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Search Results for: slow mo

Allison Pierce and Amber Rayne 2

Back by popular demand, Allison and Amber pair up for some more face-sitting, panty-sniffing farting action - WOO-HOO! Both girls are wearing only their panties. Amber starts out sitting on Allison's face and ripping some real, eye-watering stinkers... 12400 views

Nora Skyy 7

Cute little blonde Nora has some dirty farts for you today! She's facing ass-out in a chair, where she rips a nice, long slow fart, followed by another! She says it's relieving pressure from her omach, and you can see it as her pink little asshole ch... 3891 views

Serena Marcus 4

Serena is on the bed, wearing a negligee and no panties! She sticks her ass into the camera and lets a silent-but-deadly fart hiss into the camera, then starts stroking her pussy! She grabs a pillow and lets an airy fart hiss. She lets a slow one rip... 3147 views

Ariel X 3

Ariel is at her coffee table, and there\'s a pile of imported pepper from India on it! She\'s afraid it\'ll make her sneeze, so she decides to blow the pepper off the coffee table with her farts! She stands up and blasts a long, slow fart through her... 5443 views

Ariel X 4

Ariel crawls along the floor, wearing a black bra and pink panties while the camera follows behind like a faithful, ass-sniffing hound. She pulls her panties to the side, and blows a long, slow fart right into your face! Treat yourself to a fantastic... 5372 views

Cassandra Cruz 4

Lovely Cassandra is wearing a cute little negligee in the living room and she's got some bad refried bean gas today! She gets on all fours on the sofa and pulls her bottoms to the side and rips a long, slow fart! That embarrasses Cassandra, so she pu... 4497 views


Donna enters the room after a trip to Taco Bell, where a bean burrito has filled her with gas. She's wearing a black-and-white striped super-tight strapless mini-dress, and starts off with a long, slow boomer fart that stinks up the whole room - nic... 4095 views

Jasmine LeFleur 19

If you have yet to check out Jasmine LeFleur's sexy ass passing toots, the time is now, my friend! Her backside is worthy of the ultimate praise, and in her latest fart installment, she is passing toots at a rapid pace, in conjunction with releasing ... 3997 views

Cassandra Cruz 12

Our camera returns to the private recesses of Latin Cassandra Cruz and she has more hot farts for our eyes, ears, and noses! Teasing us in a black and white bra and panties set, the bronze beauty bends over her couch and spreads her cheeks to release... 5214 views

Emerald 7

Emerald looks hot today, especially with all those sexy tattoos covering her body. You can tell just by looking at her that this one is a nasty chick, and she is into some really kinky acts. She's a little bloated today, but it makes her look a littl... 4514 views

Goddess Dior 4

Full-bodied, ebony Goddess Dior is very sexy in her little black dinner dress. Unfortunately for her, collard greens can cause more than a little bit of gas. The big butt ebony amateur lets out a variety of sounds from her ebony ass, from long and sl... 4533 views

Jennifer Anderson 2

Slender brunette Jennifer Anderson is very sexy in her two-piece lingerie. And she's ready to release all the stinky flatulence that's built up in her belly. The brunette amateur lets out a variety of sounds from her tight little sexy ass, from long ... 3935 views

Jodi Taylor 2

Jodi Taylor's a hot little gassy girl, and she wants nothing more than to show off her ass to you, right before she covers your face with the hot stink of her farts! She's going to let her gas slide out, nice and slow, so you can take in all of it. J... 7550 views

Blair Winters 6

Blair Winters wants your face next to her smelly, farty ass while you are stroking your cock. She assumes you’re feeling horny and are eager to delight in her ass full of farts after whipping out that cock for her. Stroke it up and down per her ins... 11207 views

Londyn Taylor 13

Fully nude, Londyn begins to masturbate. Slow and sexy, she slides her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. But then her bowels begin to relax and soon the sexy sounds of her wet cunt are interrupted by farty blasts from her colon! Londyn doesn't car... 5905 views

Silvia Rubi 6

Timing your jacking off to the pace of Silvia Rubi’s farts is an excellent way to get off, especially when the panties come off, and you’re granted a great vista of her vertical smile! This sexy Latina has working up to a fantastic finish down to... 8802 views

Aimee Davis 5

Aimee Davis is a fresh-faced youngster who is hot as hell with a body of perfection. She is a bit gassy, though, but everybody farts! What is so fantastic about Aimee is she loves to share her farts with admirers, and is sometimes rather crafty when ... 7266 views

Blair Winters 28

Blair Winters has a sexy treat to make your workday fly by when she makes a saucy video for your enjoyment. Finding herself gassy, she decides to record herself to turn you on from afar! How sweet of her to share the foul smells you love so much! Bla... 6982 views

Gia Love 6

Wow! With an ass that fine, Gia Love should be required to have a license to carry a concealed weapon! She is sharing her alluring ass antics in slow motion, and she is farting strong enough to make that precious pucker open up like the dawn of a new... 6083 views

Gia Love 8

You have not seen a pucker protrude and dangle during daunting ass blasts the way youthful Gia Love's ass hole does. Wow! In sexy slow-motion, her ass is outstanding as gas escapes the pink confines of her beautiful butt hole. Nobody delivers such a ... 8347 views

Lacher Brelle 6

Lacher Brelle is up to her old tricks and has upped the sexy by providing closeup views of her stunning black ass! Say hello to her winking pucker while she farts rancid farts directly at you. Her textured ass is like a rainbow of beautiful brown ton... 7005 views

Paris Marie 15

Paris Marie’s ass has never looked so tempting! She is directly in your face lavishing you with the lingering sounds of her outrageous ass blasts. In slow motion at its finest, these powerful shock waves are insanely rousing when slowed down to sho... 5613 views

Aimee Davis 17

Aimee Davis is impeccably groomed, and her cute, pink pucker is perfection. She’s farting in slow-motion, and the view is unbelievable! When her orifice opens to express gas, the coarse folds of skin stretch, then shrink back down to their perfect ... 7745 views

Ashley Luvbug 6

Ashley Luvbug’s tight ass blossoms before your eyes when she is expressing herself sensually by sharing her daunting gas in glorious slow-mo. Skin surrounding her brown bud is embellished with a bit of hair, and the single strands blow in the wind ... 6106 views