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Search Results for: female masturbation

Asia Zo 31

Clad in her red and black bra and panties and with a belly full of farts, Asia is your masturbation fantasy! She is loaded up and lets them rip, knowing they are what makes your cock hard and ready to blow! Asia opens her holes for your inspection, m... 12738 views

Asia Zo 32

Asia is so horny that she just has to reach into her panties and start playing with her pussy, but then she lets out a big, juicy fart! Undeterred, Asia continues in her quest for self-pleasure but the farts follow her. She slips out of her white pan... 8436 views

Zamora 11

Are you hard enough to rub one out for Zamora? If you're not, her forceful and fragrant farts will get you there! This ebony beauty guides you through your masturbation with sound cues provided by her powerful rectum! When she counts you down to blow... 8500 views

Zamora 15

To masturbate or to fart? It's a classic question and Zamora proves that you can do both! In fact, she loves her anal activity so much that with her free hand she shovels the smell from her ass to her nose and proclaims them good! This sexy siren wil... 7433 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 15

Dark chocolate beauty, Jezebelle Foxxx, is alone in her bed and having some fun with her naked body. Her slender fingers massage her clit while she is relaxing her ebony pucker to blow stale air into her bedroom. She assumes the perfect position on h... 13758 views

Katt Garcia 9

Katt Garcia’s pink butt plug is being put to good use! She is alone in bed pushing her pucker to the limit as she slides her treasured toy into her pucker again and again, taking time to bring it to her mouth to relish in her ass tastes and lube th... 12038 views

Maryjane Mayhem 16

Maryjane Mayhem is looking for some R&R: relaxation and relief. Sprawled on her inviting bed, she’s enjoying some alone time stroking her kitten and letting go of some hot wind in the process. Donning sexy lingerie, she’s fully enjoying her sensu... 5817 views

Olivia 6

Join sultry brunette Olivia in bed as she is rubbing her pussy through panties at first, then removes them to feel the sensation of her fingers directly stimulating her clit. Delicate rubbing is interrupted when she has an especially smelly fart, and... 7498 views

Stephanie Saint 6

Catch a whiff of Stephanie Saint’s ass as she is rubbing her moistened sphincter to ready it for the insertion of a pink plug that matches her sweet pucker. She slides her toy in with no problem but continues to fart quite loudly while engaging in ... 7101 views

Katrina Kox 33

Have you ever seen a more celestial being than exotic Katrina Kox spread out on a white duvet? Catch this sex kitten in an especially amorous mood as she is relieving pressure in her tummy by farting while also giving her pretty pussy the attention i... 11625 views

Nikki Ford 26

Is Nikki Ford’s thong of the day embellished with tiny, red lip prints? Looks like it! But her cute thong doesn’t stay on for long once this sexy ebony goddess has farted on it a few times, then brings it to her nose for a few strong whiffs befor... 6495 views

Lucky Starr 20

Expose yourself to Lucky Starr’s sensual side! This sex kitten is normally very playful, but today this sultry beauty is immersed in an impassioned self-pleasure session that sees her fingers all over her slit while her ass is releasing popping far... 6474 views

Nikki Ford 35

Nikki Ford knows you’re a dirty boy, but that is alright by her! As a self-proclaimed dirty girl, she thinks you are just her type and wants to get her kicks from you getting your nose up close and personal with her pucker while she pushes out the ... 6587 views

Savanna Ginger 19

Go ahead, Savanna, keep rubbing that pretty, puffy pussy! Wow! Today Savanna Ginger is all alone with gas flying out of her ass while she has a hand slid into her little panties. She loves the feeling of release combined with stimulating her clit. As... 7646 views

Silvia Rubi 7

Silvia Rubi’s pleasure is doubled as she finds relief by ridding her belly of gas while she has a pink vibrator pressed against her clit. This lusty Latina loves stimulating her shaved kitty and wants to share her saucy display with you! The closeu... 6697 views

Alice Frost 20

Catching air means different things to different people, and for Alice Frost it means taking a break from massaging her shaved pussy to catch her fart smells on her pretty finger tips. She loves to smell butt and isn’t the least bit shy about her u... 6438 views

Molly 6

Hey Dirty Boy! Molly has something pretty passionate in store for you if you are up to the challenge of lasting until her cum countdown concludes! She is in a highly frisky mood and is sharing her sexy body with you in all its glory. Her farts are i... 5299 views

Shae Spreadz 12

Simply using a butt plug to do her own ass is too ordinary for Shea Spreadz! Donning sexy black and silver lingerie that reveals her ass hole, Shae is plunging her own pucker with a plug and upping the appeal by farting all over her little toy. She f... 5969 views

Amiee Davis 2

Amiee Davis loves to work her slender fingers inside her warm, needy pussy when she is home all alone, and nobody is around to walk in on her. During this self-pleasure escapade, Amiee is getting a finger deep inside while her tight bottom is releasi... 6350 views

Blair Winters 23

Blair Winters isn’t letting anything get in the way of her self-issued pussy massage. With slender fingers stationed at her clit, she’s making herself feel good, but her sweet spot isn’t the only thing being sated! She is making her tumultuous ... 6868 views

Maryjane Mayhem 34

Sexy Maryjane Mayhem is no stranger to self-pleasure! This gal’s fingers find her clit every chance she gets, and today she is sharing it with you and even takes the time to remove her pink thong to make for an excellent view. Her butt is busy mass... 10279 views

Aimee Davis 12

Let Aimee Davis sing you a lullaby! She may not remember the words to the ones she learned as a girl, but she has some sweet, soothing sounds slithering out of her unseasoned ass hole that are outstanding and certain to sate your craving for somethin... 6912 views

Taylor Starr 28

Dirty butt smells are like an aphrodisiac to Taylor Starr! She is stationed on her couch for a healthy pussy rub session, and she is enjoying the smell filling the room, courtesy of her farty, black bottom. Miss Starr's fingers never seem to get tire... 6103 views

Destinee Jackson 5

Sporty and slutty Destinee Jackson is using her powerful fingers to give her kitty a rub, and why wouldn’t she? She’s so sexy, the temptation to self-pleasure must become overwhelming at times, even when she’s gassy. Home all alone, Destinee is... 11621 views