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Tight Pants

Lynna Fox 9

Lynna has got some bad gas today that is making her belly ache. She's sitting on the couch, wearing a pair of tight denim jeans and a black long sleeve t-shirt. She stands up, moves to the floor, pulls her jeans down and shows her big luscious booty ... 4751 views

Lana Sky 8

Lana ate some gnarly Mexican food before she came over today, and man, is it working its way out in the form of nasty stinky ass gas! She walks into the bathroom, pulls her blue jeans and pink thong panties right off and unloads her farts right into ... 4802 views

Lana Sky 7

Length: 2:59 br> Lana\'s back again with another great fart-show just for you! Today she\'s in a chair, wearing a pair of skin-tight denim jeans with a pink mesh top with no bra underneath. As she struggles to work her farts out in this clip, t... 6164 views

Mya Mason 4

Porn star Mya Mason returns for more awesome farting! She's sitting on a little stool wearing some tight, black denim jeans and no top! She shows off her sexy big titties at first, but she knows you're here to see her booty and not her tits, so she g... 8358 views

Persuajon 3

Persuajon can't stop farting and she loves to show you while she does it! This sexy ebony babe is wearing a pair of super tight denim jeans and a sexy black mesh top with no bra! You get to see her tits on display - hot! She is sitting on a couch sty... 5068 views

Ms Behave 8

Ms. Behave's doesn't want to mess herself, so she decides to play it safe and sit on the toilet! She's wearing a white shirt with tight gym pants that show off her bouncy, feminine shape. Sexy! This clip is full of silent but deadlies! The sound of t... 4676 views

Nyeema 10

Nyeema is on her way out of her hotel room and she's got a butt full of gas! Before she heads off to work, she's got to get those farts out. She farts her way down the hall way and down the elevator! This candid POV style clip is very hot! She's wear... 4587 views

Ashley Heart 8

Ashley is back on the toilet, but today she's wearing her glasses, has a pink top and tight jeans on, and this is a candid style clip, she doesn't talk to the camera. Lots of hot angles in this clip as she lets loose some of the nastiest smelling, an... 5102 views

Justice Jade 5

Justice is back again and she knows you like to see girls farting on a hard surface such as a coffee table, so she is going to do that for you! She stands up off her chair, pulls her jeans right off and plops her naked black booty right onto the hard... 4636 views

Priscilla 5

Priscilla is back and on the couch today wearing a white mini tshirt with a pair of very tight denim jeans with silver high heels. She's got a really bad belly ache and farting seems to help it go away. She bends over and of and even pulls her pants ... 4486 views

Naughty Holly 25

Holly is here today to fulfill another fart fantasy! She knows you're going to jerk of while she farts in your face in her tight denim jeans and tunic shirt. She talks dirty as she bends over, leans back and gets your face all up in her stinky butt! ... 5764 views

Naughty Holly 24

Holly is back and in the mood for some room service. She is thinking about what she wants then gets on the phone at her desk to order some food, italian food and farting at the same time! She's wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black spaghetti strin... 5845 views

Ashley Heart 5

Ashley has got a belly full of farts and has got to get rid of them, good thing you showed up! Get down on your knees and sniff her ass as Ashley struggles and strains to get some of the nastiest built up farts out of her guts as she can, she couldn'... 4645 views

Veronica Jett

Veronica Jett is no newbie to the internet, or farting as a matter of fact. She's done some of this stuff before so she knows what's sexy! She's wearing a spaghetti strap tunic and tight blue jeans with no shoes on, bare feet! She blasts some hot sex... 5887 views

Naughty Holly 23

Holly just got off school and out of work, so her ass hole is stinky, sweaty and gross smelling, and there is nothing more she would like to do than sit right on your face, and fart right into your mouth! She is wearing some jeans, a black sweater an... 6452 views

Victoria DeVille 6

Victoria, our little latina fart machine is back from eating a mexican food dinner and she's ready to blast off! She's wearing a tight little green tshirt and surfer girl style shorts and she's farting up a storm! She bends over, lays on her back wit... 4879 views

Justice Jade

Justice is here to star in her very first fart clip ever. This sexy ebony babe just had a cheeseburger which has given her a bit of ass gas that she needs to be relieved of. She's wearing a red tshirt and some tight blue jeans. She's on the couch as ... 4790 views

Ashley Heart 5

Ashley has got a belly full of farts and has got to get rid of them, good thing you showed up! Get down on your knees and sniff her ass as Ashley struggles and strains to get some of the nastiest built up farts out of her guts as she can, she couldn'... 3903 views

Nyeema 6

Nyeema is gassy like a mother fucker today and needs to blast her farts off on the toilet! She starts off farting standing up in front of the toilet, wearing her spaghetti string top and skin tight jeans. She finally pulls her pants down and farts on... 4709 views


Indya is our brand new ebony fart girl. She has never done anything like this on video before, but her farts are quite lovely, you're going to enjoy this sexy new fart girl. In this clip Indya is wearing a blue bolouse and a pair of black cotton pant... 4813 views

Chrissy Cruz 13

Chrissy is back with some disgusting farts, just for you! She's had some food that isn't agreeing with your stomach and she's got a case of booty gas! She's in a black tank top with a pair of tight red running pants that display her ass nicely and ma... 7159 views


Miss Bitten has decided to come fart for us today. You may have seen her around on other stores, she's a fetish mistress and she can fart like a professional! She came over in a pair of tight yoga pants and a tank top. This sexy blonde milf has some ... 6120 views

Naughty Holly 21

Holly has just eaten her dinner and cleaned up the table and now she's got some very lovely gas making it's way out her delicious little stink hole. She's wearing a red sweater and a pair of tight denim jeans that make her farts sound awesome. She fa... 4761 views

Chrissy Cruz 12

Chrissy is back and you know what that means? More farting, more smells, more booty antics. She's got some smelly gas today and you're going to pop a boner just hearing it coming out! She's wearing a yellow tank top with a pair of tight old denim jea... 4619 views