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Search Results for: female masturbation

Naughty Holly 3

Holly is back for more wonderful flatulent fun! In this clip all she's wearing is a pair of thong panties! You get to see her lovely natural D cup tits bare naked and up close! Then you get to see her pull her thong over and fart with her naked ass h... 8677 views

Janie Lynn 3

Janie Lynn is a female fart machine! This hottie blondie is in a pair of black thin mesh panties and bra and she as plenty of butt-bubbles for you! She's farting in bed and she gives you plenty of angles, bending over and lying on her back. Very smel... 4371 views

Summer 7

Summer is back to fart for you! She's on the couch this time and all she's got on is a thin thong bikini and no top! You get to see her wonderfully bonerific boobies naked and up close as well as her hot sexy ass hole as it farts through her thong bo... 4434 views

Tracey and Kitty 2

Tracey and Kitty have returned (together!) for more sexy female farts! They have decided to get together and have a bed fart contest! Kitty is wearing a sexy pink dress with some purple thong panties while Tracey has got on a black one piece sexy out... 4605 views

Cece Stone 12

Cece Stone is going to show you exactly how she likes to rub her pussy, but only if you promise to play along with her! You better get your cock in hand, so you can keep up with this gassy girl as she rubs that juicy pussy of hers! With so much gas s... 6452 views

Crystal Lopez 10

Crystal Lopez is taking a moment to play with her pussy, but just as she starts to get it nice and wet with her fingers - she can\'t help but let her farts loose too! She\'s a little surprised by how bad her gas smells, but that won\'t stop her from ... 8368 views

Daeja Monae 6

Daeja Monae is one horny girl, and she\'s not afraid to let you watch while she fingers her wet juicy pussy! That pretty pink snatch is so wet... the only thing that could make it any better is if she spread those cheeks open to let her farts escape ... 8978 views

Eden Alexander 8

Eden Alexander is all hot and bothered, rubbing her pussy, just trying to get herself off. The more she rubs her pussy, the more she has to fart - and the vibrations coming from her butthole as she releases her stink, just make her more excited! Each... 6417 views

Jasmine Jolie 3

Nothing makes a gassy girl, like Jasmine Jolie, hornier than hearing the sounds of her own farts as she lets them explode out of her asshole! Only a real fart lover would get turned on by the stink of her own ass! If you're in the mood to watch a far... 5868 views

Melody Jordan 11

Melody Jordan is all worked up and as horny as ever! This naughty girl can\'t stop playing with her pretty pink pussy... even though she\'s pushing out her disgusting farts while she plays with that juicy clit! Is the scent of her own horrendous gas ... 6444 views

Miya Mounds 4

Gassy girl, Miya Mounds, has something extra stinky for you today! This sexy chocolate vixen is rubbing her pussy and letting her farts loose at the same time! This girl loves to fart, and gets pleasure from the sound of her ass-stink leaving her tig... 12204 views

Blair Winters 7

Breathy Blair Winters is a sight to behold farting in bed and commenting how it smells so good! She’s a huge fan of her own tush ticklers and is rubbing her pristine, pierced pussy while pushing poots onto her white duvet. Her ass muscles extend wi... 9681 views

Blair Winters 9

Beautiful Blair Winters is admirably dedicated to keeping her long, lean body in shape and would like for you to join her for a workout, if you don’t mind a little bit of girl fart smell alongside her sexy pushups and stretches! She is a treat to w... 7750 views

Blair Winters

Watch flatulent Blair Winters wallop like a pro in her first farting film. This sexy ebony’s bung blasts are loud and rank causing her to fan at the smell and shyly giggle after she lets one after another loose. She wraps it up with an especially l... 11600 views

Katrina Kox 10

Katrina Kox spends a little time exploring her wet pussy and soon learns that spreading her legs to play with herself comes with the benefit of letting her smelly farts escape from her asshole too! This gassy girl gets so much pleasure from pushing h... 7878 views

Asia Zo 30

You know when Asia arrives in the bathroom clutching her belly that a serious fart storm is about to ensue! Reciting a list of what she might have eaten to induce such gas and bemoaning an ass on fire, Asia powers through her pain and lets the farts ... 13409 views

Nikki Ford 6

Nikki doesn't even need to get naked to get you to blow your load. All she has to do is fart through her spandex pants! Fresh from a workout, and a bad choice of post-workout snack, Nikki guides your masturbation to the sound of her stinking up the r... 7797 views

Asia Zo 28

It's hard to watch Asia play with herself without wanting to fuck her in the ass. But Asia doesn't just want that, she wants to fart on your dick while you do it! With her panties pulled down, her ass wide open, and one hand on her pussy, the only th... 13525 views

Asia Zo 29

Asia's farts are so powerful she can fart her fingers right out of her own ass. But our determined little Asian just keeps sucking on them and sticking them right back in! Asia oohs and aahs as she anally penetrates herself, peppering the action with... 10990 views

Asia Zo 33

Imports from Asia are terrific, especially when it's the sexy and devilish Asia Zo importing farts straight into your mouth! From her commanding position in the fart chair, Asia gives you a rare strain of anal action, polluting your face with her exo... 8271 views

Nicky Ferrari 11

Things get "muey caliente" when Nicky gives you masturbation instruction in Espanol! It doesn't matter if you can't understand: her orders to stroke your hard dick are easy to understand, plus farts speak every language! That's right, Nicky has a but... 12769 views

Cece Stone 22

Cece is ready to be candid and open up about just how much she loves farting! Then she opens up in a different way and shows us! After sliding down her panties to reveal her smooth pussy and perfect ass, Cece begins to pollute the room with the stenc... 3986 views

Cece Stone 23

Cece has cooked up a fresh batch of bowel blasts for all the stink lovers out there! She knows how much you love stinky, smelly asses full of farts and hers is packed with them! Don't worry, Cece won't judge you for your fart perversion. She just ope... 3657 views

Cece Stone 24

Cece just wants to relax and do her reading in her bra and panties just like any girl would, but she has a belly full of gas that just won't let up. She rocks her butt and writhes in her chair, trying to ignore the toxic buildup in her tummy but the ... 4998 views