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Search Results for: female masturbation

Katt Garcia 6

Cum-hungry Katt Garcia wants to see you explode, and she is not taking no for an answer! She is going to make it easy for you with a plethora of poots escaping her ass hole and saturating the fabric of her immodest pink thong. Her sexy ass growls are... 9569 views

Katt Garcia 7

Katt Garcia’s big tits are sheathed in an immodest lace top, and her bottomless ass is open for business! This gassy goddess is a wet mess - just how we like her! While rubbing her pussy, she is farting, and her thurps are anything but dainty! Her ... 8809 views

Katt Garcia 8

We’ve never known Katt Garcia to be a fibber, but she might just be stretching the truth when saying today’s allotment of farts boasts scents reminiscent of berries, cotton candy and roses! Her loud wallops sound far too ferocious to have such pl... 8790 views

Layton Benton 19

Ravenous Layton Benton is in bed eating tacos looking so sexy in her pink bikini that no self-respecting man would kick this maven out of bed! Alas, she is all alone, chomping on her fare, but is terribly gassy and shrouded in stink as she finishes h... 7618 views

Rapunzel 4

Get out of the way! Rapunzel is in a hurry to get her fine ass on the pot! Wow, she has some amazingly strong steamers to shoot into the bowl and just made it on time. This long-haired hottie is pretty as a picture, but smells fantastically foul. Far... 11541 views

Rapunzel 6

Cumming all over Rapunzel’s ass after she has been farting up a storm isn’t a bad way to allocate the next several minutes! This long-haired, sexy Asian would love to treat you to the farts you love while you are stroking your hard-on in her pres... 11529 views

Stephanie Saint 5

All alone in her big bed, sultry Stephanie Saint is treating her kitten to a rubbing and is looking fine! She is spreading her legs to pass gas in conjunction with her pussy petting. Her farts linger in the room as she continues the self-pleasure tha... 8138 views

Stephanie Saint 7

Are you horny right now? Stephanie Saint wants to know because she would love to have you whip it out and help you cum. Her efforts start with her in a sexy bikini, showing off her phenomenal ass. Before long, she is expressing her gassy goodness str... 9275 views

Stephanie Saint 8

In a matching Aztec bra and panties, Stephanie Saint is hot as hell and producing some rather hot wind! Sprawled on her couch, this sexy chick comments repeatedly how good it feels to fart even though it smells so foul! The modest elastic of her thon... 7832 views

Stephanie Saint 10

Stephanie Saint is cute as a button but not in the greatest shape! That changes today, as this sweetheart endeavors to begin a workout regimen. She is working hard to tighten her hot body, but is plagued by a case of nasty gas that surrounds her with... 5116 views

Stephanie Saint 11

“Get down; I’m gonna fart on your face,” are some powerful words when uttered by a woman as utterly hot as Stephanie Saint! She has donned a cheetah-print bra and panty set and is her good-natured self, as always, while she is pointing her poot... 5494 views

Stephanie Saint 13

Stephanie Saint wants to see you get nice and hard and is giving up farts to foster your rising to the occasion! This sexy chick has her thong pulled to the side and is handing over a surplus of her nasty ass gas while reminding you just how much she... 6623 views

Stephanie Saint 14

Stephanie Saint doesn’t need any sex toys when her slender fingers work just fine! She is caught up in pleasuring her pussy and is farting at the same time. She seems to get off on surrounding herself in stink! Her slithers and angelic murmurs crea... 7312 views

Stephanie Saint 15

Girl is lookin’ good in those jeans! Sexy Stephanie Saint is in tight jeans and has gas so foul, she can smell it through the denim! Wow, she is really packing a punch but relishes in sampling the stink and knows you do too! She centers her hand on... 8484 views

Stephanie Saint 16

Stephanie Saint’s ass is amazing! Her tight pucker can handle the girth of a sizable pink butt plug, and this babe is getting it all in over and over while breaking to fart on her toy! Since Steph loves the taste of her own ass, she brings her phal... 5198 views

Katrina Kox 27

It has been a spell since the outstanding Katrina Kox has been in our midsts. Is her ass as awesome as always? That’s a resounding, “Yes!” She wants to share some farts she has been saving in anticipation of you joining her on the couch as she ... 3872 views

Katrina Kox 29

Kinky Katrina Kox knows you love the sound and flavor of her farts and invites you to bring your face and mouth up close to get better taste of the gassy handouts coming from her sweaty, stinky ass hole. The veins surrounding her pucker are like line... 6340 views

Katrina Kox 30

Katrina Kox has gotta go and rushes into her bathroom in her pink thong and plops on the pot to get rid of the plaguing gas that has made her wake with a stomach ache. She feels so much better after she has her legs spread widely and is pushing power... 7240 views

Katrina Kox 31

Join sultry Katrina Kox in her upscale bedroom as she has the lights down low and has put on a sexy bra and thong just for you. That’s not all this vixen has in her bag of tricks. She has so many farts for you to rub your big cock into while she re... 8905 views

Katrina Kox 32

Sitting in school all day, holding back gas, has left coed Katrina Kox in terrible pain. Once she is all alone in her room, she is farting in her tight jeans and really making a ruckus while pushing hard and creating some noisy honks. Young ladies do... 12778 views

Kay Love 5

Kay Love is eager to celebrate your promotion with her signature style. This dick-lover wants yours out and standing at attention as she gives you the farts you cannot get enough of from this sexy chick. She starts with her slick ass covered in desig... 7937 views

Michelle Malone 4

Wow! Michelle Malone is suffering a sour tummy and is smelling up her small bathroom with all her gas. She is on the potty rubbing her stomach to get all that disturbing gas out of her sweet ass that isn’t smelling too pretty at the moment. Just wh... 8803 views

Michelle Malone 5

Magnificent Michelle Malone is up to no good in all the right ways! She’s naked as a jay bird in bed and tooting up a storm. She wants your dick nice and hard because she knows what her ass acoustics do to you. Stroke it for her, and enjoy the view... 10320 views

Michelle Malone 7

Michelle Malone is on a mission! She is in bed in nothing but a skimpy top and black thong and finds herself with a surplus of stinkers to work out of her sweet ebony ass while she’s keeping her fingers busy and stationed on her clit. She’s lovin... 13947 views