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Search Results for: young

Alexis Monroe 2

Remember the sexy 18-year-old hottie from the other day? Well, today Alexis is back to fart for you some more! She's wearing a string bikini and she ate some really bad Thai food that she's trying to fart out. She sticks her butt in the camera and bl... 5288 views

Amber Rayne

Introducing Amber Rayne, a cute, young brunette with a dirty, little secret. She ate way too much fiber, and might have to go. She bends over and blasts a loud fart through her denim shorts - nice! She pulls her shorts down, sticks her ass into the a... 6889 views


Today you're in for a special treat as we introduce a curvy young thing named Emerald. Emerald has something she wants you to see today - her farting ass! Although she has never farted on camera before, you can see she's got some real potential! She ... 4058 views

Emerald 2

The irresistible baby fat on this brunette babe just makes her sexier, you can just say that she is really young and this is something that she enjoys a lot. Watch her in her airy glory as she tries out different positions to produce the best farts s... 4651 views

Serena Marcus 10

This luscious young perverted babe is Serena Marcus. You can tell from her looks that she is playful, and she is indeed. She was just there chilling on the couch when she suddenly surprised herself with a fart. It amused her and it turned her on. So ... 3471 views

Stacy Lane 4

This young black beauty needs to go to the restroom really quick, her gas is fucking killing her but since it's your lucky day, she decided to stay there and share her gassy glory with you horny men. Her buns look tight in that skimpy denim shorts an... 4228 views

Auburn Lights

Auburn enjoys a big, meaty burger. But the one she had for lunch has left her with big, meaty farts! This pretty, petite girl is very shy about her flatulence, but she bravely pulls her panties aside and lets it fly anyway. It's hard to believe such ... 2117 views

Maryjane Mayhem 20

Maryjane Mayhem’s sex appeal is on high gear when she is wearing nothing but her glasses. Today she’s completely nude and is looking to fart right in your face! That smooth, smelly ass looks so good but is so stinky and loud! How does a young gir... 7405 views

Olivia 7

Bombshell Olivia has been subjected to cafeteria food and is glad to be home in bed feasting on tacos that are much more yummy. Despite loving the taste of her cuisine du jour, she is quite gassy from the tacos and her previous cafeteria samplings. T... 7755 views

Katrina Kox 32

Sitting in school all day, holding back gas, has left coed Katrina Kox in terrible pain. Once she is all alone in her room, she is farting in her tight jeans and really making a ruckus while pushing hard and creating some noisy honks. Young ladies do... 12839 views

Caramel Lee

Lactose intolerant girls are hot, and Caramel Lee is no exception! Get to know this sweetheart as she is farting for the first time on film. She has some super smelly silent-but-deadlies after consuming nachos. She may be a stranger to recording her ... 11343 views

Caramel Lee 3

Caramel Lee sure wakes up gassy! She rushes into her bathroom in the early morning hours, looking like a little angel with braids in her hair and an adorable nightie clinging to her chest but not covering her cute ass. Once she is perched on the pot,... 8304 views

Caramel Lee 5

There’s no scientific evidence to back it, but it seems pussy rubbing makes some girls gassy! Caramel Lee is home all alone and is massaging her pussy and expressing some pretty petite poots. A few of them pack a punch, but for the most part, this ... 6108 views

Caramel Lee 6

Hey dirty boy, Caramel Lee wants to make your dick vibrate! She has control of your cock and is sticking it against her ass while she is farting up a storm! By the time Caramel is finished, your dick is going to smell so foul - just the way you like ... 5601 views

Caramel Lee 7

Waiting for her ride to school, Caramel Lee is in a bit of distress. She has a plethora of poots she needs to get out and is perched on her white leather sectional to pass poofs with her plaid skirt lifted up. Was she really planning on wearing no pa... 7026 views

Kay Love 10

Welcome back, Silver Bullet! It’s been a while since Kay Love played with a favored toy, and she is busting out the Bullet and busting ass in the process! With her panties pulled to the side, she has her buzzer on high and is reaching erotic height... 8035 views

Kay Love 12

Tonight’s dinner was an entire pizza for cute Kay Love! How does such a little thing eat a 12-inch pie by her lonesome? This lactose intolerant babe is feeling the burn inside her belly from all that cheese, and the dairy has also left her constipa... 7063 views

Lisa Tiffian

Introducing hottie Lisa Tiffian, a young lady who has never farted for the camera but does have some related experience. Farting for boyfriends is something she has done in the past, and Lisa is now sharing her ass blasts with you. Sure, she is a lit... 11406 views

Savanna Ginger 24

Savanna Ginger is one uncomfortable young lady! This saucy Latina has consumed something spicy and has the honking ass to prove it! She has rushed into the bathroom for the umpteenth time tonight, and has to work out her gas in order to feel at least... 7548 views

Jessica Winters 4

Jessica Winters’ farts are as loud as heck after this lactose intolerant hottie has made the fatal mistake of eating pizza.. All that cheese has left her so gassy, and she is in the bathroom trying to make things happen once her sexy black shorts a... 10459 views

Jessica Winters 7

Jessica Winters usually starts the day off right by masturbating before going about her day. She is never deterred by early morning gas and even seems to revel in it to a large degree, as she has one hand stationed on her shaved kitty, while the othe... 7875 views

Amiee Davis

Exuberant Amiee Davis is home from work and feeling gassy, so why not share her stink? This youthful hottie hasn’t ever farted in front of anyone, but there’s a first time for everything! She says it feels good to let it all out as she strips dow... 7558 views

Aimee Davis 6

Aimee Davis says her tummy feels weird, and her ass is backing up those claims! Her pronounced pucker is front and center when this gassy girl is letting ‘em rip. Sweet Aimee looks fantastic in pink and black lingerie that does not cover her boiste... 5266 views

Aimee Davis 7

What Aimee Davis lacks in experience, she makes up for in sweetness. She sounds a bit bashful when directing you to give her ass the attention it deserves, but this youthful hottie wants it and is sharing her sweet pucker with you as fabulous farts f... 5383 views