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Search Results for: babe

Melody Nakai 4

Blasian babe Melody Nakai is nude on a chair, wearing only fishnets today. She sticks her ass in the air, and lets some airy farts hiss! Her farts get louder and louder, and then she blasts some really loud, wet farts right into the camera - SEXY! Me... 4726 views

Melody Nakai 7

Blasian babe Melody is back to fart for you! She's in the bathroom, where she strips and plays with her titties. Then she turns around, and you know you're in for it! She sits on the toilet facing the tank with her gorgeous big round booty hanging ov... 5057 views


Persuajon has never done any farting in front anyone before, but she's ready to give it a try. This sexy ebony babe cuts the nastiest silent-but-deadlies, along with some outright wet-sounding loud blasts! This fart-virgin is a natural! She's wearing... 4022 views

Persuajon 2

Persuajon has never done any farting in front anyone before, but she's ready to give it a try. This sexy ebony babe cuts the nastiest silent-but-deadlies, along with some outright wet-sounding loud blasts! This fart-virgin is a natural! She's wearing... 4420 views

Persuajon 3

Persuajon can't stop farting and she loves to show you while she does it! This sexy ebony babe is wearing a pair of super tight denim jeans and a sexy black mesh top with no bra! You get to see her tits on display - hot! She is sitting on a couch sty... 4950 views

Persuajon 4

Persuajon is back again! Today she's in bed and totally naked! This super-sexy ebony butt-blaster babe has an awesome ass and it cuts some of the most deliciously nasty farts ever! Her sweet booty-hole is lickably sexy as it expels its rotten fumes! ... 5457 views

Priscilla 5

Priscilla is back and on the couch today wearing a white mini tshirt with a pair of very tight denim jeans with silver high heels. She's got a really bad belly ache and farting seems to help it go away. She bends over and of and even pulls her pants ... 4398 views

Priscilla 6

Priscilla has just finished a big dinner and is suffering from a bad belly ache. She needs to remedy remedy the pain by sitting on the toilet and farting it all out! Watch as this sexy ebony babe wearing only a bra and panties unloads her belly on th... 4097 views

Stacey Lane

Stacey Lane has decided that she'd like to make a farting debut here at Fart Fantasy! How lucky are we, right? Well this blonde babe blasts some nasty butt bubbles and you are going to love them! In her first clip she's wearing a beige miniskirt dres... 3897 views


Tracey is our newest girl here at Fart Fantasy. She's a sexy ebony babe with booty (and farts!) for days. In her first clip she's on a dresser with a boustie type thing on and no panties! For her very first clip she bares all! Watch as she bends over... 4539 views

Asia Zo 23

When a tiny little Asian gal is on top of the bed naked like that, clutching her perky tits and giggling like a little school girl, you just know that your cock is going to get hard like a rock. But lo and behold! This babe Asia Zo has some really aw... 4473 views

Britney Stevens 34

What a really nice thing to hear from a hot babe like Britney Stevens - she is gassy for us today, how sweet! She ate way too much a while ago, and she is bloated up from that. You can see how bloated her belly is, and oh the suspense of waiting for ... 3628 views

Brittany Lynn

Today we introduce Brittany Lynn, one of the hottest fart stars out there and it is an honor to present to you this awesome babe, with the sexy tattoos, delicious and tight little body, her pretty face and her blue streaked hair. Seeing this girl nak... 9927 views

Brittany Lynn 4

Guess what? Brittany has a stomach full of gas that she is ready to burst out for you. Isn't this an awesome treat? Seeing this babe is such a delight but seeing her trying out different positions just so she can show us how to fart perfectly is simp... 6079 views

Daisy Layne 7

So it's Daisy Layne's time for a bathroom break. The toilet seat was there waiting for her luscious ass and she has something kinky in store for it. Over and over again she unleashed a fury of sweet sounding farts, exposing her delicious cunt lips an... 3394 views

Daisy Layne 8

The blonde super hot babe Daisy Layne is here today with some serious gas and she is here to share it with all you horny guys today. She thinks that the table is a great place to start on her unholy business and I am sure you will agree with that. Sh... 4122 views

Daisy Layne 10

There "s something brewing inside the hot babe Daisy Layne's stomach and she needed to relieve all that knotted tension in her gassy guts. You don't have to worry because she seems cheerful about it. She is happy because once again, she is delighte... 4317 views

Destiny Dicks 5

Some girls really do have sensitive stomachs, and Destiny Dicks is one of those girls. Lucky me! If you don't believe me she will let you hear it yourselves, you know this babe is nasty but nothing will come close to her farts when it comes to the na... 5682 views

Emerald 2

The irresistible baby fat on this brunette babe just makes her sexier, you can just say that she is really young and this is something that she enjoys a lot. Watch her in her airy glory as she tries out different positions to produce the best farts s... 4530 views

Emerald 5

Oh I am seriously loving this babe the more I see her. I am definitely digging that cute panties with the peace sign prints all over it, it definitely matches her sweet and giggle, sort of hippie spirit. Like all hippies, they want to feel free and d... 3593 views

Gia Jakarta 6

Gia Jakarta is looking really fine once again like she always does. She ate something bad and now the gas is torturing her, poor little baby. Let us watch this babe get rid of her putrid ass fumes in the most provocative way possible! Well, as long a... 3609 views

Goddess 10

Take a look at this black babe with all that gas in her stomach. She really needs to let it out and she wants you to watch and hear the kinky deed as she tries out the infamous fart chair. The chair fits her big behind and it makes the farts louder a... 4463 views

Jazmyne Starr 18

This black babe is for real and she is so fine that watching her do these things would make you want to explode. Well, you seem to be compatible because at the moment Jazmyne is dying to explode too, explode from all the gas inside her stomach. Maybe... 3591 views

Malaysia Blue 11

This Asian babe with the full curves is Malaysia Blue and sheís really having some nasty stomach problems. But don't worry too much for this wonderful babe gentlemen, she is going to let all that gas out before her master comes back. In the mean time... 4694 views