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London Paris 5

London Paris can't help herself when it comes to farting, and why should she! Fart lovers get ready for the rumbling farts that are spilling right out of London's ass. This nasty girl has gas that smells just as bad as it sounds - and that's hard t... 6466 views

Evanni Solei 17

Gassy girls love to eat food that upsets their stomach, especially girls like Evanni Solei, who also loves to torture us all with the stench of her ass! Evanni can push out the most deadly smelling farts! It makes one wonder how something so horrible... 4100 views

Micah James 22

The farts Micah James is pushing out are so loud they're echoing in the room! She loves cheese, but it doesn't seem like cheese loves her. Her farts are long, loud and so furious, that they would blow your hair back if you stood too close! 4508 views

Jazmyne Starr 21

Are you ready for some sexy ebony farting action? Jazmyne Starr was born ready and she will not waste any time in giving you what you want! See her get down and dirty and cloud the room up with the stench of her ass gas! Jazmyne really knows how to b... 4426 views

Goddess 13

Whew! That gas needs to be let out and it needs to be done right now! Why right now you ask? Because she wants you to watch it. She knows youíre getting pretty hard right now seeing that curvy body of hers but she definitely knows she can get you off... 4530 views

Honey 4

Honey sure has a tight sweet ass, it's like you can tell that hole has never been screwed by a hard cock before. It is like a gem, a treasure, something fragile and holy that you can't do anything to violate it because it might destroy the sound of h... 4566 views

Jazmyne Starr 18

This black babe is for real and she is so fine that watching her do these things would make you want to explode. Well, you seem to be compatible because at the moment Jazmyne is dying to explode too, explode from all the gas inside her stomach. Maybe... 3624 views

Goddess 12

The poor schoolgirl has a terrible stomach ache and all that gas is dying to get out of her belly. She did not have the time to even take off her cute tie but it's okay, she looks sexier and kinkier with it on. The tiny skirt will also turn you on as... 4799 views

Goddess 11

Looks like Goddess Dior is on her way out for an awesome night partying but that needs to be put on hold since she cannot put her farts on hold any longer. She needs some alone time in the room to lift up that ass of hers so she can give you a fartin... 6583 views

Britney Stevens 30

Veteran fartress Britney Stevens returns for your farting pleasure! It is like she is in fart heaven and all you have to do is watch this angel release her heavenly fumes up in the air. First you have to see her ass, oh how delicious it is and you mu... 4068 views

Gia Jakarta

Damn that is one mighty fine ass! This new girl absolutely has it all, beautiful face, gorgeous rocking body and some amazing talent when it comes to farting. She's got one tight ass on her, and she sure does let you have it! And the POV shots in thi... 3948 views

Natalie Lips 5

The small but terrible Natalie Lips is looking hot once again, dressed in a hot pink night gown she seems ready to go to bed, but not before a nasty surprise for you gentlemen. She has a very bad stomach ache, just like you want it. She badly needs t... 4629 views

Natalie Lips 4

Dressed in a new saucy outfit, Natalie Lips is looking hot once again! This time she's in the comfort of her own room and she's ready to give it to you, she's ready to blow your mind with her wicked farts and she is totally committed to giving you th... 4787 views

Rose 4

Rose will show you how to use that asshole for some wicked fetish moves today. Good thing she is not wearing any panties, you can see her exposed holes at the same time as she started out with a doggy position with her bottom facing the camera. Hold ... 3855 views

Serena Marcus 12

It's another day in the life of this cute blonde pornstar Serena Marcus. She goes to the toilet. She's there because she loves how the bathroom and the toilet echo her loud farts, it actually amplifies each burst of wind, and the toilet seat gives he... 3522 views

Rose 2

This chick with the tiny voice is Rose, she ate so much lunch today and her stomach is rumbling with air. Don't be fooled with her squeaky voice, her asshole has some loud noises in store for you to make up for her oh so soft tone! Farts are blowing ... 3693 views

Goddess 7

Ebony amateur Goddess has had enough: she has to take those smelly farts to the bathroom, and our cameras get to follow her! She sits her big, curvy butt on the toilet in her white lingerie, and proceeds to let loose fart after fart in an effort to g... 4707 views

Goddess 6

Our curvy ebony amateur model Goddess Dior is looking sexy in her white lingerie. But don't let the pristine white outfit fool you: she is suffering from really bad gas! While greeting our cameras in her bedroom, she lets out several silent but deadl... 6538 views

Goddess Dior 4

Full-bodied, ebony Goddess Dior is very sexy in her little black dinner dress. Unfortunately for her, collard greens can cause more than a little bit of gas. The big butt ebony amateur lets out a variety of sounds from her ebony ass, from long and sl... 4505 views

Goddess Dior 3

Ebony, full-bodied Goddess Dior is back home early from a night on the town, looking elegant in her black dress. Unfortunately, her meal had too many beans to be ignored. The big butt ebony amateur lets out a loud fart less than a minute into the vid... 4749 views

Mya Redd 10

Mya has some bad gas, so she lifts her tight black dress and sits on the coffee table and blasts a fart onto the hard surface. She stands up and spreads her buttcheeks and points that brown eye right at you and blasts another fart! She removes her dr... 3984 views

Mya Redd 4

Mya is bloated and needs to fart it all out before she leaves the house. She leans over and blasts a huge bubbly fart right into your face! Then she lays back on the sofa and pulls her legs up and fires a bunch of farts out of that cannon into the ca... 3734 views

Kelsey Obsession 11

Kelsey went to a Mexican restaurant before she went out dancing, and she held in all the farts the whole time! She lifts her see-thru mesh dress and spreads her buttcheeks and blasts some gigantic, long farts right into your face! She says she went t... 8431 views

JR 6

Sexy JR is really full today, so is is going to fart in your face! She's wearing a tight-tight dress with her ass hanging out, so she lays back on the couch and pulls her legs up with the camera pointed at her asshole, when she lets an airy fart hiss... 3859 views