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Search Results for: short shorts

Abigail Peach 24

Abigail Peach in sexy, short peach-colored shorts? Yes please! This dynamic darling has a divine booty, and when she is gassy, she is a fart-lover’s dream come true. During this dastardly fart session, she was so overrun with gas that her pucker ke... 5430 views

Naughty Holly 14

Holly has stopped by for another fart fantasy. She's wearing a read sweater with some short black shorts and white cotton panties. Holly starts off by farting in the chair she's sitting in, about a minute into the clip she pulls off her shorts and pa... 7462 views

Britney Stevens 25

Veteran fartress Britney Stevens is back to fart for you! She ate too much and she's gassy, so she sticks her cute booty into the camera and blasts farts through her tight little short-shorts! Then she takes her shorts off to let the air out, since t... 3832 views

Cami Smalls 7

Cami is wearing Daisy Dukes, and she bends over and starts blasting farts through her shorts! The camera zooms in and you can see her shorts move as her asshole struggles against them to get the gas out - SEXY! Cami says her belly hurts, and she keep... 4463 views

Myeshia Nikole 7

Sexy ebony Myeshia walks into the bathroom, wearing a bra and tight-tight short-shorts, and you can see how bloated with gas she is today. She drops her shorts and sits on the potty with the camera level with her ample booty, and starts blasting fart... 4694 views

Sindee Rose 4

Sexy Sindee sits in a chair wearing camo booty shorts, and she immediately blasts a fart! Sindee's full of gas today, and she's getting into all different positions in the chair and blasting farts through her camo shorts - YOWZA! She pulls her shorts... 4055 views

Candy Amore vs Veronica Jett 4

Candy and Veronica are on the toilet today - oh yeah! These two sexy fart babes hold farting contest to see who can make the loudest echo in the bowl. Veronica is wearing a baby t-shirt and some booty-short panties, which she pulls off to fart. Cand... 4476 views

Mari Munoz 2

Mari is back again, she ate some brockily soup and it has given her some nasty smelling farts, yuck! Today she is topless in bed with only a pair of short purple booty shorts on. You get to see her lovely, firm, sexy titties as she works the as gas o... 5693 views

Nyeema 4

Nyeema is just chilling at her computer, visiting FartFantasy while she's farting in her chair herself! She's got on a cute, very short baby tshirt on with some tight white booty shorts on. Her farts are loud and very stinky! It was hard to film this... 3928 views

Roxi Main 2

Roxi's back to fart for you again! This time she went out with some friends and had some broccoli with cheese with dinner. Man did it fill her with gas! Roxi is wearing a teal top with bright orange short shorts. Buy this clip, and watch as she squir... 3888 views

Roxi Main 4

Roxi's here to fart for you some more! This time she just can't hold it in anymore! In this clip, she's wearing a brown tube-top with pink short-shorts. Watch s Roxi farts out all her juicy farts! Very hot - watch this clip right now! rn 3872 views

Roxi Main 7

Roxi just got back from the pool. She had to leave because she got gassy all of a sudden, and was afraid she'd blast out bubbles for all to see. Roxi's wearing a black bikini with a pair of pink short-shorts. This clip has blasting farts that could r... 3811 views

Roxi Main 8

Length: 1:47 Roxi sits on the toilet, blasting juicy ones that will make you gag and gag! Roxi\'s wearing a black bra and pink short-shorts over her round ass as she blasts you into next week with her gassy farts! 4149 views

Summer 10

Summer does another candid toilet farting clip, this time she's in a pair of short shorts and a black tank top. You get lots of her booty squeezing out some nasty smelling and gross sounding girl farts! This hottie blondie farts very sexy on the toil... 4057 views

Jessica Brandy 2

Who doesn't love short, shorts?! Jessica Brandy is putting those white tiny shorts to the test today, and filling every inch of that fabric with her toxic farts! This gassy girl is letting out the most disgusting wet sounding farts, and they smell ju... 4259 views

Malaysia Blue 5

Malaysia has a bellyful of gas, and she is going to exercise anyway. She bends over to stretch, and lets an airy, stinky fart through her tight-tight short-shorts! She's doing her stretches, and all that stretching is squeezing the farts out - YOWZA!... 4292 views

Taylor Sky 7

Daisy Dukes in the air - that's how this clip starts out. Taylor's wearing denim short-shorts, and she's farting all over in them! She rolls over and pulls her legs up to her chest and blasts big farts! She keeps on farting and stinking up those shor... 7820 views

Blair Winters 5

Blair Winters is in a rush to hit the toilet with a highly tumultuous tummy. She is ridding her sexy belly of gas that smells so foul she is instantly surrounded by the stink upon her first poot. With her black thong stretched at her knees, she is po... 9150 views

Savanna Fox 16

When you have a body like Savannah's, it comes with a price. It requires lots of exercise and eating lots of really healthy foods, which all adds up to constantly needing to pass gas! After downing her protein shake and slipping down her pink short s... 8917 views

Paris Marie

The personable Paris Marie heard you like farts, and she’s ready to show you what her grumbly tummy can produce. Sexy, short jean shorts hardly muffle her whirring wallops. Those shorts must be made of thin denim because she’s taking note of the ... 8989 views


In corduroy shorts barely covering her ass, Olivia looks especially sexy today. Her lunch consisted of a greasy cheeseburger and fries, and now she is paying the price for her poor food choices. She has an abundance of amazingly loud farts and is sat... 13201 views

Rapunzel 7

Take a peek at the sexy short shorts on Rapunzel as she is eating some savory gas-inducing tacos. Once again this sexy Asian has eaten more tacos than a person should in one sitting, but she just couldn’t help herself. Now she is making a mess of h... 8618 views

Kay Love 2

Kay Love’s pink yoga ball is in the living room, begging to be played with, so she hops on in her gold short shorts. She’s so cute bouncing on the ball with her tits jiggling with every bounce. Kay is quite gassy and is ripping ass all over the b... 7565 views

Nikki Ford 25

Pizza gives Nikki Ford gas, but she has added fuel to the fire by consuming an entire pie! She cannot believe she ate a whole pizza and has a belly ache. While some would simple stop eating upon the onset of discomfort, Nikki keeps chomping away and ... 7753 views