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Justice Jade 4

Justice is in bed tonight and she's got on a black dress with no panties at all! She bends over and leans to the side and lays on her back, lots of positions to show off her bare naked ass as it blasts off some of the stinkiest farts we've ever smell... 5296 views

Candy Amore vs. Veronica Jett

Candy Amore and Veronica Jett have decided to get together and have a farting contest! They are both on the couch today and they are both in black dresses, and they both are not wearing any panties! So fucking sexy! Watch as they lean to the side, be... 4863 views

Veronica Jett 2

Veronica has returned for more, hot, sexy ass farting! Today she's dressed like a nice little school girl in a sun dress, glasses and some yellow thong panties, so sexy! Watch Veronica as she bends over, lays on her back, spreads her cheeks and expos... 7792 views

Hanna Cruz 14

Hanna is back on the fart box again, you liked the last one so much she wanted to do it again (she's dirty like that). She is wearing a pair of pink ruffly panties under her black dress. After she has you lay down in the box she bends over, pulls her... 4180 views

Priscilla 4

Priscilla has got a horrible stomach ache and instead of trying to fart on the couch she has decided she might need to sit on the toilet as she tries to get these farts out, they might be too wet! So as you can guess, these ones sound extra wet and n... 4070 views

Chrissy Cruz 14

Chrissy is so gassy and her belly aches so much she needed to go sit on the toilet to get the farts out! She's wearing a white dress and white panties and she's got lots of butt blasts to unload into the toilet bowl! She farts loud, nasty and stinky,... 4128 views

Hanna Cruz 9

Hanna is back and she's got some nasty fucking farts going on. She's on the couch and she's wearing a red cocktail waitress type dress - with no panties on! She bends over and lays on her back with her legs in the air to work those farts out. So hot!... 3801 views

Janie Lynn 10

Janie has been farting all day and she's ready to share some of them with you. In this clip she's wearing a striped sun dress and very thin thong panties - hot! She bends over and lays on her back and farts some nasty smelling ass gas in your face! S... 4666 views

Summer 14

Summer is having a little problem with her stomach after having some tacos from the place down the street from her house. She's full of some nasty smelling gas, let me tell you. Looking sexy in her pink tube top and jean miniskirt with thin leopard p... 3278 views

Madison Luna

Madison stars in her very first farting clip! She's in a super tight black dress that really shows her body. Very hot. She lets some nasty ones rip and then laughs about the sound and gets grossed out by the smell. 4163 views

Madison Luna 2

Madison is back for another clip. This time she's in a fishnet outfit that looks really sexy. She's got a g string panties that is perfect for farting in. The smell just comes right through! 4411 views