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Search Results for: babe

Kali Ryder 2

Stinky brunette siren Kali Ryder stripped down to nothing to make quite a spectacle of herself! She is super gassy and will bend in any position to assist in her plight to rid herself of nasty farts. Stick around to see how things work out for this b... 2356 views

Kali Ryder 3

Ready for a night out and looking fly in a timeless little black dress, prepossessing Kali Ryder had a pressing matter to tend to before leaving the house. She was absolutely overrun with gas and planted her sexy ass on the pot to do something about ... 2952 views

Mella 3

There is nothing amiss with gorgeous ebony Mella as she expels some of the worst gas of her life. She looks utterly stunning in orange-toned underthings as her long black locks tickle her back. Mella is a total dime piece and proves the fact that eve... 6466 views

Mella 4

Sexy ebony babe Mella certainly suffers from bad gas, and when she is naked and teeming with abhorrent farts, she is one to see in the act! With ever air biscuit released, she fills the room with unavoidable stench, sharing every moment with you! 5298 views

Mella 5

Without a doubt, sensual Mella is one hot chick! Watching a dark-skinned doll this sexy farting like mad is the ultimate arousal. Check her out as she gives her immodest black thong a real workout while pushing farts out against the fabric. This fart... 3254 views

Mella 6

Join Mella for yet another stinky foray as she farts her way into your heart! This little lady is one of the hottest gas chambers we’ve seen in some time. Her remarkable body must be savored in full, and here she is, ripe and ready to share the mos... 5338 views

Mella 7

Super sexy ebony Mella looks fabulous in an immodest fishnet getup as she shows off her gorgeous ass while farting. Her stinky pucker will give you something to remember her by, for sure! Enjoy the view as she face farts in such a sexy way, for your ... 5875 views

Mella 8

Everything about slender ebony Mella is sexy as hell! From the black long locks that tickle her back, to her hot ass releasing booty belches, she is a girl to see if stink is your kink. Today’s fully naked fart session sees scrumptious Mella doing ... 7433 views

Mella 9

Flawless ebony Mella hikes up her black fishnet dress to show off her hot ass as she farts up a storm, and the result is nothing short of perfection! She has such a hot booty, and she is such a kinkster that sharing her farts gets her all hot and bot... 5025 views

Mella 10

Every goddess deserves a throne. Naked ebony knockout Mella took her place on the throne and knocked out some seriously stank lady farts. She had piss and waste to get rid of, and she was anything but ladylike when getting the job done! 2989 views

Mella 11

You are about to be let in on a couple of very sexy secrets. First of all, black bombshell Mella sleeps in designer lingerie, and her favorite set is this hot black lace number. Secondly, every morning, she starts her day by taking a massive dump. A ... 4325 views

Mella 12

Sensual ebony beauty Mella is serving up something special in the form of her bare black ass and a tremendous amount of gas! Check her out as she gives up fart after fart while totally in the buff. This babe is so damn sexy, and she is not one bit as... 4073 views

Rhiannon Kay 10

Fetching fox Rhiannon Kay looks especially sexy in blue lingerie. She was overrun with gas due to poor food choices, so she pushed out farts aplenty, making a mess of her thong bottoms. Ms. Kay had a lot going on as she pulled her cheeks apart, hopin... 3084 views

Rhiannon Kay 11

Feel the burn with sexy Rhiannon Kay! She is overrun with butt burps, and on her quest to secure relief, she is a dreamy vision. Shrouding the room in stink is no big deal as long as these hot farts make their way out into the world to finally end ho... 3195 views

Rhiannon Kay 12

Sensationally sexy siren Rhiannon Kay is such a sweetheart, and when she’s gassy, the sight, sounds and stench are over-the-top! She is dolled up in a fancy bra and tiny thong, making the eye candy factor rather high as well. Join adorable Rhiannon... 2236 views

Rhiannon Kay 15

Ever wonder what sexy maids do when they are all alone in a home and left to take a break and break some rules? Not all maids are as kinky as Rhiannon Kay, but she loves hopping on the boss’ bed and farting up a storm, hoping she is not caught in t... 1637 views

Rhiannon Kay 16

You know farts are bad when they make the dealer gag! Poor Rhiannon Kay was in such a nasty gassy state that she could barely stand her own stench. She grumbled and gasped as she rolled around, naked in bed, just trying desperately to rid herself of ... 3547 views

Rhiannon Kay 18

Gorgeous maid Rhiannon Kay had to take a break on the job in order to release the gas and waste collected in her sexy body. Rhiannon looked so hot in her uniform, making this a fart spectacle you cannot miss! She is one gorgeous lady, and you are goi... 2750 views

Rhiannon Kay 19

“Fuck yeah,” is what a giggly Rhiannon Kay exclaims as she pushes farts out of her ass and onto her coffee table. She was desperate to get her belly gas gone, so she was working hard to make those air biscuits find their way into the world. The w... 3941 views

Agatha Delicious

“I’m like a celestial body of gas,” is how sultry stripper Agatha Delicious describes herself, and she is spot-on. This is her first time farting in front of the camera, and her POV performance is the bomb, quite literally! She is a seasoned st... 3875 views

Agatha Delicious 2

If there is one thing sexy Agatha Delicious loves more than farting, it is talking about farting! She loves to detail her formidable fart sessions, which is so hot. She farts in the car, with her roommate and anywhere she feels the urge. Today’s ga... 2610 views

Agatha Delicious 3

Let Agatha Delicious pull that sexy black thong of hers to the side and show you her winking pucker in action! This yummy honey is all about getting her fans into the perfect headspace with her dirty deeds and mighty derriere. She playfully feigns in... 1909 views

Agatha Delicious 4

Agatha Delicious has no reservations when it comes to making you her fart slave! She likens some of her sizzlers to a hissing snake, but it is the big butt rumbles that truly pack a punch! Enjoy the view as this perfect ten makes you her bitch and gi... 2877 views

Agatha Delicious 5

Alluring Agatha Delicious has something special for you today! She has positioned herself in the perfect POV face farting position and is going to serve up all of her nastiest gassers with her signature style and trademark stench! Enjoy the view if y... 4829 views