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Search Results for: babe

Malaysia Blue 12

She seems a little embarrassed about it and we do blame the burrito for giving her so much gas. Thank God that delicious Mexican food gave us all this chance to see the curvy babe Malaysia Blue get naked and blast out all those farts right into our f... 4808 views

Malaysia Blue 18

Don\'t you just love how Malaysia Blue keeps it simple? You just know that this blasian babe means business when she points that sexy ass of hers at you! She unleashes a barrage of hot, pungent farts into your face that would burn your eyebrows off! ... 5571 views

Miss Marie 7

This dirty little slut will be a dirty little slut wherever she goes. This time, Miss Marie goes to a very appropriate place to unleash her perverted practices in the bathroom. She positions herself on the toilet, choosing what pose to use to make he... 4090 views

Miss Marie and Daisy Layne

The redhead Miss Marie and the blonde hottie Daisy Layne has some wicked ideas for today. Guess what? The hot babe Daisy wants her ass to be licked pretty good by the luscious Miss Marie, she wants that babe to eat her farts all day. Miss Marie got a... 10579 views

Miss Marie and Daisy Layne 4

Miss Marie wants to get the ball rolling, Daisy Layne wants to get the party started, they are both ready and they both want it so bad. If you watch this right now then you\'re in for a special treat! Miss Marieís going to be digging deep this time, ... 20614 views

Natalie Lips

Meet Natalie Lips, this Indian looking fart machine never got the conservative ways of her home country. This girl is perverted and twisted, just like how she feels on the inside right now. Her stomach is brewing something hardcore for you guys. And ... 4539 views

Natalie Lips 7

It cannot get any better than this! You can see the contrast with her pale skin, her naked body all bare and filled with air, stuck in a small room with black walls. It's so deliciously plain that you can focus on her asshole pumping out wind over an... 4783 views


Hi guys, meet Rose, this hot babe in sexy lingerie. She's going to be farting a lot today because she ate this big burrito for lunch. Let me tell you one thing, she did that on purpose so she can put on a good show for you. Watch as she gives a wild ... 3043 views

Rose 3

Once again, another babe tries out the infamous fart chair. This very popular fart chair had experienced it's fair share of girls who fart nonstop. But it hasn't encountered this naughty lady yet, until now! Rose puts on a great show for you, working... 4263 views

Rose 5

When a chick like Rose is waiting for you inside the room, wearing that tight, sexy outfit, you can just tell that she will do so many naughty things for you. This extremely kinky babe positions herself on that cushion with her legs up in the air, fe... 3235 views

Roxy Moore and Mari Possa

Now it can't get any hotter than this. Two gorgeous ladies, the Latina Mari Possa and the tattooed blonde babe Roxy Moore trading their essence with each other. They are both excited about and both are at the top of their game. Mari Possa was the fir... 10578 views

Serena Marcus 10

This luscious young perverted babe is Serena Marcus. You can tell from her looks that she is playful, and she is indeed. She was just there chilling on the couch when she suddenly surprised herself with a fart. It amused her and it turned her on. So ... 3416 views

Shay Golden

We got a new girl over here and she's a blonde bombshell! Meet Shay Golden, our latest recruit who clearly has the talent to produce the most brutal of farts while looking gorgeous and delicious. Her pretty face and platinum blonde hair tells us that... 4677 views

Shay Golden 3

It is Shay's turn to try out the infamous fart chair! But she showed she is really here for business, she used it like a pro and this pretty blonde babe got all nasty as she loves every second of that air ripping out of her belly. Her asshole looks a... 4483 views

Shay Golden 6

If you enter the room and see this wild blonde babe in bed, looking all seductive and horny, you can tell by the tightness of that lingerie that she has a lot of gas inside that tight body of hers, and she is dying to let it rip while you watch; what... 4906 views


Shonna isn't feeling one hundred percent today because she has a stomach ache. Well, isn't that great news for us fart fetish guys? That means this black tattooed babe is going to grace us with her windy powers. She uses the whole living room to posi... 3673 views

Shonna 4

The black babe Shonna is having a bad cramped up stomach again. Don't worry, she's not new to this, in fact she loves farting so much that she even has a personalized chair to do her nasty deeds. She positions herself, perched atop that fiber glass c... 4286 views

Shonna 5

It's Shonna-time again gentlemen, and when this crazy black woman in lingerie arrives you just know that she's going to give you what you want. This slutty babe never learned her lesson, she goes munching down on food that makes her gassed up but she... 2718 views

Sprinkle Freak 2

Do you want to see something freaky and perversely hot at the same time? Watch Sprinkle Freak, this one hot tough babe with multiple tattoos, you can tell from the marks on her skin that this chick is feisty. Before you start drooling, What she is go... 6744 views

Sprinkle Freak 4

Wow look at this feisty hot ebony babe Sprinkle Freak! She ís looking saucy on the bed, all sexy with her wild leopard-print tattoos on her ass and sprinkles tatted on her naked body. Look at that big black butthole as she farts, it would blow your h... 5922 views

Sprinkle Freak 5

Sprinkle Freak is going to be displaying her ass talents today, just for you. So sit back, relax and watch this amazingly talented black babe perform with so much enthusiasm, even if her stomach is killing her, she will do lots of crazy stuff for you... 6115 views

Stasia B 2

We are supposed to feel sorry when a sweet girl ate something that doesn't go well with her stomach, we know it hurts and we absolutely know that she ís going to be farting the whole night. But you know what? We are wicked bastards and we want this b... 3698 views

Zamora 4

Tonight is a special night, we have this sexy black babe Zamora to fulfill your kinky needs. She starts with a huge surprise, the second the camera started rolling she was bent over and her ass was up in the air like that butt really needs to be pump... 4017 views

Zamora 5

Seeing Zamora with straight hair is like seeing her for the first time, and I dare say this look is much sexier! While this babe looks different she still has that kinky side in her that we've all grown to love, not only is she super kinky, she is na... 3377 views