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Search Results for: female masturbation

Destinee Jackson 7

Slender chicks should not sign up for eating contests, and Destinee Jackson is living proof of how a small girl is left rather gassy after competition. Normally, she comes out victorious, but her consumption renders her gassy, and she has a bad time ... 14394 views

Gial Love 11

Gia Love is saving her most forceful gas for last since she loves it when you cum all over her ass while she’s farting. She is inside to get rid of some gas during a lively pool party and was pleasantly surprised to find you there. So she is going ... 8183 views

Kay Love 18

There is only one course of action to take when a sexy girl says, “Let’s play,” then spreads her legs! Kay Love is succinct when saying what she wants to have happen - she wants to make you cum! Her methodology is to start off slow, then speed ... 7802 views

Olivia Rain 11

A sweaty, smelly ass that looks like hers is quite a treat, and scintillating Olivia Rain ups the sexy with her dirty talk while farting. She is determined to make you cum and employs the hottest tactics to make it happen. Spoiler alert: making it to... 8039 views

Rose Lane 11

Few erupting puckers produce obnoxious sounds the way Rose Lane’s does! She wants to give you a special treat to celebrate your promotion, and her ass is on board! Go ahead, get that cock out, because once Miss Lane’s red lace panties are on the ... 10828 views

Sindell Angel 16

The beauty of Sindell Angel, besides her abundant physical attributes, is she treats new friends like old friends and is not a bit shy! She has yet to meet a man or a cock she doesn’t love, and if a guy has a fetish for farts, Sindell is at the rea... 7734 views

Alice Frost 28

Alice Frost is a dirty little lady, and she loves indulging your kinky love for curvy girl farts! She is not exactly a fan of the smell, but she knows you like stinky ass holes, so she is more than happy to give you an uncensored view of her busy ass... 6524 views

Alice Frost 29

Alice Frost is in the mood to play a game. Since she has to go to the bathroom, she’d like for you to stroke your cock for her and see if you can reach orgasm before she shoots a stinky surprise your way. Doesn’t that sound like a delightful game... 7864 views

Ashley Luvbug 10

Ashley Luvbug screams sex without saying a word! This sexy vixen is rubbing her pussy and having a great time letting her little fingers massage her clit - all while her ass is exploding! Her gorgeous bottom looks fantastic embellished in a pink thon... 7828 views

Ashley Luvbug 13

Ashley Luvbug in a sweaty state is never disappointing! She is back from a run, feeling sweaty and gassy. Miss Luvbug knows you love her loud ass catastrophes, so she saved them for you and is farting in her tight, black workout pants while taking gr... 6748 views

Ashley Luvbug 14

Your undeniably sexy girlfriend Ashley Luvbug isn’t in the mood for sex tonight, but she does have something kinky in mind. Her tummy is in a bit of a tumultuous state, and she would like to fart on your dick while you rub your own manhood. When sh... 6935 views

Ashley Luvbug 15

Sexy Ashley Luvbug knows what you want and exactly what you are looking for. She’d love for you to take your dick out for her and start stroking it nice and easy, and she is going to give you a great view while you do it! Her ass hole is extra stin... 6871 views

Lucky Starr 27

Lucky Starr is one of the sexiest Asian fart queens we know, and she and her butt never hold back! Lucky has rushed into her bathroom, donning a sexy thong, and has to use the potty STAT! Lucky tinkles, but there is a much larger job at hand. Her ass... 7572 views

Lucky Starr 29

Lucky Starr is shocked you’ve been watching porn, so she decides to give you a dirty dose of her ass scents to make you pay for it. Get your tongue in nice and deep because she wants you to eat her ass, and her pucker is primed to produce some grot... 6458 views

Lucky Starr 30

Join Lucky Starr as she is alone, hanging out on the couch, and discovers something pretty remarkable. Lucky realized she loves the scent of her own toots, and when she starts to fart, she has her sexy zebra-print thong pulled to the side so she can ... 4991 views

Verta 4

Exuberant Verta wants you to smell her. She loves farting for you as much as she likes being a bit bossy. While you enjoy her signature scents generated from a profusion of farts, she is going to give you some special instructions designed to make yo... 6728 views

Verta 6

Is someone attempting to land a plane? No, that’s just Verta sharing her trademark thundering toots in fabulous slow-motion! Wow, her stinkers are extra loud today, and the deafening drill of her ass disasters is enough to make you want to cover yo... 7433 views

Amber Cream 3

Amber Cream does not mess around! She knows you love her filthy farts, and she knows her hot body makes you hard. Equipped with the intimate knowledge of your kinks, Miss Cream goes crazy giving you all the gassers escaping her ebony ass hole. She wa... 5973 views

Ashley Luvbug 22

Your girlfriend Ashley Luvbug has spent a grand evening out with the girls and is quite sweaty. Not wanting to fart in front of the girls, she saved it all for you, her fart-loving boyfriend! Lucky you! Ashley didn’t wear panties to the club, so wh... 8391 views

Candi Coxx 3

Chesty Candi Coxx’s mouth is nearly as dirty as her ass! She is calling you all sorts of colorful names while shaking her putrid farts out of her ass for you. Her butt is filthy, just the way you like it. She wants you stroking your cock in appreci... 5396 views

Katt Lowden 7

Katt Lowden is home from cheerleading practice, and she has some impressive things to show you. No, she’s not doing any cheers, but her stinky ass steals the show! In her adorable cheer uniform, she has pulled down her white panties to give you the... 5316 views

Payton Leigh 7

Mature model Payton Leigh cannot believe what is coming out of her! This slender maven is marvelously gassy, and she can hardly stand the sulfuric-like farts escaping her tight, little tush. She says it hurts, so she must work all that methane out of... 7101 views

Verta 13

Verta’s black ass is something else, and when she’s gassy, her brown pucker looks fantastic as it opens to accommodate the methane exit. When she shares her farts in scintillating slow-motion, the view can’t be beat. Sexy Verta is as naked as t... 7858 views

Amber Cream 11

Bikini-clad Amber Cream is delighted to find you at home when she pops in from the barbecue down by the pool. She needed a breather, but not in the conventional sense! She needs to get rid of some gas, and she knows you secretly love lady farts! So w... 5316 views