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Search Results for: babe

Sunny Chase 2

Sunny Chase is a hot piece of ass, and when she is gassy, the view is rather outstanding! Check out that perfect pink pucker of hers as she lets her gassers fly out with glee! She is such a personable babe, and she is not shy at all about finding rel... 5169 views

Cali Confidential 10

A cleverly placed bathroom camera captured a leashed Cali Confidential taking a break from kinky play to use the pot! Things became loud and lewd in the restroom as the naked ebony babe got rid of a surplus of stink! She is quite a divine lady, and f... 3903 views

Sunny Chase 14

Sunny Chase admitted that using her yoga ball makes her horny! During a naked workout, she was more than horny however…she was also extremely gassy. She had so many farts to discard during this workout, causing quite a ruckus! This stinky babe look... 7313 views

Stacey Lane

Look at this hot black babe, her name is Stacy Lane and she needs to do something before she goes to the mall. It is something very private and she really wants you to watch her do it. As you can see, shes really having a weird stomach ache, and befo... 4593 views

Amber Starr 42

You are invited once again to delight in the many sounds and smells of Ms. Amber Star! Her big, black booty is perpetually gassy, and this fart display sees her bottomless, with a sexy animal-print lingerie top cuddling her upper body. As always, her... 3456 views

Royalty 46

Royalty has been around for awhile, and her farts are always spectacular! When she has a belly ache, the stench is far worse than normal, and the view of her busy pucker is a fart fan’s delight! This bespectacled young babe had to spend ample time ... 4854 views

Sunny Chase 16

Sexy Sunny Chase is a lovely gal with an even lovelier white booty! Her big ass is rather boisterous yet again as this babe is perched backwards on a white wooden chair and blasts major ass honks in your face! She is not shy, and her outgoing nature ... 5199 views

Tristina Millz 34

Looking rugged in a camouflage shorts and tank top set, Tristina Millz made her way into the bathroom to do a dirty job. She remained blissfully unaware that a hidden camera was capturing her doing the deed. And from the time she sat down, to the mom... 3561 views

Britney Stevens 40

Hot babe Britney Stevens is back, and she is full of gas after a full meal! She has not eaten this much in quite some time, and her small tummy was in knots, making her extremely gassy. She has on the cutest pair of short jean shorts, and these immod... 4264 views

Cali Confidential 18

Take some time to spy in on Cali Confidential in her bathroom as she gets rid of a lot of stinky waste. Without knowing the camera was rolling, this tattooed ebony babe let a lot of messy farts make their way to the water while she did her business. ... 3688 views

Cali Confidential 20

Cali Confidential is blaming it on the ice cream and cupcakes when she is bombarded with the nastiest farts imaginable! She is in total distress as she blows stale wind through her black panties. This topless babe smells horrific, making her a fart f... 4031 views

Cali Confidential 22

Cali Confidential’s divine ass looks fantastic in a thong, and when she shakes that black booty to get farts to slide out faster, the view is outstanding! This tattooed ebony babe was plagued with pungent gassers, and she kept her sweet ass in full... 4914 views

Sunny Chase 22

Beautiful blonde Sunny Chase is not a shy siren, and she greatly enjoys sharing her girl gassers with her legion of fart-loving fans! Check out this dirty babe as she farts while completely in the buff. Her gorgeous blonde locks spill down her back w... 4521 views

Michelle Malone 13

Share some stinky moments with ebony babe Michelle Malone if you are in the mood for some hardcore stink! She is feeling so gassy, so she is fully prepared to cater to your penchant for stench! Her black ass will be front and center as she gives you ... 4355 views

Scarlett Johnson

Scarlett Johnson is a hot little number, and while she farted for the first time in front of the camera, her ass was on fire! Her slow and stinky butt burners made their way into the world while being filmed in slow motion. There was nothing left to ... 7715 views

Kim Chi 52

Kim Chi has an ass that produces such large honks, which is surprising for an Asian babe who is so slender and sweet. What comes out of her ass is hardly sweet at all, however! Hold your nose and check out this dirty beauty who has no regard for prop... 4669 views

Temple Love 4

A naked Temple Love made her way into the bathroom to do some serious work on the throne! A hidden bathroom camera captured the entire disgusting event as she pushed out toots and logs to settle her tummy. She is certainly a hot ebony babe, but she c... 3766 views

Temple Love 6

Lovely and lovable babe Temple Love was wearing sexy designer lingerie when she needed to expel some major gassers from her black ass. She did excuse herself at least one time, but overall, she has no shame when shedding the methane collected in her ... 3524 views

Temple Love 10

Temple Love’s black ass is a nice sight, and when she is gassy, fart fans shall not be disenchanted! This ebony babe admits that she probably needs to buy some better gas relief products, and given the sound and the power of her poots, we have to a... 5857 views

Amber Star 64

Amber Star is known far and wide for her stinky MILF ass, and this black goddess loves sharing farts with her stable of devoted admirers! During this fart installment, her farts were loud and front-and-center, just how you like them! Saddle up for a ... 3849 views

Carrie B

Introducing sexy starlet Carrie B! She is a stinky girl, and her first time farting in front of the camera was fabulous! Her sweet ass produced some noxious odors, and she looked so sexy while she spewed the stink bombs! The slow-motion allows fans o... 8923 views

Temple Love 25

Temple Love looks marvelous in a metal bikini top that fails to cover much at all! But the best part of her most recent fart extravaganza is that her beautiful black ass is on full display from the POV facesitting standpoint! Those with a fondness fo... 5584 views

Missy Maveric 7

Are you the type who likes stinky black asses and wooly pussies? If so, Missy Maveric is the babe for you! Allow her to take a seat over your face and launch some lewd gassers in your direction while you revel in the view of her dark pucker and hairy... 6002 views


We are thrilled to introduce Zayda, a sexy woman with super-sized farts! You will literally be blown away by this curly haired babe who loves attention and is not afraid to flip up her skirt and show men her dirty bootie! Get to know this angel as sh... 6584 views