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Tristina Millz 15

School teachers can't just up and fart in front of their students. Even if the cafeteria served nasty burritos you just have to hold it in. But now that teacher Tristina is in the privacy of her own home she can let all that burrito gas out of her sy... 6105 views

Katrina Kox 23

Katrina Kox uses her pen to scratch her itchy asshole, and she notices the pen got covered in her butt hole smells. Now that Katrina realizes her pen is the perfect object to scratch her ass, she keeps going back for more, digging the pen between her... 5248 views

Aryana Adin 9

For Aryana the best part of night at the club is getting home to let out all the farts she's been holding in. Aryana also knows your dirty secret: that the only scent you love as much that of a big, bold fart is that of a sweaty, salty foot! You won'... 6447 views

Alina Snow 10

Alina is at it again. She's been such a good girl at school, holding in all those horrible farts while she studied. Now her discomfort is your reward as she instructs you to jack off to the rapid-fire tempo of her filthy gas! Jack it for her as she f... 12280 views

Katrina Kox 21

Katrina Kox can't get enough of her favorite food, pizza! Even though it's dripping with greasy cheese, and Katrina is lactose intolerant, she's stuffing all that pizza in her mouth, and chewing it up, without a care about the consequences! It's only... 5556 views


RubySX has gas that she can't believe! Her ass wants to release those toxic fumes, and she's determined to push her stink out of her tight little asshole, so she can get rid of her stomach pains once and for all! Will Ruby be able to force out all th... 6629 views

Aryana Adin

Aryana Adin's excited to try to please you. She knows about your fart fetish, and although it's her first time pushing out her stink for someone other than herself, Aryana's willing to give it a try. That chocolate booty of hers is a natural; it does... 11409 views

Nicky Ferrari 7

Nicky Ferrari is looking sexy in her tight red dress, but she’s feeling bloated and the only way she can get the relief she craves is if she lets her farts rip! She tries to hold them in, but farts this loud can’t be contained, and poor Nicky, he... 13276 views

GI Jen 5

GI Jen is trying her hardest to stay focused on her work, but when she hears how loud her farts get when she pushes them out on her leather chair, she can’t resist the urge to fart even more! Now Jen is saturating her chair with her smelly gas, and... 6269 views

Maia Davis 3

Maia Davis was too embarrassed to fart in front her photographer today, so she had to leave the photo shoot early. But now she’s home with you and her gas is relentlessly trumpeting out of her dainty pink asshole! Maybe you’re her good luck charm... 8972 views

Nevaeh Keyz 20

Nevaeh Keyz’ sexy dress can’t contain the horrible smells sliding out of her tight asshole. This gassy girl is filled with nasty farts, and she’s bouncing that booty, and letting her farts pounce out, just for you! Don’t miss this big round a... 6556 views

Maryjane Mayhem 10

Mary Jane Mayhem is on another mission to destroy your nostrils with the nasty fumes of her ass. She’s letting all her rotten farts slide right out just so you can cover your face with her stink! Fart lovers get ready, because Mary Jane has a fully... 6204 views

Nevaeh Keyz 15

Nevaeh Keyz is pushing out a special order of loud, rotten smelling farts! She’s got her Ebony ass spread open wide, and that nasty gas is flooding out of a perfect chocolate asshole. Watch Nevaeh pop those smelly farts out, one by one, in this cli... 6443 views

Maryjane Mayhem 8

Mary Jane Mayhem is full of hot smelly farts! You’ll get the best view of that pretty pink asshole, while she pushes out all her loud gas. Mary Jane earned her last name by causing mayhem with her disastrous gas, and you’re gonna get a good whiff... 4199 views

Brandy Gomez 5

Brandy Gomez is going to shake all her stink right out of her ass! Her tummy is in a lot of pain from holding in her farts all day, and now you get to benefit from it! This soft spoken gassy girl jiggles and smacks her ass, just hoping it will help h... 5033 views

Mistress Lovely 13

Mistress Lovely is usually the dominate one, so it's strange to see her all tied up and trapped! She's full of gas, and super bloated, so she wants to make sure she gets all her farts out before her man comes back to let her loose! Lovely's farts ar... 7435 views

Alice Frost 6

Alice Frost has a tummy ache, and you know those can only be fixed one way - that's right - Alice is going to push out all the hot gas that's been trapped in her stomach all day! The longer that gas ferments inside her, the more rotten her farts smel... 4138 views

Serena Marcus 22

You know Serena Marcus likes you when shes willing to share her most prized possession her deadliest gas! Shes got so much to give, and this gassy blonde isnt holding any of her gas back! Shes going to push all that stink out and cover everyone with ... 3254 views

Mistress Lovely 3

After a long day, Lovely chooses to relax in every way possible. You know she's relaxing her butthole too, because that tiny little hole of hers can't hold any of her disgusting farts for one minute longer! Her gas reeks, but rancid smelling farts ar... 3948 views

Jodi Taylor

Jodi Taylor is clutching her tiny ass as hard as she can, trying to keep her stinky butt fuel from escaping her bottom! Who's she kidding; you can't hold farts as horrible as hers, inside! She's got no choice but to let her toxic gas explode right ou... 9466 views

Brittany Lynn 13

Fishnet dresses, and farting fun - that's what Brittany Lynn has in store for you in this sexy video! She's sitting on her fart chair, spreading that glorious ass, and pushing out all that nasty ass stink - just the way you like it! If you can't get ... 4733 views

Stacy Lane 13

The sexy fart queen, Stacy Lane, is jiggling that bouncy ebony ass for you as she pushes out her hot ass stink. This gassy girl loves forcing out her farts, and she moans with pleasure as she starts to feel the relief that comes from letting loose al... 4701 views

Jessica Mansfield 6

Poor Jessica Mansfield is in agony over how full of gas her tummy is. Whatever will she do? Looks like this shy gassy girl has no choice but to release all her horribly stinky gas, even if it makes her so shy that you're watching! Watch along as our ... 6039 views

Stacy Lane 12

Stacy Lane has a whole bunch of gas to let out for you today. She's going to push those dairy fueled farts right through her jean skirt! You would' think that denim would help filter some of the stink coming out of her ass, but it doesn't, and even... 4401 views