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Tight Pants

Jazmyne Starr 5

Length: 2:54 >br> Sexy Jazmyne is outside today, and she\'s farting in the beautiful weather. She starts out blasting a fart through her jeans -NICE! Then she lets a silent but deadly fart hiss out. Surprise, surprise - Jazmyne pulls her jeans ... 5631 views

Angelica Raven 5

Sexy Angelica is wearing jeans and a bra today, and she starts out blasting a fart through her jeans! Then she removes her jeans and stands there farting bare-ass while the camera hangs under Angelica's ass to deliver it all to your eyeballs! Angelic... 6655 views

Brandy 6

Brandy is on the sofa today, wearing jeans that are too tight because she's bloated with gas. The camera zooms in on her ass while she blasts a couple of juicy farts through her jeans - OH YEAH! Brandy's tummy really hurts today, so she pulls her jea... 7544 views

Harley Valentine 10

Harley reclines in a chair with her jeans unzipped. It's hot outside, so she hasn't bothered to wear a top. Harley pulls her legs up and farts through her jeans - WOW! You can hear how juicy and bubbly her farts are through that denim, too. She wants... 4697 views

Harley Valentine 6

Blonde Harley just came from the airport, and the food on the airplane gave her gas. She is wearing jeans and a tank top today. Harley pulls her jeans down and spreads her cheeks and blasts a barrage of close-up bare-asshole farts right into the cam... 4476 views

Tyla Wynn 18

Tyla wants to blow you some kisses today - with her ass! She's in a bra and spandex pants on the bed. She pulls her pants down, puts her legs in the air, and the camera zooms in on her bare asshole as it blasts farts out! Tyla then sticks her ass in... 4272 views

Scarlett Pain 10

Scarlett is outside on a smoke break, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She ate tacos today, and smoking makes her fart. Guess what that means for you - taco farts in jeans! Scarlett stands up and assumes the position against a wall and blasts those taco ... 10359 views

Scarlett Pain 8

Scarlett is on a futon. She ate a load of tacos today, so she pulls her legs up and farts through her pink pants! Then she pulls her panties to the side and you get to watch her little pink asshole pooch way out as she blasts some huge stinky farts i... 5091 views

Micah James 10

Micah is standing on the sofa wearing jeans and an bikini top, when she blasts a huge fart! Then she pulls her titties out of her bikini top and plays with them. Micah's farts are very pungent, and she's wondering if you can smell them. She sticks he... 4334 views

Savana Heat 10

Length: 4:39 Savana Heat is back to fart for you - and today she\'s wearing tight jeans! She rips a huge fart, and says how horrible it is. Savana\'s tight jeans really hold in the stench! Savana reaches down the back of her jeans and far... 4765 views

Britney Stevens

Britney Stevens walks in after an 8-hour flight. The in-flight meal did not agree with Britney at all, and now she is all bloated with gas. She lays on a futon and farts on camera for the first time in her black jeans, then pulls them down and farts ... 4955 views

Jasmine Ryder

Oooh look - there's a new girl on the block, and her name is Jasmine Ryder! Jasmine walks into the room, lays on a futon with her ass in the air, and blasts the juiciest fart! Then she talks about the food she ate that gave her all that gas. She does... 5885 views

Cassandra Cruz

Brace yourself for another debut - today we introduce Cassandra Cruz, a latina beauty wearing all black today - black blouse with black Spandex pants - WOOCH! She asks if you want to see her gassy brown asshole, then she bends over, pulls her Spandex... 7719 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 6

Chili and beans and nachos and cheese, oh my! Dominican beauty Jezebelle is loaded with gas from all of these things today. She bends over and lets a huge fart bubble up out of her jeans, then she lays on her side on the bed and blasts a bunch of far... 4897 views

Lana Sky and Jezebelle Foxxx

Lana Sky and Jezebelle Fox pair up today to fart in each other's faces! They start out in a 69 shape and Lana blasts bean-scented farts right into Jezebelle's face! Then Jezebelle sits on Lana's face, and blasts a bubbly fart through her jeans right ... 5149 views

Riyanna Skie 7

Cute little Riyanna is back to fart on you again, and today she's wearing a white tank shirt and camouflage pants! The camera zooms in on Riyanna's fine ass right as she blasts some farts! Then she sits in a chair and pulls her legs up and lets some ... 4525 views

Lana Sky 14

Lana is back for some more farting, and she's wearing tight spandex exercise outfit today! You can hear her farts struggle against the lycra fabric squeezing her ass, and boy does Lana blast some loud, bubbly farts that never seem to end! Then she pu... 4431 views

Hayden Night 7

Hayden ate a carnival corndog, and now she's got a bad case of gas from it! She bends over and blasts some bubbly farts right through her jeans - BOO-YAH! How such a sweet little blonde can pass such nasty stinky gas is simply amazing! Hyden lays on ... 5795 views

Misty Stone 2

Misty returns today with gas from eating nachos with jalapenos and extra cheese, popcorn, and cotton candy at the carnival. She starts out blasting a couple of long farts through her tight white pants! Then she leans over the bed and blasts a huge fa... 4698 views

Misty Stone

Making her debut for you today is Misty Stone, an ebony beauty with a bad case of gas! Misty ate a chicken burrito with everything on it, including taco sauce. The camera swings around to the rear as Misty removes her pants, bends over, and blasts a ... 9554 views

Angel Marie 2

Angel Marie is wearing a pair of tight spandex pants and a gold-and-purple string bikini top. She runs out of the bathroom to pick up her ringing phone. Angel has eaten something at her grandmother's house that has her intestines going bonkers! The c... 5401 views

Janae Foxx 2

Janae is wearing a turquoise string bikini, trying to do some work, when the phone rings. The camera is positioned where your face would be if you were on all fours on the floor - nice! You get to watch at ass-level as Janae tells whoever is on the p... 4537 views

Mya Mason 12

Mya has some gas bubbles today! She's sitting in a chair, wearing jeans, and boy, is she blasting loud, stinky farts! She even pulls her legs up and gives you the close-up view that she knows you love so much. Mya really lets 'em rip in this clip - w... 5173 views

Mya Mason 10

Mya comes into the room without saying a word. She's got a case of horrible gas and she's about to head out to a party tonight. She pulls down her pants and her panties, sits down on the toilet, and just pushes as much as she can to get out her belly... 5293 views