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Amber Cream 10

Amber Cream is pretty pleased you treated her so well during your romantic date, but unfortunately, the Indian food you treated her to has left her extremely gassy. You didn’t think your date would be so free with her farts, did you? Amber hikes up... 4495 views


Watch out! Friday has to go! This gassy girl looks stunning in a short, white dress, but what’s happening with her ass is anything but impressive! She’s full of toots and is taking out her gassy state on her commode. Friday’s clamoring ass make... 7675 views

Kiki Daire 4

Why the hell did you bring Kiki Daire out for Indian food? You should have predicted this outcome - she has overeaten and is now too bloated and gassy to fuck you the way you want to be fucked. Lucky for you, Kiki feels bad about the situation and is... 5818 views

Destinee Jackson 4

After cheerleading practice, sexy and exuberant Destinee Jackson hit the food truck with her gal pals, and she has returned home feeling gassy. Gassy and horny! She wants to play and is not wearing any panties under her cute purple dress! Miss Jackso... 14484 views

Alice Frost 24

Big-breasted Alice Frost thinks leather smells boring. That’s an odd take, but we’ll take it, because her remedy is to fart on it, and watching her stink up the leather is a pleasure. She is not taking it easy on the once-pristine sectional! Her ... 5787 views

Rose Lane 10

Smells like a rose? Not so much! Gassy Rose Lane is in a dress so tight it could double as a straight jacket, and she’s full of farts. Rose is well aware of how much you like to watch her rid her body of methane, so she somehow gets that tight dres... 15313 views

Sindell Angel 15

Do not get your nose too close, or you may need a handkerchief! Sindell Angel is hotter than ever in a tight, colorful dress, and she is gassy. But we wouldn’t expect anything less from the always-audible Miss Angel! Today she is blaming the calam... 7020 views

Amber Star 22

How does one christen a new leather sectional? Amber Star has a few ideas, and they all include farting. This playful princess thinks new leather smells too clean and puts her stamp on the white sofa’s pristine surface. Amber is exceptionally gassy... 4686 views

Alice Frost 23

Alice Frost, you are such a tease! Oh, man, this chick is red hot in her crimson vinyl dress and even hotter when she is sharing peeks of her ass hole while farting farts that would put most men to shame! She does not want you to cum until she allows... 6924 views

Maryjane Mayhem 36

When Maryjane Mayhem says she wants to try something new, it’s best to see what she has in mind. This devilishly sexy sweetheart has a naughty streak a mile long, and today she is taking you on a memorable pleasure ride that leads straight to her d... 8354 views

Blair Winters 16

Hottie Blair Winters is dressed to kill and about to be picked up by her guy. Wonder if she’s hoping to get lucky since she isn’t wearing any panties under her tight dress! When she realizes she has been hit with a bout of terrible gas, she works... 6027 views

Nicki Blue 6

Nicki was so ready to get laid on her date that she didn't put any panties on! Since that plan didn't work out, she is pretty in purple and ready to fart for you! As she exposes her ass, spreads it wide, and poots for you, Nicki makes it perfectly cl... 5686 views

Nilaya Brown 12

Nilaya has been waiting for you, all clad in her little black dress and with a tummy loaded up with gas. She can't stop thinking of your big, hard dick, poised just outside her asshole as she unloads her farts. Nilaya's asshole quivers with each hot ... 9211 views

Jesse 6

Jesse is getting ready to go out to the club, but while she gets dressed she is releasing some farts that hit like a club to the face! She's clearly enjoying it, though, and takes a moment to recline on the bed, lift up her ass, and let a real stinke... 10144 views

Kat Lowden

Kat's tummy is all upset after a few beers, and now she's learning that you happen to enjoy it when a woman farts! This lovely brunette is ready to experiment and proves very flexible, hiking her legs up, rolling around, and passing the gas! Kat is v... 4773 views

Aryana Adin 20

Clad in a naughty see-through dress, Aryana reclines on the bed masturbating her pussy. But her belly is filled with gas and the farts come bubbling out as she stimulates her clit! Sexy Aryana can feel the vibrations deep within her pussy as the gas ... 9678 views

Jesse 3

Jesse starts things off with a rip, polluting the air with a long, bubbly fart as her ass peaks out of her pink skirt! There's more where that came from, too! Jesse's as is so gassy that her farts come out in long, ripping toots! And if you want more... 8763 views

Jessica Taylor

Jessica lies on the couch, waiting for her date to arrive while wearing sexy clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination! But Jessica is in for a bit of trouble when her stomach begins to hurt. Her only choice is to open up her fishnet-clad ass a... 6794 views

Aryana Adin 17

Aryana has selected you for her date tonight and she has an ass full of sexy surprises. She wants you to get right down in there between her big, bootylicious butt cheeks and inhale everything she farts out! Aryana longs to fill your face with her fa... 6599 views

Nikki Ford 11

What did Nikki do between eating lots of cheese and broccoli and partying with her friends at the nightclub? She ripped open her stockings so there's be nothing between you and her flatulent butthole! After the day Nikki's had she needs you to help h... 3671 views

Tristina Millz 21

"Fuck yo' jacket!" Tristina cries as she takes revenge on the one who left it there. It wasn't smart of her girlfriend to leave it there after she cheated, because Tristina is going to fill it with her scent before giving it back! It gets serious whe... 4091 views

Nikki Ford 8

Nikki's farts have ruined a night out with her friends, but they're going to make a night in with you very special! As soon as her black and white dress comes up, Nikki's ass comes open and horrible noises begin to come out of it! When Nikki's big eb... 6502 views

Zamora 9

Zamora overdid it with the treats at work and she's been in abdominal pain all day. Now she's going to rock back on the bed and squeeze all that pain out of her sphincter! Her farts are so forceful you will feel the relief on her behalf! An ass that ... 7250 views

Osa Lovely 14

It isn't easy being a woman in the business world. It's bad enough when employees make you lose money, but it's even worse when they get shocked that your passing gas while on the phone with them! But Osa is the boss so she can fart whenever and wher... 10017 views