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Search Results for: tattooed girl

JR 8

Today you're in for a special treat - JR in the fart chair! That's right, fart fetishists. Tattooed alt girl JR hops her ass right up into that fart chair and unleashes her deepest bowel aromas right into your face loudly and extremely close-up so y... 4212 views

JR and Daisy Layne

JR and Daisy Layne meet our camera crew on their bed, ready for a fun romp smelling each others gas! The playful pair take turns putting their faces next to each others booties and sitting on each others faces as they fart again and again for your p... 4650 views

Sprinkle Freak 7

Damn this woman is feisty! In case you don't know her, her name is Sprinkle Freak and her name seems tame for what this girl can really do. She doesn't beat around the bush and she goes straight for the , a mere second into the clip and she's there, ... 5210 views

Blair Winters 6

Blair Winters wants your face next to her smelly, farty ass while you are stroking your cock. She assumes you’re feeling horny and are eager to delight in her ass full of farts after whipping out that cock for her. Stroke it up and down per her ins... 11035 views

Nikki Ford 5

Nikki Ford is out to fulfill your fantasy of seeing an ebony beauty bathing in her own farts! Nikki thought she'd take a nice, relaxing bath after supper but the Mexican meal is catching up with her. Following a nice burp to get things going, she set... 6687 views

Savanna Ginger 3

The magnificent Savanna wants you to smell everything coming out of her ass. With you down on the floor she gets her ass as close to you as she can and rides your face on a wave of gas! Determined to make you smell her $hit, Savanna bounces above you... 2072 views


Ivana had never heard of a fart fetish before today, but she was curious when she heard you really got off to girls farts. Ivana bends over revealing a back tattoo and long lean legs supporting a cute round behind. The little brown freckles on Ivan... 8203 views

Ivana 2

Ivana is trying her best to write you a love letter but her gassy exploits are getting in the way. She’s bellied up to her writing desk but managing to do more damage to her leather chair than composing. Clearly bothered by the smell, she wonders o... 7521 views

Ivana 3

What’s a girl to do when all she wants to do is relax and immerse herself in a good read, but she’s hampered by the digestion of the burrito she ate for lunch? Dressed in the sultriest red wine-colored lingerie, Amber needs rapid relief before sh... 5363 views

Paris Marie

The personable Paris Marie heard you like farts, and she’s ready to show you what her grumbly tummy can produce. Sexy, short jean shorts hardly muffle her whirring wallops. Those shorts must be made of thin denim because she’s taking note of the ... 8806 views

Paris Marie 2

What did that bench ever do to her? Paris Marie is dispatching raunchy raspberries to the leather bench in her room on her quest to share the sum of her farts with us. Her sexy baby blue thong is just getting in the way; she glides it down her body t... 6830 views

Paris Marie 4

Slide under Paris Marie to take in the aroma of her air biscuits. Feel the force of her flatulence on your tongue as she continues to shoot screamers in your face while commenting on the smell in the room. This gassy wonder is not shy when it comes t... 6590 views

Paris Marie 6

The tattooed and talented Paris Marie has a naughty adventure planned for you today. She knows how much you love her sexy ass and the purrs it makes when her girl farts escape. Paris is going to let you jack off to the sound of her farts while feelin... 6254 views

Paris Marie 7

It is unbelievable how heavenly the stark naked, angelic Paris Marie looks spread out on her white comforter! Our tattooed cherub is feeling naughty today and rubs her honey pot while simultaneously farting on her delicate fingers. Her palpable puffs... 5703 views

Sindell Angel 5

Sindell is at it again, only this time she’s in sexy gold lingerie that looks amazing against her ebony skin. She’s a little gassy today and has several pleasing poofs that differ in length and sound. Her skimpy lingerie is doing nothing to mask ... 6678 views

Paris Marie 16

Paris Marie in the buff is an awesome sight, for sure! This tattooed tart is sporting red locks, and that’s not the only distinct feature of this babe. She is plagued with a tremendous amount of gas and kicks up her sex appeal by sharing closeups o... 7250 views

Kim Chi

Introducing tattooed Asian sensation, Kim Chi! This engaging girl is new to farting in front of others, but you’ve caught her when she is extremely gassy and needing to let go of some whoppers. Look at that small, cute tush! How could her farts be ... 11660 views

Kim Chi 3

Tattooed tart Kim Chi has a tummy ache, so she has rushed into the restroom to alleviate the issues caused by eating too many beans. Bean farts are by far some of the worst, and her small bathroom quickly becomes nothing more than a gas chamber, as K... 4891 views

Kim Chi 14

Kim Chi with the small, perky titties has jerk off instructions dialed in! She knows how to leave you teetering on the edge, as you follow her every command. Kim refuses to let you cum too soon. She wants you to wait until the conclusion of her dynam... 5447 views

Kim Chi 15

Kim Chi is so cute, even when she makes a dietary mistake! This saucy, tattooed Asian hottie ate three bowls of beans at a barbecue, and she felt the repercussions in her sexy belly. She slid her striking blue panties to the side, so not to soil them... 6338 views

Kim Chi 16

Tattooed Asian temptress Kim Chi is a captivating doll, isn’t she? Her most recent masturbation session is an auditory delight! First of all, her pretty pussy is so wet that it makes the greatest sounds as she rubs it with intensity. Add to it, she... 5766 views

Kim Chi 19

Being lactose intolerant means tattooed hottie Kim Chi should not eat pizza, but she likes the taste, and self-control has never been her strong suit! She was quite excited to learn you love the scent and sound of a petite gal shooting burning gasser... 4952 views

Kim Chi 20

When you treat Kim Chi to a nice dinner out, of course she is going to thank you in the most erotic and stinky way possible! She starts your reward by letting you watch her rub her pussy while the Indian food works its magic on her belly, rendering h... 4746 views

Kim Chi 21

Kim Chi’s oiled ass hole? Yes, please! Oh, the sounds she makes when her Asian pucker is covered in oil are amazing, and of course, her sensual gasps with each gasser are so sexy. Kim never disappoints when she shares her farts, and the kinkier thi... 7329 views