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Search Results for: female masturbation

CeceStone 25

Cece has been holding it in and now she's finally got the privacy she needs. It's time to pull down those pink panties, mount the porcelain throne and go to town! Cece is one hard-farting girl and the farts just explode out of her ass, resounding off... 10837 views

Cece Stone 26

Cece is on the bed, ass and pussy bare, and ready to play with you! Sexy Cece can't wait to see you jerk your big, hard cock for her, but she really wants to feel your nose in her asshole while you do it! She has all sorts of nasty anal smell to shar... 6282 views

Cece Stone 27

Long, lovely Cece reaches into her thong and starts masturbating, but then she begins to fart! Maybe it's the farts that get her horny in the first place? That gassy build-up, driving her to probe her pussy for relief? She complains about the smell a... 5868 views

Cece Stone 28

Cece Stone knows you want her to fart on your dick. It's high time she fulfilled that fantasy! With careful control over her sphincter and the fumes trapped within, Cece shows you what it is like to feel her farting ass cheeks kiss your cock! As she ... 6602 views

Savanna Ginger 1

Savanna knows how to relax, taking it easy in her bra and panties, drinking soda. But all that soda comes with a price: lots and lots of gas in her stomach! In a quest to get more comfortable, the underwear comes off, letting her big tits and voluptu... 3571 views

Savanna Ginger 2

Savanna's thong panties have been up her ass all day, but they need more stink, so she starts farting while rubbing them all over her ass! Savanna will not settle for anything less than the perfect anal funk so she sniffs her panties to test the taco... 2268 views

Savanna Ginger 3

The magnificent Savanna wants you to smell everything coming out of her ass. With you down on the floor she gets her ass as close to you as she can and rides your face on a wave of gas! Determined to make you smell her $hit, Savanna bounces above you... 2225 views

Savanna Ginger 4

Poor, gassy Savanna. She's all dolled up in her vintage lingerie, but she can't go anywhere until all the nasty waste is out of her bum! Bravely she mounts the toilet and tries to keep as much of her dignity as she can while her bowels burn, but the ... 2567 views

Savanna Ginger 5

Savanna should not have eaten the sushi! That tiny top may be holding up her big boobs, but she can't hold in the toxic mess that lurks within her bowels. Watch Savanna's entire body recoil with the force of dubious seafood! You can practically hear ... 2500 views

Savanna Ginger 6

Savanna is desperate to get in the bathroom but her friend is taking her sweet time in there. All of Savanna's gas has nowhere to go except into the mouth of her fart licking friend! He craves her desperate farts and becomes the dirty little fart lic... 3533 views

Savanna Ginger 7

Savanna has heard some strange requests in her day, but you wanting to smell her farts has completely grossed her out! This scarlet siren warms up to the idea quickly, however, and begins warming the room with her anal outbursts! That doesn't make he... 2222 views

Savanna Ginger 8

Savanna is so sexy, yet so shy. She's horny and wants to masturbate for you, but her farts keep embarrassing her! This sexy exhibitionist quickly adapts, though. She makes her farts part of her sensual exploration, raising her legs and letting them r... 3601 views

Savanna Ginger 9

Maybe Savanna can't quite penetrate her asshole with your monster cock, but she's got a backup plan: take your cock and fart all over it! Not afraid to love a cock or her own body in every possible way, Savanna rubs that manhood all over her stinky a... 1929 views

Savanna Ginger 10

Savanna's love of pizza comes with a heavy price. She keeps her sexy figure, bu the slimy Italian treat wreaks havoc on her bowels! Soon Savanna has to lift her tight white skirt just to let the pepperoni farts escape! Her big ass is filled with gas ... 2310 views

Tristina Millz 15

School teachers can't just up and fart in front of their students. Even if the cafeteria served nasty burritos you just have to hold it in. But now that teacher Tristina is in the privacy of her own home she can let all that burrito gas out of her sy... 6142 views

Tristina Millz 16

Tristina knows how you love her sexy, gassy farts. She bounces her booty on the bed and opens her ass up to give you some noxious noise! Get up close and deep into Tristina's asshole so that you can practically feel the wind! You won't believe how h... 7910 views

Tristina Millz 17

Ebony Tristina is back to bring you to climax. Her nylons are wide open to accept you and so is the anus inside. But you're going to navigate through some treacherous farts first! Tristina has the right combination of legs and lingerie to get you off... 5816 views

Tristina Millz 18

When you see a girl running to the restroom with her panties half down and one tit hanging out of her bra, you know she has to go really bad! But when that girl is Tristina Millz, you know she's going to make it really good! This girl just lets it al... 4597 views

Tristina Millz 19

Tristina is back from a particularly nasty buffet and she's going to give you a taste of what she ate! She describes her farts as a power punch to the face and it is true! Clad in sexy bottomless lingerie and straddling the fart chair she powers that... 4805 views

Tristina Millz 20

Tristina's back from a date that didn't go so hot. But the Mexican dinner left her ass burning! She just wants to masturbate, but that's not going as planned either. Tristina rocks out some real fiery farts while she fingers herself! She even opens h... 7950 views

Tristina Millz 21

"Fuck yo' jacket!" Tristina cries as she takes revenge on the one who left it there. It wasn't smart of her girlfriend to leave it there after she cheated, because Tristina is going to fill it with her scent before giving it back! It gets serious whe... 4127 views

Zamora 9

Zamora overdid it with the treats at work and she's been in abdominal pain all day. Now she's going to rock back on the bed and squeeze all that pain out of her sphincter! Her farts are so forceful you will feel the relief on her behalf! An ass that ... 7271 views

Zamora 10

Pulling her full-bottom panties aside, Zamora unleashes the full-bottom farts! Slowly she reveals the big ass, just so she can pass the big gas! Zamora is ready to give you all her loving, but her loving happens to be airborne and carry a deadly smel... 7402 views

Zamora 12

By the time Zamora reaches the toilet she is doubled over in pain. Everything that can come out of her body is going to! She's got a gut full of torpedo farts and even a hot stream of pee! The thunder from her bowels is frightening and Zamora bends a... 4999 views