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Search Results for: stockings

Dolly Dominatrix 4

Returning to entertain you with her ass today is Dolly! She's wearing a bustier and mesh stockings and she spreads her butt-cheeks and blasts a fart! Then she grabs an orange bag and places it around her buttonhole and farts into it - YOWZA! Dolly ke... 3345 views

Ashley Heart

Ashley has never done any kind of farting stuff on camera before, but she sure gives it a good try! In this clip she's wearing a black miniskirt, black fishnet stockings, a pink bikini style top and high heels, very sexy looking! The blonde hottie ha... 4787 views

Jade 4

Jade's back again to fart for you again! She's wearing a pink top, black panties and fishnet stockings. She moves in many different positions to let out all those painful gassy farts that she's been holding in. Buy this clip and watch Jade candidly r... 4626 views

Misty Stone 8

Misty is on the sofa today, wearing a black bra and panties with white thigh high fishnet stockings. She ate way too much at a steakhouse, and now she has bad gas! She starts out blasting a huge fart, then she pulls her panties down and shakes her ni... 3843 views

Malaysia Blue 7

Sexy freaky Malaysia runs into the bathroom wearing a bra, cheerleaders kirt, and knee-high stockings. She pulls that skirt off and sits on the potty and starts blasting farts into the bowl! She leans forward and with the camera right there, squeezes... 5161 views

Shonna 2

Poor pitiful Shonna picked the wrong food for dinner and now she's suffering, or rather, loving the consequences. She's whining about her tummy, she knows that today is going to be a gassy day and oddly enough, it excites her. This perverted black gi... 3222 views

Blair Winters 8

Blair Winters is regretting her valiant effort during a food eating contest with friends at a buffet. She sampled a plethora of foods and is home now and suffering a very upset tummy that made her very gassy. She’s her normally sexy self in nothing... 7275 views

Nikki Ford 11

What did Nikki do between eating lots of cheese and broccoli and partying with her friends at the nightclub? She ripped open her stockings so there's be nothing between you and her flatulent butthole! After the day Nikki's had she needs you to help h... 3738 views

Sindell 2

Sindell just cannot resist stopping by her local Mexican joint on Taco Tuesday. Her carefree attitude allows this gassy gal to laugh it off and find some relief while sitting on her leather bench after one too many tacos. Wasting no time, she keeps h... 6447 views


Join Rapunzel as she is giving farting for the camera a shot. She hasn’t tried this before and is more accustomed to holding in her stale wind. Her tummy is bothering her a bit, and she is producing some putrid smells as she perches on a sofa to te... 12334 views

Lucky Starr 23

Look at the sexy stockings on Lucky Starr! She is in black nylons with pink lace threaded up the leg, ending in a cute bow! These nylons are not the hottest thing on this babe, however. She is wearing a thong she takes off and farts on to easily brin... 6238 views

Alice Frost 25

You are in for a real treat in the form of curvy Alice Frost wanting to fart all over your dick! She is using her own flesh-colored phallus to show you exactly what she has planned for your stiffie. Alice is pushing it against her pink pantyhose and ... 4450 views

Katt Lowden 13

Sexy Katt Lowden has a sexy surprise for you. First off, she’s donned delightful lingerie and sizzling fishnet stockings before approaching you to give a special treat in the form of her chili-induced farts! Katt knows exactly what you like! She’... 5358 views

Sedusa D 7

Black stockings and a sexy garter belt suit sexy Sedusa D, as she is a captivating, curvy doll who is all class. Well, except for when it comes to her ass! That is where her normally commendable degree of couth comes to a close! She has her ass point... 8533 views

Katt Lowden 38

Most girls love Hitachi Magic Wands due to the powerful vibrations they send through the body when the magical device is held against the clit. Katt Lowden loves hers, but she’s not a selfish girlfriend, so she is going to share this experience wit... 5909 views

Katt Lowden 39

Katt Lowden has quite the selection of sex toys! She has busted out her trusty Hitachi Magic Wand for her clit and is using a hot pink faux shaft for her stinky ass hole! Katt is gassy, but that is not putting a damper on her solo play! This audible ... 6001 views

Risika 19

Your girlfriend Risika found out what you have been looking at online. Your secret is a secret no longer! Guess what, though? Sure, she thinks you are a dirty boy, but she kinda likes it! So, instead of embarrassing you, or berating you, she is going... 3950 views

Risika 26

Dirty girl Risika is presenting her ass to you, for your birthday, and this should prove to be quite a memorable gift! In her sexiest pair of black stockings, this siren has some tremendously stinky gassers to share with you, in all of their glory! S... 3962 views

Diamond 15

Dressed in striped stockings and black panties, Diamond put on quite the fart display! She gave it her all as she pushed out the farts that were making her belly feel foul. She certainly was loud during her quest to find relief, but she made no excus... 4966 views

Violet Coxx 11

Violet Coxx recently found herself in a rough way…she was so gassy, and the painful farts really gave her a hard time as they burned on the way out. Wearing only black stockings, she looked like a total hottie, all the while hot farts were finding ... 2301 views

Violet Coxx 15

Big-bottomed MILF Violet Coxx painted her lips red and looked spectacular. However, she was in a gassy way, so she had no choice but to get all of that filth out of her sizable fanny. She was a hot mess, but she absolutely had to do something to make... 2616 views

Violet Coxx 17

The pain Violet Coxx was in was almost too much for her to handle. She sounded miserable as she dealt with powerful gas in her doughy belly. It took quite some time to work her gassers out, and she was just in an awful state the entire time. Her big ... 2226 views

Indian Climaxxx 4

India Climaxxx really has an ax to grind with Taco Tuesday! Every time she thinks she will be safe, she eats the cheesy, meaty deliciousness and pays for it later. Check out her filthy black ass as she lets a slew of wet and nasty gassers out into th... 2810 views

India Climaxxx 5

Luscious ebony India Climaxxx has such a nice backside! When she butts up to the camera, the view and stench are out of this world! If it’s a smelly black ass that gets your engine running, you cannot go wrong with sharing time with this stinky dar... 4283 views