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Search Results for: short skirt

Candice Nicole 6

Candice is on the sofa, wearing a bikini top and short skirt that does not cover her bare ass at all. She bends over and the camera zooms in on her ass, while Candice struggles to get her gas out! She's having a tough time of it, and has to bounce ar... 5771 views

Miranda Gomez 3

Sexy latina Miranda Gomez is wearing a cheerleader skirt and sitting in the fart chair on top of the coffee table today! The camera zooms underneath and you can see her bare asshole stick way out as she blows ass kisses at you! Miranda's got a lot of... 4753 views

Tristina Millz 6

Tristina is on the sofa in a strapless bra and short skirt and no panties, and she says her ass is the star of the show! She pulls her skirt up and farts in your face - WOW! She leans over and the camera zooms in on her bare asshole as she lets you h... 4326 views

Baby Doll

Making her debut today is Baby Doll, who ate something bad so she blasts some huge farts! Baby Doll is wearing an ultra-short denim skirt with a thong strap today. She pulls her thong to the side and gives you a peek at her bare asshole as she farts!... 4936 views

Bitten 9

Bitten is back again and today she's finally on the toilet! She walks into the bathroom wearing only a pair of booty short panties and no top! She comes in and notices you there watching her, but goes ahead and starts blasting off fart after fart aft... 4305 views

Britney Blaze 6

Britney is wearing a zebra-striped b ikini top and ultra-short mini-skirt with no panties today, and she's got gas from eating her mother-in-law's cooking! She lays on her side on the sofa and the camera zooms in on her bare asshole as Britney farts ... 4347 views

Chrissy Cruz 4

Chrissy is here to fart for you again, this time on the couch, in a very sexy short, tight jean skirt that allows her ass cheeks to hang out nicely and a tight tanktop shirt that displays her huge ass titties like the prizes they are. She's got on a ... 4134 views

Daisy Layne

This is Daisy Layne's first time farting on camera, and boy is it a good day for it! Daisy has eaten way too much and she's bloated from it. She's wearing a pink blouse and ultra-short denim skirt with pink panties - sexy! She stands up, and the came... 4525 views

Eunique Styles 4

Eunique is in the bedroom, wearing a short denim skirt with no panties. She immediately blasts a fart! Eunique sure is gassy today, and she just keeps blasting fart after fart after glorious fart - WOW! The camera zooms in nice and close, giving you ... 4652 views

Harley Valentine

Debuting today for your viewing pleasure is Harley Valentine, a buxom blonde wearing a bra and ultra-short red skirt with no panties! Harley worked out today and went out for dinner, which gave her gas. Harley gets on her knees and farts bare-ass rig... 4503 views

Kendall Foxxx 2

Remember Kendall, the new girl from the other day? Well today she's back, and she's sitting on the sofa wearing a short skirt! She blasts a fart, then lifts one butt-cheek and blasts another fart through her panties! Then she pulls her panties to the... 7513 views

Rebecca Blue 2

Blonde hottie Rebecca returns with a bad case of gas, and she's wearing a pink top and short-short denim skirt with no panties. She lets you look up her skirt, and she even spreads her cheeks to give you a close-up look at her farting ass! Awesome! C... 18550 views

Stacey Fields 3

Stacey Fields has had a bad batch of sushi and man does her gas stink! She's wearing a pair of pink panties, a short plaid skirt, blue top and some high heel boots on. Watch as she pushes out that ass gas and stinks up the whole room, you're going to... 9085 views

Tabitha James

Tabitha James makes her debut - farting on camera for the first time! Tabitha is one nasty, dirty blonde for sure - you'll see why when you watch this clip. Today, Tabitha is on the sofa, wearing an ultra-short denim mini-skirt and black tank top. Sh... 4397 views

Tabitha James 9

Dirty Tabitha is wearing a red bra and ultra-short-short denim skirt today, and boy does she have a tummy ache! She's on a chair, and she gets on all fours, pulls her ass-cheeks as far apart as possible to open her asshole, and farts right into the c... 4217 views

Goddess Dior 4

Full-bodied, ebony Goddess Dior is very sexy in her little black dinner dress. Unfortunately for her, collard greens can cause more than a little bit of gas. The big butt ebony amateur lets out a variety of sounds from her ebony ass, from long and sl... 4533 views

Olivia 5

Olivia wants to play and hopes you join her for some guided jacking off. She wants you nice and close to her ass that is on full display courtesy of her short school girl plaid skirt and no panties. This sexy seductress needs you to smell her ass hol... 10362 views

Olivia 7

Bombshell Olivia has been subjected to cafeteria food and is glad to be home in bed feasting on tacos that are much more yummy. Despite loving the taste of her cuisine du jour, she is quite gassy from the tacos and her previous cafeteria samplings. T... 7752 views

Caramel Lee 7

Waiting for her ride to school, Caramel Lee is in a bit of distress. She has a plethora of poots she needs to get out and is perched on her white leather sectional to pass poofs with her plaid skirt lifted up. Was she really planning on wearing no pa... 7022 views

Paris Marie 9

Paris Marie doubles your pleasure! She is dressing like a dirty little slut right in front of you, in preparation for a night at the club, while also expressing a surplus of nasty farts while she slides on her pretty underthings and eventually, a shi... 5943 views

Katt Lowden 28

Go team! Sexy cheer captain Katt Lowden is home from practice in her sexy cheerleading uniform, and she knows you love her sweaty, smelly ass hole, so she is going to poot for your pleasure! Go ahead and stroke it while this hottie helps you finish b... 5349 views

Katt Lowden 30

We’ve always known Katt Lowden to be a stinky sass, and today she is outside in a short, sexy plaid skirt, and no panties, enjoying a cigarette break. While she fills her lungs with smoke, and releases the vapors, she releases even more into the ai... 4907 views

Sedusa D 12

During a job interview, the worst possible thing happened to Sedusa D: she farted! She was mortified at first, but then realized you liked it, so the interview took a highly unconventional turn. When she knew you were turned on by her farting and rev... 4643 views

Amanda Pink 3

Amanda Pink was out all day in a short skirt and no panties, and she is so tired. When all she wants to do is relax, she cannot because her butt becomes so busy releasing powerful farts in rapid succession. She swears she’s dying, but of course she... 7958 views