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Search Results for: special effects

Jasmine LeFleur 19

If you have yet to check out Jasmine LeFleur's sexy ass passing toots, the time is now, my friend! Her backside is worthy of the ultimate praise, and in her latest fart installment, she is passing toots at a rapid pace, in conjunction with releasing ... 4007 views

Aimee Davis 5

Aimee Davis is a fresh-faced youngster who is hot as hell with a body of perfection. She is a bit gassy, though, but everybody farts! What is so fantastic about Aimee is she loves to share her farts with admirers, and is sometimes rather crafty when ... 7289 views

Blair Winters 28

Blair Winters has a sexy treat to make your workday fly by when she makes a saucy video for your enjoyment. Finding herself gassy, she decides to record herself to turn you on from afar! How sweet of her to share the foul smells you love so much! Bla... 7009 views

Gia Love 8

You have not seen a pucker protrude and dangle during daunting ass blasts the way youthful Gia Love's ass hole does. Wow! In sexy slow-motion, her ass is outstanding as gas escapes the pink confines of her beautiful butt hole. Nobody delivers such a ... 8365 views

Paris Marie 15

Paris Marie’s ass has never looked so tempting! She is directly in your face lavishing you with the lingering sounds of her outrageous ass blasts. In slow motion at its finest, these powerful shock waves are insanely rousing when slowed down to sho... 5633 views

Aimee Davis 17

Aimee Davis is impeccably groomed, and her cute, pink pucker is perfection. She’s farting in slow-motion, and the view is unbelievable! When her orifice opens to express gas, the coarse folds of skin stretch, then shrink back down to their perfect ... 7764 views

Ashley Luvbug 6

Ashley Luvbug’s tight ass blossoms before your eyes when she is expressing herself sensually by sharing her daunting gas in glorious slow-mo. Skin surrounding her brown bud is embellished with a bit of hair, and the single strands blow in the wind ... 6117 views

Nova Star 6

Black ass cheeks bouncing in slow-motion is hot ass hell! When Nova Star is lying on her side, farting in slo-mo, she spreads her cheeks during the blasts then lets them go to bounce back into formation. They look like round velvet pillows - good eno... 5787 views

Olivia Rain 7

Olivia Rain is a gassy girl and has a barking ass to prove it! Her dark full moon is farting up a firestorm of stinkers, and Miss Rain is sharing them in sexy slow-motion! Go ahead and get right between those cheeks…Olivia isn’t interested in kee... 5884 views

Taylor Starr 29

Taylor Starr’s sexy black ass has been busy! She’s a gassy little thing, and she loves to show off! She is sharing today’s gas surplus in slow-motion and bringing you as close as you can get to her stinky butt as her pucker widens and the room ... 6525 views

Destinee Jackson 6

Destinee Jackson has a round pucker that likes to perform! When she shows off her round, black hole in slow-motion, the results are fantastic! She knows exactly how to fart for the camera, starting slowly, so her farts last forever. For several sexy ... 13063 views

Gia Love 13

Slow-motion farting is so loud and detailed, you may want to skip the ear buds when Gia Love’s rosebud is working to whip gas in your direction! Her perfectly formed pucker has a job to do, and with grand gusto, gas is flying out of her perfect whi... 8452 views

Kay Love 20

When Kay Love says she has “so much gas,” she isn’t fibbing! Her hot, round and young black ass is busy, and we get to enjoy the view as she shares her pucker’s exertion in sizzling slow-motion! There is nothing left to the imagination when s... 7978 views

Olivia Rain 13

Olivia Rain is a special sort of kinkster. She really gets into sharing her farts, and for a twist on her normally torrid ass blasts, she is sharing her sphincter in sexy slow-motion! The sounds of her spews are loud and lewd, and her pucker is keepi... 5862 views

Rose Lane 13

Radiant Rose Lane loves to show off, and when you watch her fart, it puts a smile on her pretty face. To thank you for all of your previous ass adoration, she is treating you to sexy slow-motion farting that is an pucker-lover’s dream come true. Wa... 5577 views

Sindell Angel 18

Sizzling Sindell Angel never fails to deliver, and her latest fart-capade is all about the vistas of her coarse, textured pucker! This ebony hottie’s ass hole runneth over with putrid gas, and she is presenting her poots in glorious slow-motion, an... 7499 views

Alice Frost 31

Alice Frost is a lot of woman to love, and when she shares her dynamic farts in slow-motion, the vista is perfection! Fair-skinned Miss Frost is a lady we love because she holds nothing back when introducing her brassy gassers to the world. The whirl... 11846 views

Ashley Luvbug 18

Slow-motion farting enables one to really revel in the beauty of a busy butthole. Ashley Luvbug felt gassy and documented every sexy fart in glorious slow-motion, for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve seen Ashley’s bottom hard at work before, you ... 5982 views

Kiki Daire 7

When hot MILF Kiki Daire says she really has to fart, she’s never exaggerating. Her latest fart episode showcases her insane pucker going all out in sexy slow-motion. Kiki’s super-sized ass hole looks like a rosebud, sounds like a lawnmower and s... 7358 views

Lucky Starr 31

As always, Lucky Starr is proud of her poots and shares them in all their glory. For something scintillating and varied, she is showcasing her ass acoustics in slow-motion with hot close-ups of her Asian ass pucker opening up and releasing the methan... 11406 views

Verta 6

Is someone attempting to land a plane? No, that’s just Verta sharing her trademark thundering toots in fabulous slow-motion! Wow, her stinkers are extra loud today, and the deafening drill of her ass disasters is enough to make you want to cover yo... 7537 views

Amber Cream 6

Have you ever seen a pucker stretch like this? Amber Cream’s gassy spot is so sexy in slow-motion, and when she pulls her cheeks apart, it’s perfection. Miss Cream’s busy pucker would love the opportunity to say hello and share some circular st... 5758 views

Ashley Luvbug 25

Like a blooming flower, Ashley Luvbug’s pretty pink pucker opens up to say hello, promising some sexy views as she pushes gas out of her tush in sexy slow-motion! Watch the way the folds flutter with every poot! Ashley’s ass proves to be a beauty... 7170 views

Katt Lowden 10

A gassy, luscious Latina ass is on the menu, and Katt Lowden is the chef! She’s cooking up some vile and vicious ass blasts and casting them in your direction, as she serves up more than a sampling of her sexy sphincter hard at work. The product is... 5752 views