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Riyanna Skie 8

Ebony beauty Riyanna Skie starts out singing a fart-song for you, while she slinks around in a cute little blue polka-dot dress and matching thong panties! She sits on the sofa and poots a couple times. Then she spreads her legs, pulls her knees up, ... 4746 views

Lana Sky 16

Lana is wearing nothing but a see-thru pink mesh mini-dress, and she starts out on her knees on an ottoman. The camera zooms in and catches her bare ass releasing a fart! She grabs her butt-cheeks and pulls them apart, and you get to watch her bare a... 4730 views

Britney Blaze 4

Britney is wearing a see-thru white mesh dress today. She ate some bad food, and it has her stomach hurting. She lays on the sofa and blasts a big, nasty fart! Then she blasts another one. She pulls her butt-cheeks apart and the camera zooms in and c... 4512 views

Daisy Tanks

Cute little Daisy Tanks debuts today after gorging herself on Mexican food, and she's wearing a short little pink halter dress! Daisy tries shaking and jumping to loosen some farts, and it causes her to blast some farts! Daisy then jiggles out some m... 4011 views

Kendra Secrets 4

Cute little brunette Kendra has eaten something bad, and now it's given her a tummy ache. She's wearing a see-through black mesh mini-dress today, and it does not even come close to covering her ass. The camera zooms up from underneath, giving you th... 4059 views

Allison Pierce 13

Allison runs into the bathroom without saying a word, wearing only a see-through white mesh mini-dress, and sits on the toilet. She starts blasting farts into the toilet, and the camera swings around behind her so you can watch her farting - how nice... 6916 views

Donna 9

Donna is on the bed today, wearing a black-and-white mini-dress and black boots, being the perfect woman - she talks softly but blasts a huge fart! Then she blasts another fart. She lays on her back and hikes her legs into the air and blasts some mor... 3841 views

Angel Marie 4

Angel Marie plays the Farting Giantess with a He-Man type of action figure today. She lifts her grey sweater dress and farts bare-ass right in his face! Then she does it again! Then, she sets the little guy on the bed and bends over and farts all ove... 5543 views

Donna 7

Donna struts into the room wearing a black mini-dress and boots, without saying a word, and kneels on an ottoman. She lifts her dress and pulls her white thong panties to the side, and lets an airy fart hiss out. Then she does it again! She's just do... 3710 views

Daejha Milan 6

Buxom blonde Daejha Milan runs into the bathroom just in time to blast a fart into the toilet! It must be all the popcorn and soda she had at the theatre today. The camera zooms up between her legs and catches some echoing bowl blasts! Daejha needs t... 3843 views

Angel Marie

Introducing Angel Marie, an ebony beauty in a short, grey sweater-dress. Angel is laying on the bed today and she's got gas, thanks to some beans she ate. Angel starts out with a silent-but-deadly, then gets up onto her knees and pulls up her sweater... 5104 views

Daisy and LaRin 2

Back by popular demand, girlfriends Daisy and La'Rin return for another fart-sniffing, ass-licking blast-fest! Daisy is wearing a transparent pink mesh minidress, and La'Rin is wearing a pink-and-white matching bra and booty shorts - but not for long... 6370 views

Janae Foxx

Janae Foxx makes her debut wearing a grey-and-purple sweater dress. She's very gassy today - we've got Taco Bell to thank for that. Janae starts out surprising herself with a big, loud blasting fart, which she catches in her hand and sniffs - then ca... 4369 views

Daejha Milan 2

Daejha is sitting spread-legged in a large chair, wearing only a pink multicolored camisole top that is waaaaay too small for her titties, while playing with her long blonde hair. The camera zooms in, and Daejha blasts a fart, then laughs because she... 3948 views

LaRin Lane

La'Rin Lane makes her debut wearing a tight turquoise dress and her long blonde hair hanging loose. She's eaten a lot of beans today, and La'Rin is filled with gas! Watch as the camera zooms up from underneath to give you a great view of her spread-o... 4851 views


Donna enters the room after a trip to Taco Bell, where a bean burrito has filled her with gas. She's wearing a black-and-white striped super-tight strapless mini-dress, and starts off with a long, slow boomer fart that stinks up the whole room - nic... 4062 views

Lana Sky 3

Lana has returned for another fart show. Today she's wearing an all-pink mesh dress with red-and-pink thong panties! Super hot! She knows you love her big fat ass and she displays it perfectly by shaking it around, pulling her thong over and telling ... 4265 views

Roxi Main 5

After a night out on the town, Roxi comes back to show you what she's been saving up for you! In this clip, she's wearing a grey dress with black panties. She can't stop all the blasting farts from coming out! Watch right now as she moves around on t... 3802 views

Zoey 3

Zoey's got stomach pains again! She can't wait another second to show you what she has been holding in for you. Zoey is wearing a black-and-pink striped mini dress. She ate some greasy french fries and boy, does it give her the worst gas! This clip i... 4125 views

Jessica 5

Jessica's back again! Today she ate a mountain of broccoli with cheese! She's wearing a sexy black mini dress with no panties! That's sexy! This clip is full of non- stop farting action with up-close shots of her ass hole!rn 3944 views

Jessica 3

Jessica is back! This time she ate three grilled cheese sandwiches and has lots of cheesy gas to let out. She is wearing a teal dress with no panties underneath. Very sexy! This clip is full of nasty farts that it will make you blow your load! 3983 views

Tanya 14

Tanya's back again with some more stinky farts for you! Today she ate some broccoli and it's caused lots of gas building up! She's wearing a colorful mini dress with no panties underneath. Kinky! This clip is full of nothing but fart after fart after... 4710 views

Candy Amore 3

Candy had some bad chinese food, her advice; don't eat any from two days ago. Needless to say today she's on the toilet and trying to work out the source of her belly pains, gas! This voluptuous ebony babe has some nasty gas that won't stop blasting ... 4826 views

Bitten 8

Bitten is back and today she's got a little specialty for you. She's farting on the coffee table, but she's farting little piles of powdered sugar off of it! You get to see the farts as they are released from her tight white booty! By the end of the ... 8289 views