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Royalty 70

Lovely Royalty got all decked out in a mustard-colored cocktail dress to meet her gal pals out for a nice meal at a new restaurant, and when she got home, she was not feeling so hot. She had a stockpile of wet bung blasts that she had to work to rele... 3748 views

Moca Angel 21

Before Moca Angel goes out on the town, she is going to get herself in good shape. At times that means getting rid of gas so she makes no faux pas on the dance floor! Check out this ebony beauty as she donned a black dress and made a fast living room... 3035 views

Alice Frost 41

Alice Frost is up to her old tricks, this time in a too-tight floral dress that hugs her curvy body something fierce. She was not wearing any panties, which was a good thing since those wet farts of hers were of panty-staining potential! Take a look ... 3351 views

Kamille Amora 5

Stout Kamille Amora is a curvy goddess that exudes sexuality on the regular! However, when she is gassy and overrun dirty dookie, she is a hot mess, not just hot! Here we see her hitting the toilet after hiking up her tight dress. She remained determ... 3233 views

Tala Black 17

Slim Tala Black hiked up her sexy dress, and the view was rather impressive once her cute tushy was exposed. There is quite a bit to love about this darling, as she is so very sexy and always eager to share her lady gassers with guys who appreciate a... 6265 views

Gia Love 41

Gia Love is known far and wide as a foxy farter who always puts on a great show! This performance is a real stinker…but in a good way! She outfitted her sexy body in a slutty red fishnet dress and went to town offering loud honks that filled her li... 3860 views

Kyrin Mae 9

Kyrin Mae got all dressed up for a night out on the town, but before launching an evening of debauchery, she had to get her insides cleaned out! Lucky for us, a bathroom cam captured every moment of this ginger beauty as she let her waste and gassers... 4356 views

Krystal Kash 8

As if a sexy blonde in a black party dress is not hot enough, Krystal Kash added some wet farts to the equation, and talk about boner-inducing for those of us who love female farts! This classy spin on a stinky deed is quite arousing. It seems like o... 5939 views

Gia Love 32

Stinky stunner Gia Love made a trip to the little girl’s room, and a hidden bathroom cam captured her doing her business while distracting herself with her cellphone. She was on a mission to rid herself of all the waste in her body before she put h... 7036 views

Cali Confidential 38

The fact she was not wearing panties helped Cali Confidential out immensely, as she quickly hiked up her dress to get the job done on the throne. She blamed ice cream for her belly woes, and eventually, she had to take a break to wipe up before she h... 5390 views

Cali Confidential 37

Fun-loving filly Cali Confidential opted to have some fun with her fierce farts when she sat on a bucket to create some unique and intriguing fart sounds! Check out her sweet ass while she goes all out and even teases that she might just cover the bu... 6597 views

Diamond Solitaire 11

Sultry Diamond Solitaire looked a bit provocative in a suggestive dress, and she quickly removed her thong when she felt some seriously rough gas coming on. This lady threw propriety to the wind as she broke wind with her discarded panties off to the... 4992 views

Cali Confidential 28

While looking spectacular in a short and sexy dress, Cali Confidential found herself feeling very gassy. And you know her…she loves to fart for fellows with a kink for stink! If this is your first time meeting this stinky vixen, you are in for a tr... 4118 views

Jasmine LeFleur 39

Jasmine LeFleur has a big booty, and the size of her sphincter seems to accentuate all of the MILF farts escaping her ass! She felt gassy on this day, and wearing only a dress, and no panties, she hiked up her frock and went to town, ridding her siza... 3822 views

Jade Willow 4

Jade Willow hiked up her white dress and exposed her bare ass while she got rid of some really awful gas. She slapped her butt cheek in a feeble attempt to get more farts to fly, but it seems as if only time was on her side as she worked hard to get ... 3575 views

Paris Marie 31

Paris Marie’s ass is on full display while she farts with her slutty black dress hiked up. There is no way she wears this outfit in public, but she has put it on to impress her kinky fans of stink! She commands one’s full attention as she keeps t... 4312 views

Sunny Chase 38

Looking divine in a black dress, pretty Sunny Chase sped into the bathroom to get some hard work accomplished. She really needed to get rid of the gas excess plaguing her belly, and once she finally let go, it was quite a loud and stinky spectacle. T... 4360 views

Maddi Vines 5

Adorable Maddi Vines pulled up her cute dress and planted her sweet ass on the potty to do a dirty job. She is a very pretty young lady, but what comes out of her ass is just dastardly! Everybody has to go, and when Miss Vines takes a dump, there are... 4180 views

Sunny Chase 33

Sunny Chase has a great ass, and she looks spectacular in a sexy floral dress. She is especially attractive to fans of lady farts, as she has so much gas in that divine butt of hers! Her tummy was aching, so she did all she could to clear out her ins... 5815 views

Cali Confidential 29

You smell that smelly fart? You wanna taste it? This is what Cali Confidential asks out loud before she shakes her ass to, “air it out.” You don’t want to miss this stinky black ass while Cali works her way to fart her way into your good graces... 5263 views

Diamond 22

Diamond, looking fantastic in a fitted pink dress and no panties, has quite a gassy ass! She ate a large ice cream sundae, and it left her so gassy. Her fart smells were foul and offensive, meaning this dastardly display will be a fart fan’s dream ... 7101 views

Sunny Case 20

Sunny Chase’s round backside was rather busy during her most recent battle with gas. Her big booty was overrun with stinkers, so she hiked up her sexy dress and let those ass torpedoes make their way into the world! There is no shame in her game, a... 4281 views

Sunny Chase 19

Looking divine in a sexy floral green dress, Sunny Chase made her way to the restroom to dump a massive load, and man, was she gassy! A hidden bathroom cam caught all of the smelly action, and she was rather shocked by the tenacity of her toots! 5062 views

Diamond 16

Diamond looks stunning in a sexy, thin summer dress, but her booty is quite a mess! That large tattooed ass of hers was omitting some terribly foul odors as she squeaked out some seriously stinky gassers. There is no shame in her game as she lets it ... 5669 views