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Search Results for: tight shorts


We would like you to meet Zamora, she is a black chick wearing super-tight shorts, tempting huh? And to make your fantasies more delicious, she has a pretty bad stomach ache right now. Now sit back and enjoy the fun as dirty Zamora squirms all over t... 6484 views


Berlin stars in her very first clip for Fart Fantasy! This fart-veteran knows what it takes to put on a good fart show. Watch her as she farts in a pair of tight booty shorts before she pulls them over and lets you get some nice close up naked ass ho... 8607 views

Chanel 7

Chanel stars in her very first toilet farting clip! Aren't you excited? She's got a tight white top displaying her huge knockers and a pair of mesh booty shorts on. Watch as she blasts her gas into the toilet bowl! Enjoy! 3391 views

Naughty Holly 2

Holly is back again for another hot sexy fart session! This time she's in a hot pair of booty shorts and a tight little green tshirt. She pulls her shorts over to give you a peek at her tight little pink stinker as it expels lovely ass gas! Another h... 3935 views

Naughty Holly 9

Holly knows what you want and she's here to give it to you. She's got plenty of stinky ass gas that she's ready to let loose in your face. She's wearing a pair of black shorts and a tight cowgirl print t-shirt, very sexy. She really knows how to fart... 3583 views

Naughty Holly 14

Holly has stopped by for another fart fantasy. She's wearing a read sweater with some short black shorts and white cotton panties. Holly starts off by farting in the chair she's sitting in, about a minute into the clip she pulls off her shorts and pa... 7386 views

Mollie Green 4

Mollie is back and she's just eaten asparagus and she's got gas before she's supposed to go to yoga. So she decides to stay here and do some fart-yoga for you while she's in her tight little spandex shorty-shorts. This is another nut-buster, you gott... 6256 views

Sinnamon Love 7

Sinnamon Love back again for more farting. She's got a bikini to and some tight fitting, hot as hell purple shorts on that allow her ass to fart freely and frequently! Smell her stinky round brown booty as it busts in your face! 3530 views

Alexa Bay 7

Sexy Alexa sits at her desk when she suddenly is overcome with gas pains. She leans back and spreads her legs and the camera moves in as she blasts a fart through her skin-tight shorts! Next she gets on her knees in the chair and bends over and farts... 7404 views

Alexis Monroe

Today you're in for an extra-special treat as we introduce Alexis Monroe, an 18-year-old girl who is farting on camera for the first time! She's wearing tight Daisy Dukes and she says her tummy hurts. Then she leans over and rips a huge fart through ... 5824 views

Britney Stevens 25

Veteran fartress Britney Stevens is back to fart for you! She ate too much and she's gassy, so she sticks her cute booty into the camera and blasts farts through her tight little short-shorts! Then she takes her shorts off to let the air out, since t... 3763 views

Cameron Lexus 2

Remember the sexy new girl from the other day, Cameron Lexus? Well, today she's back because she ate some pizza and has a bad case of the farts from it! She sticks her cute round booty into the camera and rips huge, pizza-scented farts right through ... 4468 views

Cameron Lexus 7

Sexy Cameron is back to fart for you some more! Today she's wearing a tank top and tight denim shorts. She's on her side when she blasts a couple farts through her shorts! She lays on her back and lifts a leg and blasts more farts through her shorts,... 4374 views

Coco Velvett 2

Remember the hot, sexy brunette from last week? Well, today she's back she's wearing super-tight shorts, and she's got a bellyful of gas to fart out in front of you! Coco bends over and blasts a cute little poot and giggles about it! Then she does it... 4775 views

Cristi Minaj

Debuting for your viewing pleasure today is Cristi Minaj, a sexy brunette wearing tight shorts! The camera zooms up underneath and catches her first fart on camera, and it's a blasty one! Then she farts some more - BOO-YAH! Those shorts really hold i... 4152 views

Kelsey Obsession 4

Sexy little Kelsey just got back from eating a big lunch, and she's wearing tight denim shorts. She spins around ass-out on the sofa and unleashes a barrage of farts through her shorts and into your face! She says it feels good to get all that air ou... 4814 views

Lexi Veracruz 5

Latina lovely Lexi is wearing shorts with suspenders today. She hops up into the chair facing ass-out and starts farting through her shorts! First she lets an airy fart hiss, then she blasts a little fart before laying on her tummy and farting some m... 4301 views

Lynna Fox 13

Lynna is on the bed, wearing a black bra and ever-so-tight shiny silver shorts! She squats on her knees on the bed and the camera zooms in nice and tight as farts! Her shorts are so tight, you can see her butt working to get the farts out - SEXY! Tho... 4221 views

Lynna Fox 18

Sexy tall blonde Lynna is here today to fart for you in skin-tight shorts - WOO-HOO! She's bent over with that hot ass of hers stuck right into the camera, and it's amazing how those farts can get through those tight shorts. The denim certainly holds... 3890 views

Myeshia Nikole 7

Sexy ebony Myeshia walks into the bathroom, wearing a bra and tight-tight short-shorts, and you can see how bloated with gas she is today. She drops her shorts and sits on the potty with the camera level with her ample booty, and starts blasting fart... 4632 views

Nilaya Brown 2

Nilaya just got back from the strip club and she's been drinking. She bends over and blasts a huge fart into your face! She's farting through these tight purple shorts, which hold in the stench nicely! She wiggles her shorts down and removes them, th... 4515 views

Scarlett Sweets 3

Scarlett walks into the room wearing tight white booty shorts! She drops her shorts and gets up on top of the coffee table, where she spreads her ass and sits in a see-through sex chair, where she starts farting! The camera is zoomed in tight on her ... 4037 views

Valerie Gibson 2

Remember the hot new girl from the other day, Valerie Gibson? Well today she's back with more farts for you! She's wearing tight black shorts, which she lets a couple airy farts through! She says her farts stink, while she rolls around releasing ass ... 4795 views

Valerie Gibson 4

Valerie is back to fart for you some more today! She's wearing ever-so-tight shorts, which she blasts a big stinky fart through! Then she does it again - WOW! She thinks it's nasty but you know it's ass perfume, right? Valerie then pulls her shorts d... 5208 views