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Search Results for: babe

Zamora 7

Let us take you to Zamorass favorite place, the toilet, it is here where she does some really nasty things for special guys like you. This babe will do anything to turn you on, and one of her favorite things to do is fart, yes, you heard me right, le... 3449 views

Layton Benton 8

This girl is so horny it's hard to tell if she's farting or cumming! Clad in decadent purple and playing with her pink slit of a pussy, this black babe groans and gasps as each fart builds to an intense release of pleasure. Layton loves telling you h... 6257 views

Layton Benton 9

Beach babe Layton, what do you have in store for us today? Lots of fresh-from-the-sun farts! When Layton first peels off her hot pink bikini bottoms she lets rip with a fart so massive you can practically feel it yourself. It just gets better from th... 5312 views

Amber Star 11

Amber Star is spread wide open granting full access to all her sweetest spots. Is your tongue prepared to capture her tasty tootsies? The scent of rotten eggs is filling the room fast and she’s sharing every ounce of odor with fart-in-face action a... 12628 views

Sindell Angel 10

At first glance, you may wonder why Sindell Angel is relaxing in a tub of warm, clear water sans bubble bath. You will be pleasantly surprised by how talented this crafty chick is in making her own bubbles! Her brand of butt bubbles is far more fun a... 6812 views

Maryjane Mayhem 23

Somebody buy this babe more tacos! Maryjane Mayhem is eating tacos for lunch, and they are leaving her so gassy. Best of all, she is nibbling in the nude! With her legs spread, her pussy movement with a fart can be witnessed, which is sexy as hell! N... 6237 views

Stephanie Saint 14

Stephanie Saint doesn’t need any sex toys when her slender fingers work just fine! She is caught up in pleasuring her pussy and is farting at the same time. She seems to get off on surrounding herself in stink! Her slithers and angelic murmurs crea... 7231 views

Stephanie Saint 16

Stephanie Saint’s ass is amazing! Her tight pucker can handle the girth of a sizable pink butt plug, and this babe is getting it all in over and over while breaking to fart on her toy! Since Steph loves the taste of her own ass, she brings her phal... 5127 views

Katrina Kox 33

Have you ever seen a more celestial being than exotic Katrina Kox spread out on a white duvet? Catch this sex kitten in an especially amorous mood as she is relieving pressure in her tummy by farting while also giving her pretty pussy the attention i... 11539 views

Kay Love

Kay Love is cute as a button and farting on camera for the first time! This sweetheart is not shy and giggles like mad with every one of her ferocious ass rips. Her pink jean shorts are doing little to mask the smell, but it doesn’t bother this bab... 11045 views

Blair Winters 15

With such a beautiful, white leather sectional, why would Blair Winters dare to sit sans panties while her ass is in overdrive with disgusting farts that might just leave a mark? The sound of her squeaks hitting her sofa are pretty impressive, but th... 6318 views

Blair Winters 16

Hottie Blair Winters is dressed to kill and about to be picked up by her guy. Wonder if she’s hoping to get lucky since she isn’t wearing any panties under her tight dress! When she realizes she has been hit with a bout of terrible gas, she works... 5985 views

Blair Winters 20

Start off your birthday in the right direction while Blair Winters serves up a series of birthday surprises for you since you are in the mood to jerk off to sultry ass acoustics. With her trademark sensuality, sexy, thong-clad Blair proffers some pre... 5211 views

Blair Winters 21

We’d like to thank the person who gave Blair Winters the bright idea to add a mini-trampoline to her workout regimen! Her entire workout is a total turn-on, but there’s just something about they way this gassy babe busts ass while bouncing on her... 6275 views

Caramel Lee 3

Caramel Lee sure wakes up gassy! She rushes into her bathroom in the early morning hours, looking like a little angel with braids in her hair and an adorable nightie clinging to her chest but not covering her cute ass. Once she is perched on the pot,... 8223 views

Kay Love 12

Tonight’s dinner was an entire pizza for cute Kay Love! How does such a little thing eat a 12-inch pie by her lonesome? This lactose intolerant babe is feeling the burn inside her belly from all that cheese, and the dairy has also left her constipa... 6943 views

Lisa Tiffian 4

How great would it feel to have your dick rubbing against the round, juicy ass of Lisa Tiffian’s while she is farting? She knows you like to smell her farts and hear her guzzlers escape, so she has devised a great plan which includes her farting on... 6448 views

Lisa Tiffian 7

Lisa Tiffian looks luscious as she speeds into the bathroom in pink lace panties, needing to get to the pot as soon as possible! She is making a mess of things, and the wet ones she is passing are disgusting! This sexy babe is pushing out her load in... 8863 views

Lucky Starr 22

Lucky Starr wants you to bask in the ambiance! She is ready to go, looking like a sexy Dominatrix in her black corset, boots and long gloves. There are no bottoms on this babe, though, and this makes her farts flow freely while she shares them with y... 6335 views

Lucky Starr 23

Look at the sexy stockings on Lucky Starr! She is in black nylons with pink lace threaded up the leg, ending in a cute bow! These nylons are not the hottest thing on this babe, however. She is wearing a thong she takes off and farts on to easily brin... 6163 views

Silvia Rubi 7

Silvia Rubi’s pleasure is doubled as she finds relief by ridding her belly of gas while she has a pink vibrator pressed against her clit. This lusty Latina loves stimulating her shaved kitty and wants to share her saucy display with you! The closeu... 6655 views

Taylor Starr 18

Getting clean never looked so good! Taylor Starr is alone in the tub getting clean but clouding the water with her gassy ass. She has a lot of gas to pass and isn’t letting the fact she is submerged in clean water stop her. Enjoy the views from the... 4771 views

Alice Frost 22

Alice Frost is at it again! This big-booty babe spends a great deal of time on the pot; perhaps it is time to evaluate her diet! As she scurries into her bathroom, she barely gets her animal-print panties off her luscious backside before she is dropp... 7623 views

Nadia Jay

What feels good coming out does not necessarily smell good coming out, as evidenced by ebony hottie Nadia Jay’s daunting guzzlers being liberated from her sexy brown ass. She has dined on delicious food and has been rendered quite gassy. While her ... 7165 views