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Tight Pants

Nevaeh Keyz 14

Returning to entertain you with her ass is sexy Nevaeh Keyz! Today Nevaeh is sitting in an office chair, wearing tight-tight-tight leggings! The cmaera zooms in on her ass as she pinches out a couple of squeakers. Then she lifts one cheek and does so... 5997 views

Cece Stone 7

Cece is on the loveseat, wearing leggings. She sits on the coffee table and blasts farts through her leggings and onto the coffee table! Her farts make the most delightful sound on that hard surface, too. The camera is right there and you can almost ... 6861 views

Kita Zen 23

Today Kita is on the sofa wearing tight-tight jeans, and she starts blasting big stinky farts in them! Kita's ass-out on the sofa, blasting stinky farts into your face and she knows you love it! Kita's sure got an ample booty for an Asian - SEXY! She... 11683 views

Brittany Blue 14

Veteran fartress Brittany Blue is full of gas and wants to test out her tight jeans by farting in them today! She rolls onto her side and rips some hot stinky ones into her jeans, then she gets up on her knees and leans over and blasts more farts thr... 7146 views

Torie Heart 14

Favorite fartress Torie Heart has another bellyful of gas for you - WOO-HOO! She's laying on the bed wearing tight leggings and she's blasting huge wet farts through her leggings and into your face! The camera is right there catching it all, and boy ... 10175 views

Scarlett Sweets 7

Sexy Scarlett is back to fart for you, and today she's wearing yoga pants! She pulls her buttcheeks apart and blows a nice long airy fart at you! Then she blasts some cute little squeakers. She's on all fours on the sofa and she just keeps ripping fa... 5379 views

Nilaya Brown 3

Nilaya has a tummy ache from something she ate, so she rips a huge juicy fart in her jeans! The camera zooms in on her ass as she blasts another one. It's too hard to fart in those tight jeans so she unzips them and lays on the bed and rolls around f... 5123 views

Kat Stevens 7

Kat's back, and she's going to treat you to some jeans farting today! She blasts a big one through her pants, then excuses herself and starts ripping the most delightful stinkers! She squats in a chair to give maximum blast, and lets you have it righ... 4557 views

Cristi Minaj 6

Cristi is bloated with gas today, and guess what? She's wearing leggings! The camera zooms in on her ass and she farts through those leggings right into the camera lens - OH YEAH! You can see how bloated with gas her belly is. She sticks her hands do... 4554 views

Torie Heart 7

Torie is in a chair, wearing spandex pants today! She lifts one leg and does some one-cheek sneaks, and boy are those farts wet and stinky! Even though they're loud, she says they stink as much as the silent ones - WOO-HOO! Torie's belly hurts and he... 8621 views

Nevaeh Keyz 2

Remember Nevaeh, the new girl from last week? Well, today she's back, and she wants to treat you to some jeans farts! She sits in a chair with her butt to the side, and fills those jeans with huge, juicy, bubbly farts! She says her tummy hurts, so yo... 5618 views

Rachel O 6

Rachel returns to fart for you some more, and today she's wearing tight spandex leggings! She's sitting in a chair and blasting hot stinky farts through those leggings, and the spandex holds in the stench! Rachel's face squinches up when she blasts a... 4527 views

Amber Star 7

Amber walks into the room and says she is gonna do some farting for you. She's wearing jeans and she crawls onto the bed and blasts a bubbly one! Then another, and another! She lays back and the camera is right there at her ass when she blasts more f... 6187 views

Summer X 7

Summer is here to treat you to some pantyhose farts! The camera zooms in as she poots through her pantyhose - NICE! Those nylons really hold in the stench for you. Then she sticks her ass in the air and farts into the camera some more! You can see an... 10410 views

Kartier 6

Kartier is on the sofa, wearing a bra and pink leggings. She squats on the sofa with her ass in the camera and blasts farts into your face! She rubs her tummy and keeps blasting gas out of her ass - OH YEAH! Kartier is on her knees with her ass hangi... 4761 views

Taylor Starr 6

Ebony hottie Taylor Starr returns to give you a fart show! She's wearing jeans, and she sticks those tight jeans ass-first into the camera and blasts a fart right into them! The denim holds the stench in, and she just keeps blasting hot, reeking fart... 5452 views

Imani Rose 17

Imani is going to work out today! She's wearing slashed leggings and a pink top, so she arranges two chairs and as she's stretching, she farts! Then she blasts another one into the camera. She keeps on doing squats and farting while the camera hangs ... 4854 views

Evanni Solei 4

Evanni is in her comfy clothes today, and she farts through her sweatpants right into the camera, then says it feels good! She stands there and squeezes some more farts out, too. Then she gets on the sofa and sticks her ass out and squeezes out some ... 7613 views

Jazmyne Starr 13

Jazmyne is on the sofa., reading the paper and wearing a lace outfit. She's not interested in sports, so she farts on the sports page! Jazmyne keeps leafing through the paper and farting, too. Then she farts on the vehicle ads! Jazmyne's got some nas... 5100 views

Mz Britney 6

Today Mz Britney is bloated in a chair, wearing jeans. She's got a tummyy ache today, so she blasts some huge bubbly farts through her jeans! She's been eating food all day and you can hear it when she farts - WOW! Mz Britney stands up and bends over... 5868 views

Tristina Millz

Today we introduce Tristina Millz, an ebony beauty who ate a big lunch and now has a tummyache. She lays on her side and farts through her tight jeans! She then lays on her back and spreads her legs and farts some more! The camera hangs in there and ... 5035 views

Brandy 16

Brandy is in the kitchen, wearing a pink bra and pajama bottoms. She pulls her pajama bottoms down and farts! Then she blasts another one. Brandy bends over and sticks her ass into the camera and farts right into your face - BOO YAH! She removes her ... 6622 views

Angelica Raven 7

Spandex-covered ass - that's how this clip starts. Angelica then smacks her ass and farts! Then she plays with her tits. Then she rolls around and blasts a huge fart through her pants and into your face - OH YEAH! She pulls her legs up and just keeps... 5338 views

Syvally Sweet 3

Syvally is outside cleaning the yard with birds chirping in the background. She bends over and blasts a fart through her jeans -WOW! She says it must be because of that lunch she had. Syvally pulls her jeans down and farts through her thong panties f... 5073 views