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Search Results for: babe

Nadia Jay 7

Countless sex kittens list the Hitachi Magic Wand as their favorite toy, and Nadia Jay is one such vixen! She uses the high-powered massager on her clit while pushing farts out of her brown hole. This babe is class-A sexy in a studded bustier and no ... 6358 views

Shae Spreadz 17

Shae Spreadz is looking fine in an immodest thong and matching animal-print bra. Home all alone, this babe is rubbing her pussy with curious fingers while ridding her tush of pesky gas. She sure does smell to high heaven, but that’s how we like sex... 5756 views

Blair Winters 22

Take a peek at how Blair Winters dresses for dates. She is fresh from a date to an Indian eatery and has worn a skimpy ensemble and a striped thong. Blair could not invite her new love interest into her apartment because the Indian cuisine left this ... 4655 views

Blair Winters 24

Blair Winters has a stomach ache and is doing her best to rid her body of all the gas she is plagued with when she steps inside her small bathroom to see if farting on the potty does the trick. What she has to expel smells awful, and rubbing her bell... 6469 views

Paris Marie 16

Paris Marie in the buff is an awesome sight, for sure! This tattooed tart is sporting red locks, and that’s not the only distinct feature of this babe. She is plagued with a tremendous amount of gas and kicks up her sex appeal by sharing closeups o... 7311 views

Aimee Davis 17

Aimee Davis is impeccably groomed, and her cute, pink pucker is perfection. She’s farting in slow-motion, and the view is unbelievable! When her orifice opens to express gas, the coarse folds of skin stretch, then shrink back down to their perfect ... 7571 views

Olivia Rain

Olivia Rain has never made a habit out of fronting in front of others, but today she is making a first-time exception. This alluring ebony babe polished off a whole pizza and now claims the pizza did her wrong! We won’t tell her that an entire pie ... 3647 views

Olivia Rain 3

Today is your lucky day! Stunning Olivia Rain is sharing her farts with you, and she is not shy in doing so! Her stinky ass is first shielded by sheer yellow panties, but soon they are off, for her ass hole to target your sniffer while you have a tan... 6564 views

Kiki Daire

Kiki Daire would love to make your acquaintance, but pardon her poots! This curvy babe has a surplus of gas, and you do not want to get too close to her stinky ass - or perhaps you do! Her luscious white booty is a smelly sector of her body, so go ah... 8010 views

Kiki Daire 9

Kiki Daire is a kinky MILF who not only loves to masturbate, she also giggles like a little girl when farting. When she feels exceptionally gassy and horny at the same time, she doesn’t need fancy toys to make herself feel good. Busy fingers are al... 5906 views

Payton Leigh 3

Payton Leigh’s idea of fun is right up your alley! She would love nothing more than to share in some mutual masturbation with you, and this sexy MILF even offers up some surprises along the way! Horny Payton wants you stroking your cock while she r... 5758 views

Payton Leigh 5

Vivacious blonde Payton Leigh is a gassy MILF with no shame in her game! Even when she fingers her own delicious pussy and feels gassy, she is not holding it in. Her busy fingers create sexy clicking sounds as they thrum her glistening slit, and her ... 7778 views

Payton Leigh 6

Slow-motion farting is pulled off with such finesse when sexy MILF Peyton Leigh is on the scene! She’s a hot blonde babe with a profusion of gas escaping her hot, tight pucker, and she is sharing the view of her overworked bottom as it tosses out t... 6585 views

Amber Cream 14

Here’s an ebony pucker working overtime! Amber Cream opted for an egg salad sandwich, coupled with a milkshake, and these dietary selections rendered this hot babe ridiculously gassy. Her red thong is tugged toward her hip as she pushes out powerfu... 5912 views

Katt Lowden 16

Outstanding is the word which best describes this saucy masturbation session with Katt Lowden! This babe is gorgeous, daring and delightful as she uses purple anal beads to make herself feel divine. She gets the toy all the way in, then the poor dear... 5757 views

Sedusa D

Meet sexy Sedusa D, as she farts on cam for the first time. Poor thing has consumed some raunchy fare, and her farts are there to bear the burn. This short-haired stunner sharts in her cute jean shorts again and again and is embarrassed by the smell ... 6089 views

Sedusa D 5

Little else is sexier than Sedusa D on her back, not wearing a stitch of clothing as she rubs her shaved kitty! When this babe masturbates, her fingers work just fine. In fact, she’s so at ease during her tenacious rubbing, her ass hole releases a ... 7634 views

Sedusa D 9

In a feeble attempt to save money, Sedusa D purchased generic laxatives, and all they accomplished was making her extremely gassy. Good thing she has her sexy white thong tugged to the side, or that sucker would be stained! Sedusa’s wet farts enter... 6261 views

Shae Spreadz 18

Sensational Shae Spreadz has eaten veggies and ice cream, and you can imagine how gassy that left this black hottie! Shae is sharing close-up views of her busy black ass as she farts up a storm! She can hardly handle the stench in the room, but in an... 5760 views

Lily Lovecraft 7

Lily Lovecraft is pretty as a picture, but she sure is a dirty girl! During her latest masturbation session, she fingered her ass and rubbed her pussy while farting like mad! Oh, this babe has a boisterous butt! She does not mind the stench being pro... 6917 views

Marilyn Moore 2

Marilyn Moore’s sultry voice and boisterous ass prove to be a perfect combination. Listen to her encourage you to sniff up her gassers, and if you are a fan of fabulously disgusting farts plus a terribly sexy young miss, you will fall in lust with ... 4039 views

Marilyn Moore 4

Marilyn Moore heard you like nasty, dirty sounds that come out of buttholes. If this is in fact the case, she has some clamorous gassers to shoot in your direction. With her flawless white booty pointed in your direction, she will indulge your kink i... 5044 views

Victoria Monet 3

Vivacious starlet Victoria Monet found herself to be quite gassy when she was hanging out on the sofa, scrolling through her phone. She really didn’t like the distraction, but she gave it her all as she pushed farts out of her bottom, through her t... 4908 views

Lucky Starr 39

Lucky Starr’s oiled ass passing gas is something you have to see! This flirtatious MILF is a babe who loves to blast farts out of her amazing ass. Showing off comes second nature to Lucky, and she loves a man with an appreciation for gal gassers. A... 5771 views