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Search Results for: white booty

Summer Baily 15

Sexy Summer Baily knows you want to smell some farts today, and she's got bean gas today from Mexican food, including nachos! She's wearing a red matching bra and thong, which she pulls to the side to blast farts in your face! You can see her asshole... 9014 views

Allison Pierce 4

Allison farting on the stool. This one she's got a pair of really cute pink booty shorts and she hangs her sexy little ass over the side of the stool to fart in your face! Very hot and very nasty ass gas. A real ball drainer! 7003 views

Allison Pierce 5

Allison returns for some more farting, this time on the stool! She's got a cute pink tube top on with a pair of very tight jeans. You get some good close ups of her booty farting on the stool as well as hanging off the stool and she even cups her far... 6942 views


Berlin stars in her very first clip for Fart Fantasy! This fart-veteran knows what it takes to put on a good fart show. Watch her as she farts in a pair of tight booty shorts before she pulls them over and lets you get some nice close up naked ass ho... 8737 views

Chanel 7

Chanel stars in her very first toilet farting clip! Aren't you excited? She's got a tight white top displaying her huge knockers and a pair of mesh booty shorts on. Watch as she blasts her gas into the toilet bowl! Enjoy! 3437 views

Naughty Holly 2

Holly is back again for another hot sexy fart session! This time she's in a hot pair of booty shorts and a tight little green tshirt. She pulls her shorts over to give you a peek at her tight little pink stinker as it expels lovely ass gas! Another h... 3996 views

Naughty Holly 11

Holly is happily gassy and ready to share it with you! Holly's jolly little ass is sitting on the toilet with her pants pulled off, no panties on and her legs spread - excellent! She's got some real bowl blasters coming out her sexy little booty that... 6748 views

Janie Lynn 2

Janie Lynn is back again for more nasty smelling ass gas blasting! This time she's in a pair of lacy booty-panties and a white bra. She's farting on the couch with some nice full weight farting and bend over face-blaster farts! Janie is an excellent ... 4156 views

Jenny 6

Jenny the asian 18y/o farter is back for more booty busting! This time she's in a pair of black cotton panties and a white bra. She's on the couch again and she blasts lots of stinky asian ass in your face! Wanna smell more of Jenny's ass and farts? ... 4942 views

Madison Luna 3

Madison back for more farting gives us a nice show of her beautiful booty busting farts in a white unibody outfit. Very sexy. She lets off some real stinkers! 3838 views

Madison Leigh 2

Madison returns, this time she's in a black corset and booty panties. Come join Madison as she gets the gas out in bed. Enjoy the aroma of her ass gas! Listen as she tells you how her belly feels as she talks to you about farting. 4742 views

Madison Leigh 3

Madison is on the couch getting the gas out and sharing the details! This time she's in a tight sports shirt with a thin white thong accenting her plump round gaseous booty! You get to see her farting into the couch as well as pulling over that thin ... 7744 views

Sinnamon Love & Berlin

Sinnamon Love and Berlin star in a very hot, very sexy farting contest! Watch as Sinnamon spanks farts out of Berlin's booty and fart as loud and hard as they can to see who is the real farting queen! Try not to cum before the clip ends, this is a ho... 7025 views

Britney Stevens 25

Veteran fartress Britney Stevens is back to fart for you! She ate too much and she's gassy, so she sticks her cute booty into the camera and blasts farts through her tight little short-shorts! Then she takes her shorts off to let the air out, since t... 3830 views

Brittany Blue 3

Brittany is in a huge tub and she's all full of gas from eating Spaghetti-O's! She spreads her legs and blasts big farts up the front - NICE! The camera zooms in on her bare asshole and you can see it all! She says there's more gas in there and it do... 4200 views

Brittany Blue 10

Blonde Brittany is ned on the bed, wearing only fishnets, saying she shouldn't go to that taco place anymore because it gave her gas. She sticks her booty into thge camera and farts as she says her tummy hurts! She just keeps blasting farts and holdi... 4355 views

Brittany Blue 13

Brittany comes into the bathroom in a skirt that does not cover her gorgeous booty, and plops down on the toilet seat. The camera sneaks up under her ass and gives you a nice close-up peek! Then Brittany starts ripping farts into the toilet bowl! She... 7627 views

Cami Smalls 4

Cami is bloated with gas, so she pulls her bikini bottoms down and gets up on the loveseat facing ass-out, and when the camera is right there at ass-level, she starts blasting farts! Then she pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts bare-asshole farts r... 5761 views

Carrie Ann 4

Sweet Carrie Ann is back, wearing a cute blue Teddy! She gets up on all fours in a chair, and the camera zooms in on her bare asshole as she lets an airy fart fly! The camera stays there on her big booty as she pulls her cheeks apart and blasts a cou... 7412 views

Cece 2

Remember Cece, the new girl from the other day? Well, today she's back, and she's got her booty-shorts-festooned ass in the air on the sofa, and she rips a huge fart into your face! Then she blasts another fart through her panties, and boy does she f... 7213 views

Cece 7

For those of you flatulophiles who are into hairy asses - Cece's back! She sticks her big beautiful booty into the camera and farts bare-ass into the lens! The camera gets right in there and you can see everything - ass, asshole, asshair, the whole n... 4601 views

Coco Velvett 6

Coco is singing a song about having farts in her tummy, then she sticks her bare booty into the camera and lets you have it! She blows some airy farts into your face, then bounces around on the bed to get all the farts out! She blasts some loud, juic... 4124 views

Jackie Avalon

Farting on camera for the first time today is Jackie Avalon, a hot blonde in a red see-through bra and panties! She ate ice cream and she's lactose intolerant, so she's going to let out all that stinky gas in your face! She sticks her round booty int... 4300 views

Jackie Avalon 4

Jackie is back to fart for you some more today! She has some really bad gas again so she's going to fart for you on the coffee table! She spreads her cheeks and plants her big round booty on the coffee table and lets some airy farts hiss, then she bl... 4013 views