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Search Results for: skinny

Lucky Starr 29

Lucky Starr is shocked you’ve been watching porn, so she decides to give you a dirty dose of her ass scents to make you pay for it. Get your tongue in nice and deep because she wants you to eat her ass, and her pucker is primed to produce some grot... 6501 views

Verta 16

Most girls grow out of giggling at the sound of their own toots, but not sweet Verta! She is very gassy and has sped into her bathroom to release some tremendous farts. After her sexy black lace panties are pulled down, it’s game on! Verta really g... 5107 views

Kodi Gamble 7

Catch Kodi Gamble’s small ass up close and from afar while she farts! Despite her slight physique, her toots pack quite a punch! Her fair-skinned body was in the buff, but for a pair of thigh-high socks that hugged her slender legs. She is a red-ha... 3678 views

Britney Stevens 42

Boasting a sporty look, cute Britney Stevens found herself rather gassy and was soiling the inside of her black athletic shorts something fierce! She let those gassers fly in order to make her tummy feel less sour, and she looked so sexy while doing ... 3825 views

Britney Stevens 46

Slim MILF Britney Stevens flirtatiously announces that she has a surprise for you, and boy does she ever! She also admits she loves it when a man watches her fart, and her gassers are certainly worth a look! For such a slender-bodied lady, her toots ... 4941 views

Carrie B 4

Slender Carrie B rushed into the bathroom to relieve her full bladder, but once she was in the seated position, she realized she had to do much more than urinate! She pissed a ton, but she also had some gas that needed to be released, so she was on t... 4709 views

Gia Love 42

From her sexy bare feet, to her awesome sweater puppies, there is so much to love about stunning Gia Love! Especially when she is fully nude! She is a gal with zero inhibitions, making her a fart queen in my book! After a long day at work, she was re... 5663 views

Tala Black 14

Slender siren Tala Black looks sexy as hell in black boots and absolutely nothing else! She was feeling gassy and needed to liberate toots, and lucky for us, she was not shy about it! Tala is a yummy piece of ass, and that perky tush of hers is one f... 4251 views

Tala Black 41

Tala black is perfection in nothing but a skimpy thong, with her long locks flowing and her cute ass honking! Her gassers stink to high heaven, and it’s a wonder that a girl so slender could have such a waste dump of a booty. Fart fans are in for a... 2923 views

Lily Lovecraft 10

Listening to slender blonde Lily Lovecraft work her way through some vicious gas is funny and heartbreaking at the same time! This beauty was feeling just awful, but looked amazing in delicate lingerie. The hot farts really put her fragile ass pucker... 2873 views

Lily Lovecraft 16

Lily Lovecraft could not hike up her long dress fast enough when she had some booty blurps on deck and just had to get them out. This visit to the toilet is not for the faint of heart, as poor Ms. Lovecraft almost gasses herself out of the small spac... 4075 views

Lily Lovecraft 20

Lily Lovecraft is not afraid to get a bit loud when battling belly gas! Her gorgeous ass is on full display as she agonizes like you would not believe! Gassy girls are always fun to see in action, and Lily takes it up a notch with her trademark appro... 5929 views

Agatha Delicious 9

Agatha Delicious is a yummy treat that does a terrible job at pretending to be demure! She is a dirty girl who loves farting for her favorite fella, and lucky for you, the guy she is aiming to please is you! Enjoy the wild ride as she is all yours an... 2287 views

Baby B 8

Ace ass-blaster Baby B has headed into the bathroom to perch on the tub and drop bombs into the air with a camera so close to the putrid action. This stinks like you would not believe, but that is what makes her so damn sexy! Enjoy the view of her sq... 1909 views

Baby B 9

Long-haired sex kitten Baby B has a highly smelly ass, and she looks beyond sexy as she saunters into the bathroom in black lingerie to make a deposit on the toilet. Everybody has to go at one point during the day, and this was Baby’s pit-stop befo... 2339 views

Baby B 18

A well-placed camera caught astonishingly sexy Baby B as she wiggled into the bathroom and got to work to rid her ass of nastiness. This gross deed was daunting, but a determined Baby was bent on feeling better, so she took the time to birth some unp... 2609 views

Sarah Sexxx

Stench emanating from new model Sarah’s ass is going to knock you out during this highly arousing POV facesitting session! The sight of her pretty pink pussy is going to keep you hooked! Sarah is a highly likable lady, and her presence on the scree... 3065 views

Sarah Sexxx 2

Join slutty Sarah SeXXX in the bathroom as she perches on the tub and lets it all go off! Her anal fireworks are outstanding, and she is eager to give you all the nasty sniffs your dirty heart craves. Not all guys can handle her, so it is up to you i... 2347 views

Sarah Sexxx 3

After a rough night of partying, all the drinks have caused some terrible tummy trouble for slender minx Sarah Sexxx! A hidden camera in the loo caught all of the smelly debauchery as Sarah strived to jettison the menacing methane swirling in her bel... 1858 views

Baby B 15

Even the absolute sexiest girls on the planet find themselves overwhelmed with gas, and beautiful Baby B is no exception to this rule! Baby loves to show off that cute little butt of hers when she is gassy, and you are in for a real treat if you shar... 1102 views


Sexy, slender ebony babe Benji is new on the scene and eager to show off her chocolate butt pucker as she farts in your face for the first time. She is not shy and gets off on showing off that perky black tushy of hers! Enjoy the sight and stink fact... 3044 views

Benji 2

Perky ebony darling Benji is a leggy wonder who excels when stinking up a room while in the nude. Check out this tattooed angel as she exposes her stinky asshole and lets you sniff up all of her smelly offerings. Benji is a beauty who doesn’t hold ... 2264 views

Benji 4

Benji is a petite babe, but don’t let her small stature fool you. She is a stinky siren! Here she is naked and farting like mad, which will get you going in ways you have only imagined. Fans of stinky black girls will love everything ebony hottie B... 2171 views

Benji 9

Gorgeous Benji was all hyped up for a lively day at the beach and looking like an angel in designer swimwear. Unfortunately, a daunting problem arose when she found herself needing to unload on the toilet to get rid of all the gas and waste bloating ... 1642 views