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Search Results for: tattooed

Abigail Peach 23

“It feels so good to let all of those farts out for you…” This is what sultry brunette Abigail Peach had to say during a tremendously sexy fart session. You do not want to miss this babe at her best as she farts her way directly into your fart-... 4081 views

Abigail Peach 19

Captivating Abigail Peach has something special in store for you! She would love to share all of her stinky farts with you, as she knows you love the sights and sounds of her most clamorous gassers. This perfect ten is a stinky kinkster, and spending... 3622 views

Tabitha James 4

Tabitha is one the bed, with her pierced-and-tattooed body barely covered in a red thong bikini. She pulls that red thong to the side and blasts a stinky fart right into your face! But wait - there's more - as usual, Tabitha has not bathed in a few ... 3573 views

Brittany Lynn 10

She's tied up and bound with ropes, but it's not going to stop Brittany Lynn from letting out her stinky gas! We hope you like having her farts in your face, because she's forcing all her disgusting gas out, and it's going to completely destroy your ... 4732 views

JR 8

Today you're in for a special treat - JR in the fart chair! That's right, fart fetishists. Tattooed alt girl JR hops her ass right up into that fart chair and unleashes her deepest bowel aromas right into your face loudly and extremely close-up so y... 4299 views

JR and Daisy Layne

JR and Daisy Layne meet our camera crew on their bed, ready for a fun romp smelling each others gas! The playful pair take turns putting their faces next to each others booties and sitting on each others faces as they fart again and again for your p... 4767 views

Michelle Malone, Roxy Moore, Mari Possa 4

There is no stopping this luscious trio from giving each other some hot air action. When these three lovely ladies are together it's like a whirlwind of scented pleasures. Watch as the hot black chick Michelle Malone, the tattooed blondie Roxy Moore ... 10869 views

Roxy Moore and Mari Possa

Now it can't get any hotter than this. Two gorgeous ladies, the Latina Mari Possa and the tattooed blonde babe Roxy Moore trading their essence with each other. They are both excited about and both are at the top of their game. Mari Possa was the fir... 10867 views

Serena Marcus 14

Miss Serena, the tattooed blonde wonder, returns to blast your face full of ass gas today. She's so sexy in this video, and boy has she got a tummy full of farts for you! Serena has been around the block a few times and knows what she is doing for su... 3138 views


Shonna isn't feeling one hundred percent today because she has a stomach ache. Well, isn't that great news for us fart fetish guys? That means this black tattooed babe is going to grace us with her windy powers. She uses the whole living room to posi... 3753 views

Shonna 3

Shonna ate all those chili cheese dogs and tonight gentlemen, is going to be a gassy night. She moves her tattooed body sideways and exposed her naked black ass in front of the camera, she moans and moans, pushing that wicked wind out of her stomach.... 3000 views

Sprinkle Freak 3

The hot tattooed chick is Sprinkle Freak, she is feeling a little bit under the weather today, she may have eaten too much for launch and now her stomach is killing her. That is a special treat for us guys, because you know she is going to be giving ... 4032 views

Sprinkle Freak 6

It s just a normal day for Sprinkle Freak, she s just wearing her casual attire at home when suddenly her stomach rumbles. She knows it s because of what she ate earlier and she needed to let all that gas go. That means it s your lucky day! You'r... 4519 views

Sprinkle Freak 7

Damn this woman is feisty! In case you don't know her, her name is Sprinkle Freak and her name seems tame for what this girl can really do. She doesn't beat around the bush and she goes straight for the , a mere second into the clip and she's there, ... 5338 views

Blair Winters 6

Blair Winters wants your face next to her smelly, farty ass while you are stroking your cock. She assumes you’re feeling horny and are eager to delight in her ass full of farts after whipping out that cock for her. Stroke it up and down per her ins... 11224 views

Nikki Ford 5

Nikki Ford is out to fulfill your fantasy of seeing an ebony beauty bathing in her own farts! Nikki thought she'd take a nice, relaxing bath after supper but the Mexican meal is catching up with her. Following a nice burp to get things going, she set... 6813 views

Savanna Ginger 3

The magnificent Savanna wants you to smell everything coming out of her ass. With you down on the floor she gets her ass as close to you as she can and rides your face on a wave of gas! Determined to make you smell her $hit, Savanna bounces above you... 2289 views


Ivana had never heard of a fart fetish before today, but she was curious when she heard you really got off to girls farts. Ivana bends over revealing a back tattoo and long lean legs supporting a cute round behind. The little brown freckles on Ivan... 8361 views

Ivana 2

Ivana is trying her best to write you a love letter but her gassy exploits are getting in the way. She’s bellied up to her writing desk but managing to do more damage to her leather chair than composing. Clearly bothered by the smell, she wonders o... 7703 views

Ivana 3

What’s a girl to do when all she wants to do is relax and immerse herself in a good read, but she’s hampered by the digestion of the burrito she ate for lunch? Dressed in the sultriest red wine-colored lingerie, Amber needs rapid relief before sh... 5499 views

Paris Marie

The personable Paris Marie heard you like farts, and she’s ready to show you what her grumbly tummy can produce. Sexy, short jean shorts hardly muffle her whirring wallops. Those shorts must be made of thin denim because she’s taking note of the ... 8993 views

Paris Marie 2

What did that bench ever do to her? Paris Marie is dispatching raunchy raspberries to the leather bench in her room on her quest to share the sum of her farts with us. Her sexy baby blue thong is just getting in the way; she glides it down her body t... 6979 views

Paris Marie 4

Slide under Paris Marie to take in the aroma of her air biscuits. Feel the force of her flatulence on your tongue as she continues to shoot screamers in your face while commenting on the smell in the room. This gassy wonder is not shy when it comes t... 6720 views

Paris Marie 6

The tattooed and talented Paris Marie has a naughty adventure planned for you today. She knows how much you love her sexy ass and the purrs it makes when her girl farts escape. Paris is going to let you jack off to the sound of her farts while feelin... 6365 views