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Search Results for: female masturbation

Gia Love 12

She calls herself a dirty little pig, but you’ll love Gia Love’s adoration of all things butt! In her most recent session of body exploration, this daring doll sticks fingers into her ass while she farts, and tastes the dirty digits after taintin... 9243 views

Kay Love 19

Kay Love has brought out the heavy artillery! This gassy girl’s masturbation session includes her high-powered Hitachi, and she couldn’t be happier! Don’t most women wait until later in life to invest in such a powerful pleasure device? This ba... 5892 views

Olivia Rain 12

The sweet, dark folds of Olivia Rain’s pussy are massaged with such finesse when she’s alone and horny! Her ass is competing for attention with some majorly loud gassers slipping out as she rubs her pretty kitty, making this a hot solo session fo... 5869 views

Rose Lane 12

Rose Lane is a one-woman show who dispels the myth that girls don’t fart! Even during a hot session of solo masturbation, some sexy girls squeeze out gas to accentuate the eroticism of their pussy play. Rose is one such girl! Her pucker is competin... 7702 views

Sindell Angel 17

Pussy rubbing does something to Sindell Angel! She is never this quiet, but her sweet, soft moans are barely audible as her ass steals the show with outrageous farting while she is massaging her kitty. She’s a bit of a freak, which we all deem her ... 5865 views

Verta 5

High-powered Hitachi Magic Wands are a girl’s best friend, and Verta is especially pleased with her pulsating “back massager.” She has the white bulbed end pressed against her hot pussy and is so caught up in the self-pleasuring, she farts out ... 5974 views

Amber Cream 5

Peek in on Miss Amber Cream giving her black kitty a phenomenal massage while her chocolate pucker produces an array of audible delights! This gassy girl is a horny little vixen, and her self-pleasure is in no way interrupted by the urgency she feels... 6478 views

Ashley Luvbug 23

With a hand tucked inside her panties, Ashley Luvbug is a happy girl! So happy to be massaging her pussy and pushing powerful gas out of her sweet ass. When she takes off her practical blue briefs, her pink and pucker are on full display! The smell d... 5884 views

Candi Coxx 5

Is there anything about Candi Coxx that is not sexy? Her fantastic pussy is shaved, and her sweet pucker is pristine! When Miss Coxx is without a cock, and pleasuring herself, the view is top-tier. When she adds farting to the mix, and shares close-u... 5871 views

Katt Lowden 9

Lovely Katt Lowden has taken her Hitachi Magic Wand out of storage and is putting her plaything to excellent use. Peek in on Miss Lowden as she holds the high-powered toy against her clit and her ass vies for attention by proffering a helping of honk... 5866 views

Kiki Daire 9

Kiki Daire is a kinky MILF who not only loves to masturbate, she also giggles like a little girl when farting. When she feels exceptionally gassy and horny at the same time, she doesn’t need fancy toys to make herself feel good. Busy fingers are al... 5970 views

Payton Leigh 3

Payton Leigh’s idea of fun is right up your alley! She would love nothing more than to share in some mutual masturbation with you, and this sexy MILF even offers up some surprises along the way! Horny Payton wants you stroking your cock while she r... 5868 views

Payton Leigh 5

Vivacious blonde Payton Leigh is a gassy MILF with no shame in her game! Even when she fingers her own delicious pussy and feels gassy, she is not holding it in. Her busy fingers create sexy clicking sounds as they thrum her glistening slit, and her ... 7924 views

Katt Lowden 16

Outstanding is the word which best describes this saucy masturbation session with Katt Lowden! This babe is gorgeous, daring and delightful as she uses purple anal beads to make herself feel divine. She gets the toy all the way in, then the poor dear... 5867 views

Savannah Jane 4

Big tits are hidden behind a sexy bra, and ebony high heels accentuate freaky MILF Savannah Jane’s shapely legs quite nicely as she rubs her pussy and lets her ass explode on camera. She doesn’t need a toy to make her pussy feel nice, as her powe... 5864 views

Ashley Luvbug 27

Is there ever a time watching Ashley Luvbug is not absolutely amazing? We don’t think so! In her latest exploit, Ashely is dressed in a hot bra and matching thong while she shows off how much she loves the scent of her own ass! Miss Luvbug is in po... 16329 views

Katt Lowden 29

Katt Lowden looks lovely in a matching raspberry-colored bra and panty set, doesn’t she? When she busts out her Hitachi Magic Wand for some interesting play, she soon sheds those full-bottom briefs and puts the head of her vibrator directly on her ... 5868 views

Kim Chi 2

Kim Chi is massaging her pussy with so much intensity, she is in the zone, and completely relaxed. The relaxed state translates to a very relaxed ass pucker, and this nearly perfect Asian hottie is tooting like mad while kneading her clit! The stench... 6079 views

Sedusa D 5

Little else is sexier than Sedusa D on her back, not wearing a stitch of clothing as she rubs her shaved kitty! When this babe masturbates, her fingers work just fine. In fact, she’s so at ease during her tenacious rubbing, her ass hole releases a ... 7686 views

Verta 18

Let’s all just agree right off the bat - exquisite ebony Verta is always a blast to watch at play, especially when she indulges in self-pleasure while gassy. Nobody plays with her own pussy the way Verta does. She is so sensual when stinky, and whe... 26540 views

Kahlista Stinem 6

Alluring Kahlista Stinem isn’t wearing a stitch of clothing as she is reclined on her lounger, giving her pussy a valiant rub. She’s a bit gassy, so while her fingers are busy with her pussy, her ass hole is honking the loudest farts, in rapid su... 6525 views

Katt Lowden 38

Most girls love Hitachi Magic Wands due to the powerful vibrations they send through the body when the magical device is held against the clit. Katt Lowden loves hers, but she’s not a selfish girlfriend, so she is going to share this experience wit... 5866 views

Katt Lowden 39

Katt Lowden has quite the selection of sex toys! She has busted out her trusty Hitachi Magic Wand for her clit and is using a hot pink faux shaft for her stinky ass hole! Katt is gassy, but that is not putting a damper on her solo play! This audible ... 5979 views

Kim Chi 12

Pretty and playful Kim Chi looks so hot in her matching pink bra and panties while she gives her pretty pussy a late-night rub. Unfortunately, she ate too much too late at night, rendering her very gassy. Her putrid pucker works overtime wile her del... 5865 views