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Search Results for: babe

Diamond Banks 7

Smokin’ hot ebony babe Diamond Banks serves as proof that hotel bathrooms can sometimes reveal secrets…especially when there is a hidden camera to capture sexy naked girls on the pot. Unbeknownst to Diamond, there was a bathroom cam installed in ... 5498 views

Gia Gelato

Gia Gelato is a red-hot Latina babe who has decided to try her hand at farting on film. You will not be disappointed by this babe’s ability to toot in front of a lens! She is a stunner you will want to see all of, and with this introductory fart fe... 12612 views

Gia Love 38

Gia Love is a lovely dame, and few girls look this sexy when farting like mad! She is such a fun young lady, and if you can stand the terrible stench of her ass missiles, spend some time with her as she pushes loud and lewd lady farts out of her tigh... 4462 views

Gia Love 44

Gia Love is a freaking babe! There is no denying her sex appeal, and fans of stinky girls are forever impressed by what she has to offer. Her cute tush was overrun with gassers recently, and she did the sexiest thing she could think of when she settl... 4509 views

Gia Love 45

Gia Love in sexy white lace lingerie? Yes, please! This babe looked outstanding in the suggestive attire she selected before launching a wood-inducing fart show! She is never shy when gassy, and showing off that cute ass of hers is Gia’s favorite p... 4612 views

Leah Winters 7

Don’t let the angel wing tattoos fool you - Leah Winters can be a very bad girl! Recently, this little minx was feeling gassy, and instead of wasting her collection of girl toots, she took off her clothes, but for a sexy black bra, and sat on a tab... 5223 views

Tala Black 11

Tala Black is a sexy chick, and it is great to see her back and gassier than ever! She is a gal who fart fans from all over the world can’t get enough of. You would think that her slender body would not be capable of such stench, but those girl far... 2880 views

Tala Black 12

Striking Tala Black was suffering a massive tummy ache, and she had nothing to do but plop her tiny booty on the pot and try her best to get rid of the gas and waste collected in her intestines. She was in a terrible way, but even when she is not fee... 2756 views

Tala Black 19

Nobody wants to see stunning Tala Black suffer, but when she was dealing with a tummy ache, she sure looked cute trying to get rid of the belly gas giving her such a problem. She was in bed in tight shorts, socks and a crop top and tried so many posi... 3835 views

Kim Chi 64

In anticipation of farting for her legion of adoring fans, sultry Asian hottie Kim Chi ate at a buffet and got good and full. She wanted to exude a series of unique gassers as fellas stared at her busy ass pucker while stroking their rock-hard cocks.... 6904 views

Tala Black 21

A naked Tala Black is the ultimate eye candy, and fans of lady gassers will love sniffing up her farts during this face farting session! Take a long look at her in all of her glory because gorgeous Ms. Black is a gift you can give yourself! Without a... 4847 views

Tala Black 22

Sensual Latina hottie Tala Black knows how to work a sexy pink thong! There is no denying her sex appeal as she works her body into several positions while farting like mad! She is such a babe, and when she puts on a fart spectacular, she proffers al... 3106 views

Tala Black 28

Tala Black’s body in the buff is the ultimate visual treat, and watching her work out her stinky gassers is one of the sexiest gifts a guy can give himself! She is in amazing shape, and her healthy diet yields some hardcore stench! Join her for som... 2556 views

Amber Cream 70

Amber Cream is kinkier than a garden hose! She is a demure lady on the surface, but we know she has a hardcore kink. She loves farting for her fans, and she refuses to amend her diet to make herself less gassy. Take a long look at this lovely ebony b... 3241 views

Amy Guzzler 2

Amy Guzzler is a hot piece of ass, and she is at her best when she is feeling gassy. Watch this barefoot babe in sexy panties as she pushes with all of her might to rid herself of the gas plaguing her belly. There is no denying the sex appeal of this... 3025 views

Violet Coxx 16

Kinky MILF Violet Coxx has a big white booty that commands attention 24/7, and when she’s gassy, she really makes a spectacle of herself! Look in on this edgy MILF as she gives fart fans something to stink about! Few ladies cater to a fart fetish t... 2093 views

Amy Guzzler 11

Amy Guzzler’s sexy secret is that she loves being watched when she is naked and farting. She is a kinky little minx, and garnering attention with her cute tush turns her on! Check her out as she hits the bed fully nude and proffers a series of disg... 2869 views

Amy Guzzler 14

All sweet Amy Guzzler wanted to do was fall asleep, but she was not about to get proper rest until she released the surplus of powerful gassers collected in the belly. She looks absolutely adorable in a black thong, pushing farts out while half aslee... 3626 views

Tala Black 29

Tala Black is a beautiful Latina babe, and when she wraps that hot body of hers in a white fishnet bodysuit, just the sight of her can launch a lap rocket! Adding to the allure, she was exceptionally gassy, and she was a perfect vision of loveliness ... 2800 views

Tala Black 33

Tala Black looked so divine in a little sheer lingerie bottom and nothing up top. She shared some amazing views of her toned ass while she gave up some of the stinkiest face farts. Ms. Black is one dirty girl, but that is why we love this smelly Lati... 2250 views

Tala Black 34

Faultless Latina babe Tala Black has an unbelievably sexy physique, and when she slipped into a tiny thong bikini set, she looked amazing! Her awesome booty was full of gas, and she did what it took to rid her little belly of the gassers giving her s... 2611 views

Tala Black 36

Stinky tart Tala Black looked cute in a tiny white tee and absolutely nothing on the bottom. She plopped her nice ass on a bench and pushed farts out of her booty, creating quite a delightful sight! There is no denying how sexy this babe is, and she ... 2337 views

Tala Black 37

There is so much to love about gorgeous Latina Tala Black. In addition to her beauty, she is outgoing and loves indulging fart aficionados with her awful toots. Take a look at how alluring she is as she farts in the nude with all of her sexiest asset... 2453 views

Tala Black 41

Tala black is perfection in nothing but a skimpy thong, with her long locks flowing and her cute ass honking! Her gassers stink to high heaven, and it’s a wonder that a girl so slender could have such a waste dump of a booty. Fart fans are in for a... 2825 views