlett Sweets 5

Scarlett is back to fart some more for you today! She says she's really bloated, so she gets up on the sofa and pulls her buttcheeks apart and starts farting! The camera is aimed at her ass to catch it all. She rolls onto her side and you can see her... 4341 views

Scarlett Sweets 6

Sexy Scarlett Sweets comes into the bathroom and drops her panties, sitting on the toilet. The camera is right there at ass level, when Scarlett pulls her ass cheeks apart and starts farting! You can see her little pink asshole struggle as she pushes... 3700 views

Serena Marcus

The bathroom door opens, and Serena is on the toilet, farting! She ate too many tacos, that's what she says. Serena is sitting there on the toilet hollering about how much her stomach hurts, and farting into the bowl - WOO-HOO! The camera hangs right... 4066 views

Serena Marcus 2

Serena is in the bathroom today, standing in the tub with one leg lifted,when she blasts a huge fart! The camera zooms up from underneath onto her struggling stink-hole as she farts some more! Serena stands there in the tub farting, then she sits in ... 3317 views

Ariel X 2

Ariel X has been shopping, and it stressed her out and made her start farting. She let a huge one loose in line at the store, and she's embarrassed about it - so embarrassed, just thinking about it is stressing her out again - and stress makes her fa... 5130 views

Ariel X 6

Ariel walks into the bathroom, wearing her bra and panties. Right away, she blasts a fart, and looks over her shoulder to see if anyone heard that. She takes off her panties, and the camera zooms up from underneath to give you the midget's-eye-view ... 4019 views

Ariel X 8

Ariel walks in totally nude, without saying a word. She bends over and squeaks a fart right into the camera! Ariel gets onto an ottman on her knees with her ass pointed toward a mirror, and watches her own ass as she pulls her butt-cheeks apart and f... 4927 views

Ariel X 10

Ariel just got home from having a steak dinner, and now she's got a bad case of the farts. She hikes her ass into the air and pulls her red panties to the side and invites you to lick her ass, then she blasts a fart right into your face! Then she lau... 4250 views

Ariel X 11

Ariel X is back - and she's nude on the bed today! Ariel is in someone else's room, and she's going to leave a surprise by farting all over their pillow! She even unzips the pillow and farts into the pillowcase! Betcha wish that was YOUR pillow! What... 5727 views

Ariel X 16

Favorite blonde fartress Ariel X just returned from a picnic, where she ate something with mayo on it, and mayo gives her gas! Ariel sits on the toilet and farts bare-ass into the bowl, blasting fart after fart after glorious fart! She lifts her butt... 6257 views

Ashley Heart

Ashley has never done any kind of farting stuff on camera before, but she sure gives it a good try! In this clip she's wearing a black miniskirt, black fishnet stockings, a pink bikini style top and high heels, very sexy looking! The blonde hottie ha... 4762 views

Ashley Heart 2

Ashley is back and she's got some more delicious farts to share with you! This clip is packed full of nasty farts, wow, she just lets them rip in this one! Ashley's got on a brown bikini with full bottoms on, very hot, very good for farting in! This ... 3711 views

Ashley Heart 3

Ashley is naked and hanging out on the couch today. She's got a belly ache and needs to get some farts out to feel better, and you get to watch! Excited? Ready for some nasty smelly, loud sounding butt blasts? I thought so! In this clip Ashley bends ... 4371 views