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Tight Pants

Kristy Snow 18

Kristy Snow’s trying to work out, she starts with a set of squats, but Kristy wasn’t prepared for what happens next! Turns out squats are the perfect exercise to loosen up a tight butt hole, and now she can’t hold in all those smelly farts that... 6030 views

Savannah Fox 10

Savannah Fox has an upset stomach, and she knows exactly what she needs to do to relieve that familiar pain. As soon as Savannah lets her first rumbling fart loose, her pain starts to vanish, which only encourages this gassy girl to keep filling her ... 15674 views

Alice Frost 18

Alice Frost is expecting company, but as usual she has an ass full of stinky farts! She doesn’t want her apartment to reek of the stench of her ass, but she can’t hold in her foul farts any longer! Alice is determined to push out every last disgu... 6782 views

Alice Frost 16

As soon as Alice Frost lies down, her farts are trumpeting out of her asshole within seconds! Turns out that a good work out only loosens up her tight little asshole, and allows her toxic gas to come flooding out! Fart lovers won’t want to miss thi... 11802 views

Alina Snow 3

Alina Snow is feeling bloated and gassy. Lucky for you, this gassy girl loves to share the nasty smells she pushes out of her ass. Her poor jeans are getting saturated with her dirty ass stink, but that won’t stop her! Get ready for the muffled je... 6001 views

Maia Davis

Maia Davis is watching a TV show and she can't believe the guy on the show thinks women shouldn't don't pass gas. Maia already has a tummy full of gas, so she's proving that sexy girls can fart too, in this clip! She's pushing out all her rotten fart... 6290 views

Savannah Fox 5

Savannah Fox is one gassy girl, and you know that means she’s been holding in her farts all day so she can let them all loose now. It’s a good thing Savannah saved her gas for the privacy of her own home, because this girl has some of the loudest... 15001 views

Veronica Snow 6

Looks like Veronica Snow ate too much, and now she’s suffering until she can release all the toxic fumes building up inside her. Her pants are restricting her farts, so she takes them off so she’s really able to spread her ass and release all tho... 6725 views

Shae Spreadz

Shae Spreadz wants you to sit back and relax while you take in the nasty smells she’s pushing out of her ass. Shae has a perfect chocolate booty, and it’s full of rotten smells, just for you! You don’t want to miss this clip, it’s full of boo... 10820 views

Crystal Lopez 8

Crystal Lopez has a party to go to, but before she can leave, she\'s got to get all her gas out, so she\'s not embarrassed by all the farts she\'s got trapped inside. She\'s going to wiggle, jiggle, and shake every last fart out of that pretty Latin ... 9012 views

Cece Stone 13

Cece Stone has been holding her farts in all day, and now her tummy is really bothering her. The only way for her to feel better is to let some of that gas loose. Cece takes no time throwing her legs up in the air, letting her ass relax so she can fo... 4670 views

Stacy Lane 9

Stacy Lane is full of disgusting gas today, so she's going to let it all out for you. Make sure you're prepared for the smelliest of gas, and the loudest of farts - because our sexy fart queen, Stacy, just doesn't hold back! This ebony gassy girl is ... 7625 views

JR 19

There is something amazingly hot about seeing JR in plain casual clothes and those nerdy glasses. It is great to see her in good girl mode once in awhile. The thing that gets to me the most is seeing this hot nerdy chick in jeans get into all sorts ... 4777 views

Stasia B 6

Stasia B is the kind of girl who kiss and tell, and today she's going to share a few secrets with us, and she's going to let her asshole do the talking! Those skin tight pants just makes it more provocative and delicious, knowing that the air is havi... 6302 views

Sofia Devine 6

Buxom blonde Sofia tells you that she's very, very gassy today. She's wearing tight spandex pants with a hole in the crotch, and you can see how bloated with gas she is! She lifts one leg and blasts a fart and giggles about it, then she sticks that s... 5791 views

Malaysia Blue 9

Malaysia is wearing at tight, full-bottom leotard, and she's rolling around on a purple ottoman, farting out a bunch of gas. She removes her bottoms and farts bare-ass, right into your face - YIKES! You can see her asshole opening to blast that gas o... 4456 views

Tricia Oaks 13

Tricia is on the sofa today, wearing ultra-tight heans and a camisole top. Her pants are so tight, you can see her buttcrack. She blasts a big, bubbly fart into her jeans, then she blasts a bunch of juicy farts! She lays on her side with the camera u... 6090 views

Coco Velvett 7

Sexy Coco is giggling on the sofa, wearing tight jeans. She says she feels so gassy, then she gets up on her knees and leans over with her ass in the camera and blasts a big fart through her jeans! Then she bounces and jiggles around and blasts anoth... 5489 views

Summer Baily 13

Summer ate so much food earlier that it bloated her tummy and gave her gas cramps! She leans over in her tight jeans and blasts huge bubbly farts! She lays back on the sofa and pulls her legs way up and blasts more farts through her jeans. That denim... 10653 views


Today you're in for a special treat as sexy brunette JR farts on camera for the first time! She's wearing jeans, and she blasts a great-big fart through those jeans, then another! She pulls her legs way up and says her pants are too tight, then lean... 4945 views

Brittany Blue 19

Sexy veteran fartress Brittney Blue is on the bed, wearing jeans, and she blasts a huge fart and says she's been waiting all day for that! And guess what? That fart has friends! That's right - Brittney just keeps farting and farting in those jeans, a... 6138 views

Lexi Veracruz 16

Sexy Lexi is laying on the bed in a Forever Lazy blanket garment, and she unzips it to air it out. She is wearing a thong underneath, and she lets some airy farts hiss right through her thong! She doubles over on the bed and says she has mroe gas, th... 7914 views

Marlena 14

Marlena is here to fart for you in tight spandex pants today! She's got a lot of gas, and blasting it out is such a stress reliever for Marlena! She rolls around on the sofa, farting and farting, then she stands up and farts all around the room - OH ... 9677 views

Nina Devon 4

Nina is back to fart for you some more! She's bloated with burrito gas so she bends over and blasts burrito gas through her tight spandex pants right into the camera! She just keeps blasting fart after fart after hot inky fart - OH YEAH! The camera i... 4603 views