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Search Results for: tattoos

Abigail Peach 21

Beans and rice were what cast a gassy state on beautiful Abigail Peach. This poor girl was genuinely regretting her food choices as her stomach was in knots. She could not stand the bloat in her belly. Without a doubt, sultry Ms. Peach is as stinky a... 4320 views

Britney Stevens 17

Britney sits in the chair wearing a sexy mini-skirt outfit and no panties! She lifts one leg and pulls her cheeks apart and blasts a huge fart into your face - BOO-YAH! She's talking about her tattoos, piercings, slutty outfit, and farting! She knows... 4106 views

Abigail Peach 20

Abigail Peach looks so sexy in red, and during this POV fart session, she works hard to make her belly less bloated. So many huge gassers make their way into the world, causing discomfort and a surplus of stench in the room. Miss Peach loves the atte... 4552 views

Brittany Lynn

Today we introduce Brittany Lynn, one of the hottest fart stars out there and it is an honor to present to you this awesome babe, with the sexy tattoos, delicious and tight little body, her pretty face and her blue streaked hair. Seeing this girl nak... 9451 views

Emerald 6

This brunette chick is really adorable, all giggly and so happy with giving us a special show. Look at that crazy hot outfit and her tattoos! She knows how to drive a guy like me wild. Those alone can make me cum harder than a horse but she has more ... 4586 views

Emerald 7

Emerald looks hot today, especially with all those sexy tattoos covering her body. You can tell just by looking at her that this one is a nasty chick, and she is into some really kinky acts. She's a little bloated today, but it makes her look a littl... 4240 views

JR 9

JR greet us in a school-girl skirt with her sexy tattoos and piercings, but she has more than a little gas. She removes her panties as fart after fart is released while her brown-eye and sweet pussy winks for our camera. JR lies down on a table and ... 4046 views

JR 10

Our camera returns to the private recesses of sexy JR and her tattoos and piercings and she has more hot farts for our eyes, ears, and noses! She bends over our couch in a totally nude and let loose a barrage of farts from tight ass. Our team captur... 4607 views

JR 11

Bad girl JR is sexy as ever in her boy briefs with her tattoos and piercings. But she also has a little gas, that has to get out one way or another! Her red briefs can't hope to contain the farts that come from her ass as she bends over and spread h... 3852 views

JR and Daisy Layne 2

Our playful pair returns, but this time blonde girl-next-door Daisy is submitting to riot grrrl JR with her tattoos and piercings and both are nude! JR shows she's a natural at face-sitting as Daisy smacks her lips in anticipation of her farts " a... 10043 views

JR and Daisy Layne 4

Playful duo JR and Daisy Layne are back again, and this time it's JR's turn to eat Daisy's farts. Daisy spreads her ass for riot girl JR and her sexy tattoos and piercings and JR literally eats up every fart that comes her way! Daisy even engages in... 10044 views

Sprinkle Freak

Sprinkle Freak is one nasty bitch, indeed she is a freak. But a sexy one at that. Look at those amazing tattoos, her cheetah marked ass and her tight body like an warrior princess. While thats all hot and amazing, wait until you hear and see her far... 6267 views

Sprinkle Freak 2

Do you want to see something freaky and perversely hot at the same time? Watch Sprinkle Freak, this one hot tough babe with multiple tattoos, you can tell from the marks on her skin that this chick is feisty. Before you start drooling, What she is go... 6533 views

Sprinkle Freak 4

Wow look at this feisty hot ebony babe Sprinkle Freak! She s looking saucy on the bed, all sexy with her wild leopard-print tattoos on her ass and sprinkles tatted on her naked body. Look at that big black butthole as she farts, it would blow your h... 5757 views

Sprinkle Freak 7

Damn this woman is feisty! In case you don't know her, her name is Sprinkle Freak and her name seems tame for what this girl can really do. She doesn't beat around the bush and she goes straight for the , a mere second into the clip and she's there, ... 5058 views

Blair Winters 5

Blair Winters is in a rush to hit the toilet with a highly tumultuous tummy. She is ridding her sexy belly of gas that smells so foul she is instantly surrounded by the stink upon her first poot. With her black thong stretched at her knees, she is po... 8842 views

Blair Winters 8

Blair Winters is regretting her valiant effort during a food eating contest with friends at a buffet. She sampled a plethora of foods and is home now and suffering a very upset tummy that made her very gassy. She’s her normally sexy self in nothing... 6962 views

Blair Winters 10

Blair wants you to beg for her farts and get really close to smell her every offering! Your efforts will be rewarded with awesome closeup shots of that tight ebony ass hole turning out some impressive stale wind! Blair is especially hot in a black th... 7797 views

Brittany Kendall

It is Brittany Kendall’s first time farting in public, and she has dressed in a sexy baby blue thong and matching see-through top showcasing those great tits for her big debut. Her little slithers are modest to start, but this sexy gal works her wa... 6771 views

Brittany Kendall 2

Brittany Kendall is in a bad way with all the farts she has stored in her fair-skinned backside! She is wearing a sexy, pink mesh top and has launched an anal assault on the leather bench in her living room. This alluring blonde in glasses is taking ... 7542 views

Ivana 6

Illustrious Amber Star wants to play and has selected you as her playmate. Asking you to “do her a favor and take out your dick,” she gets down to the business of sharing her ass racket while wearing sexy, bright pink panties. Once her panties ar... 8431 views

Ivana 7

Sultry Ivana proves bikinis can be sexy in more ways than one! She enters her room in a barely there, adorable bikini and has a surplus of sizzlers sliding out against fabric of her pink bikini bottom. Once she unties it, she uses the bottom to sniff... 4857 views

Paris Marie 3

Paris Marie exercises in the nude because she knows clothes only hamper her ability to stretch and spread her legs wide when she’s hard at work. She works out for a while in that pink thong of hers, but eventually removes that as well for uninhibit... 6148 views

Paris Marie 5

Paris Marie is sexy in any situation and looks amazing rushing into her bathroom in her little black thong. A fart escapes before she’s even reached the toilet! Paris has to go right now! She leaves her tiny thong stretched at her ankles while hold... 7167 views