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Search Results for: slender

Jade 2

ade is back again to blast out some more farts! This time she ate a stale batch of fast-food macaroni and cheese and boy, is it stinky! She's wearing a sleek, barely there outfit, revealing almost every part of her slender body. You've just got to wa... 10272 views

Jennifer Anderson 2

Slender brunette Jennifer Anderson is very sexy in her two-piece lingerie. And she's ready to release all the stinky flatulence that's built up in her belly. The brunette amateur lets out a variety of sounds from her tight little sexy ass, from long ... 3946 views

Blair Winters

Watch flatulent Blair Winters wallop like a pro in her first farting film. This sexy ebony’s bung blasts are loud and rank causing her to fan at the smell and shyly giggle after she lets one after another loose. She wraps it up with an especially l... 11641 views

Blair Winters 2

Oh, to be the thong Blair Winters is rubbing into her dirty ass! She is really into saturating her thongs with gassy goodness, and Blair’s underwear du jour is a cute black thong that ties at the sides. She’s taking no mercy on this pretty little... 7258 views

Auburn Lights

Auburn enjoys a big, meaty burger. But the one she had for lunch has left her with big, meaty farts! This pretty, petite girl is very shy about her flatulence, but she bravely pulls her panties aside and lets it fly anyway. It's hard to believe such ... 2117 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 15

Dark chocolate beauty, Jezebelle Foxxx, is alone in her bed and having some fun with her naked body. Her slender fingers massage her clit while she is relaxing her ebony pucker to blow stale air into her bedroom. She assumes the perfect position on h... 13903 views

Maryjane Mayhem 17

Sexy Maryjane Mayhem is all alone in that big bed of hers and is getting rid of some of the gas she has taken to bed. Looking hot in her lingerie, she farts through her form-fitting thong before pulling it aside to poof directly on her slender finger... 5557 views


Join Rapunzel as she is giving farting for the camera a shot. She hasn’t tried this before and is more accustomed to holding in her stale wind. Her tummy is bothering her a bit, and she is producing some putrid smells as she perches on a sofa to te... 12333 views

Stephanie Saint 14

Stephanie Saint doesn’t need any sex toys when her slender fingers work just fine! She is caught up in pleasuring her pussy and is farting at the same time. She seems to get off on surrounding herself in stink! Her slithers and angelic murmurs crea... 7365 views

Katrina Kox 27

It has been a spell since the outstanding Katrina Kox has been in our midsts. Is her ass as awesome as always? That’s a resounding, “Yes!” She wants to share some farts she has been saving in anticipation of you joining her on the couch as she ... 3915 views

Katrina Kox 33

Have you ever seen a more celestial being than exotic Katrina Kox spread out on a white duvet? Catch this sex kitten in an especially amorous mood as she is relieving pressure in her tummy by farting while also giving her pretty pussy the attention i... 11746 views

Nikki Ford 26

Is Nikki Ford’s thong of the day embellished with tiny, red lip prints? Looks like it! But her cute thong doesn’t stay on for long once this sexy ebony goddess has farted on it a few times, then brings it to her nose for a few strong whiffs befor... 6557 views

Savannah Fox 28

Talk about sphincter control! Savannah Fox is a pro. She uses her manicured nail to slightly spread her cheek to work out a series of small toots during this dynamic display of farting, diva style! Sure, she can be a bit bossy, but would we want this... 8832 views

Shae Spreadz 11

Student Shae Spreadz is getting ready for school by covering her sexiest parts with pink lace panties and a matching bra. Before she gets to her slutty shorts and tiny top, she has to take care of business by getting the gas out of her rancid ass. Sh... 6743 views

Amiee Davis 2

Amiee Davis loves to work her slender fingers inside her warm, needy pussy when she is home all alone, and nobody is around to walk in on her. During this self-pleasure escapade, Amiee is getting a finger deep inside while her tight bottom is releasi... 6408 views

Blair Winters 23

Blair Winters isn’t letting anything get in the way of her self-issued pussy massage. With slender fingers stationed at her clit, she’s making herself feel good, but her sweet spot isn’t the only thing being sated! She is making her tumultuous ... 6951 views

Gia Love 4

Poor Gia Love! She is shrouded in stink and has no means of making it better. Digging in her purse yields no air freshener, and her butt burps are over-the-top and terribly stinky. She has sped into her bathroom to rid her bottom of gas, and she is f... 10519 views

Aimee Davis 12

Let Aimee Davis sing you a lullaby! She may not remember the words to the ones she learned as a girl, but she has some sweet, soothing sounds slithering out of her unseasoned ass hole that are outstanding and certain to sate your craving for somethin... 7014 views

Aimee Davis 13

Young, sweet and stinky are the the three prime descriptors for sexy Aimee Davis! She is making the most of a bout of gassiness by massaging her pucker with slender fingers while she is farting and naked as the day she was born. Getting her little fi... 8237 views

Nova Star 2

Nova Star cannot get her bottoms down fast enough when she speeds into the restroom to liberate the lewd gas in her fine ass. This slender sweetheart is plagued with the worst instance of gas she has had in some time and is simply uncomfortable while... 6278 views

Destinee Jackson 7

Slender chicks should not sign up for eating contests, and Destinee Jackson is living proof of how a small girl is left rather gassy after competition. Normally, she comes out victorious, but her consumption renders her gassy, and she has a bad time ... 14548 views

Verta 2

The tinkle Verta makes in the potty is the most dainty happening in her bathroom, since her ass is up to some daunting deeds! Wow, she’s so slender and sweet, but while alone in the bathroom when she thinks nobody can see or hear her ass antics, he... 8396 views

Payton Leigh 7

Mature model Payton Leigh cannot believe what is coming out of her! This slender maven is marvelously gassy, and she can hardly stand the sulfuric-like farts escaping her tight, little tush. She says it hurts, so she must work all that methane out of... 7149 views

Verta 9

Verta has far too much fibre in her diet, and the excess roughage is wreaking havoc on her sexy tummy. This gassy girl is perched on the pot and pooting up a storm. She’s cute as a button with pigtail braids in her hair, but her ass is anything but... 3471 views